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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

why does Leonie Fennell lionise Senator David Norris - is she courting controversy FIDDAMAN style

Sex abuse survivor: My anger at Senator David Norris for his 'disturbing' views on paedophilia - from Daily Mail

5 June 2011

On child sexual abuse: ‘Children in some instances are more damaged by the condemnation than the experience’

Asked if incest was acceptable, he said there was a case to ban it... but only for girls who might have an ‘undesirable’ pregnancy

On paedophilia: ‘There’s a lot of nonsense about paedophilia... I think there is a complete and utter hysteria about this subject’

Challenged on whether a child can give ‘informed consent’ to sex: ‘The law should take into account consent rather than age’

Senator David Norris - link

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