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Saturday, 31 October 2009

What will the Scientologists do now that the Carlin inquest is long delayed?

Inquest into the death of Sara Carlin postponed at request of family until June 2101

Inquest into the death of Sara Carlin postponed

TORONTO, Oct. 29 /CNW/ - Dr. Bonita Porter, Deputy Chief Coroner for Inquests, today announced that the inquest into the death of Sara Carlin, originally scheduled to begin on November 2, 2009, has been postponed at the request of her family.

Ms. Carlin, 18, died on May 6, 2007, at her residence in Oakville.

The inquest will focus on the role of selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor antidepressants in teenage suicides. The inquest jury may make recommendations aimed at preventing similar deaths.

The inquest is expected to last four weeks.

The inquest will now begin at 9:30 a.m. on Monday, June 7, 2010, at the Toronto Coroners Courts, 15 Grosvenor Street. Dr. Bert Lauwers will preside as inquest coroner and Mr. Michael Blain will be counsel to the coroner.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Fiddaman begging for rockers to sign petition to parliament

Apologies first for this totally off topic post.

Some of you know, I have been busy of late with an up and coming lawsuit
against a particular pharmaceutrical company and more importantly the
govermental body that grants licenses to them.

You can help me by downloading a petition and obtaining as many signatures
as you possibly can.

We have a deadline of one month to get 1000 plus signatures to present to
the House of Commons.

Form can be downloaded here

Thanks for your time


Thursday, 29 October 2009

Classic Bob Fiddaman GSK " they always settle out of court"

UK Peeps - alt.rock-n-roll.acdc | Google Groups

UK Peeps - alt.rock-n-roll.acdc | Google Groups: "It's a class action lawsuit tops - There's 1500 of us. GSK have been sued in
the States on numerous occasions over Paxil (Seroxat) They always setle out
of court so Paxil is still marketed. It's been said that it is easier to go
cold turkey on Heroin than Seroxat - GSK will have you believe it's not
addictive. Twats


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

uksurvivors : Message: "Rate my solicitor" - Malcomson law = scumbag

uksurvivors : Message: "Rate my solicitor" - Malcomson law = scumbag: "'Rate my solicitor' - Malcomson law = scumbag"

Malcomson Law Seroxat - forget to mention the appeal

Seroxat and Infant Heart Defects
A jury in the United States have decided that Glaxo Smith Kline, who is the British manufacture of a medicine called Seroxat caused heart defects in the heart of a three (3) year old boy (Baby Lyam Kilker). The family have been awarded $2.5 Million.

Seroxat is known as Paxil in the United States. Seroxat is in tablet and liquid format and contains the active ingredient Paroxetine which is a type of anti-depressant, known as a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI).

Thousands of women worldwide have been prescribed antidepressants including Seroxat in pregnancy. Studies suggest that the rate of congenital heart defects in babies/children is higher in women taking Seroxat. Evidence was given in the Kilker case that the rate of birth defects was double the normal rate.

Drug regulators warned in 2005 that Seroxat could be linked to heart defects. It has been alleged that Glaxo Smith Kline had been warned in relation to the link with heart defects and therefore knew of the problem earlier than the company admits.

Baby Lyam Kilker was born in October 2005. When he was a few weeks old he stopped feeding and it was discovered that he had two holes in his heart and a very rare congenital defect called an interrupted aortic arch. He underwent two heart operations and spent five months in hospital. He will also need more major heart surgery in the future.

In August 2009 the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) advised women who want to become pregnant and are taking the anti-depressant Seroxat to discuss the risks and benefits with continued treatment with their doctor.

If you were prescribed Seroxat (Paxil) prior to conceiving and/or during your pregnancy, in a situation where you have concerns or a diagnosis in relation to your child's health it may be in your best interest to seek legal advice.


Seeking Health Law Advice
For further information and advice regarding your legal rights and entitlements, please contact Malcomson Law by calling 01 8744422 or complete an Online Enquiry Form. Your enquiry will be forwarded to a solicitor who specialises in Medical Negligence.

Irish Law Team Urges Mothers on Seroxat [Paxil] to Seek Legal Advice

Patricia Crosbie, Partner in Malcomson Law Solicitors, discusses the drug Seroxat. She advises how the rate of congenital heart defects in babies/children is higher in women taking Seroxat and on a recent Judgment in relation to a 3 year old boy where the family has been awarded $2.5 Million.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

uksurvivors : Message: ADDICTION FEARS AS 2M TAKE PILLS FOR DEPRESSION (Prescription Pricing Authority data shows)


extract -

Prof Kendrick and his team said Prescription Pricing Authority data shows prescribing in England rose 36 per cent between 2000 and 2005.

The researchers said nine in 10 people with depression are taking Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors – a family of drugs which includes Seroxat and Prozac – either continuously or as repeated courses.

Prof Kendrick said: "Research found that, although these drugs are said not to be addictive, many patients find it difficult to come off them. We don't know whether long term use is harmful."

His team analysed all new depression cases between 1993 and 2005 from anonymous computerised records covering 170 GP surgeries and 1.7 million patients

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Seroxat - Hugh James not litigating on the issue of side effects, but only on withdrawal !!!

Hi pboy
I spoke to a guy at Hugh James the other day. They are based in Cardiff like me, funnily enough.
For some reason there is a 10 year cut off. I don't quite understand why - if anyone can explain I'd be grateful. He also said (he was patient and helpful) that they are not litigating on the issue of side effects, but on withdrawal symptoms. I have to confess that I didn't understand the distinction completely.
As I started over 10 years ago and he felt my symptoms came from side effects, he didn't feel I could be represented.
He was very nice, but I must admit I was confused by the legalities of it all.
You are within the time-frame though, so I would ring them. Check this link:
Good luck.


Antidepressant killer Shane Clancey was abusing citalopram !

Shane was taking it for about a week when he took the remaining three weeks' supply in one day, possibly an attempt at suicide. He told his mother what had happened. Two days later, she took her son to another GP. It was explained to the second doctor that Shane had taken a high dosage of Citrol two days previously. The GP prescribed Cipramil, another brand of citalopram.

As this GP was aware Shane had misused antidepressants two days previously, it was instructed on the three-week prescription that the chemist should only supply Shane with one week of the drug at a time, according to his father. But when Shane went to fill the second prescription, the chemist asked him if he wanted to get the three-week prescription filled at once, and Shane said yes. It was Friday 14 August. His family believe Shane took another high dosage of antidepressants the next day. In the early hours of 16 August, Shane Clancy carried out his attack.

"Shane was the type of person who was always careful about taking pills. If he had a Lemsip, he'd phone me to ask if he could take paracetamol as well a few hours later. I don't know if he was attempting suicide when he took three weeks' worth of antidepressants in one day. I might never know," says his father.

"I don't want to be seen as pointing the finger at the doctors or the chemist but surely if it said to only give him one week's supply at a time, the chemist should have followed that instruction."

Special interest groups, lawyers & cyber bullies - sound familiar?

Special interest groups, lawyers & cyber bullies - sound familiar?

"Dr Brophy believes the "sensationalistic" misinformation peddled by media and special interest groups about antidepressants amounts to "scientific bullying". He says, "A small group of people with a particular agenda aim to completely decimate the facts, manipulating methodologies for their own ends. The legal industry is also heavily invested. Those interests are not declared and expressed in websites and sensationalist media reports. It represents a form of scientific bullying.""

Dr Michael Corry needs your support - This story is beyond belief…here it is in brief

This story is beyond belief…here it is in brief:

Shane Clancy is a young guy who stabbed 2 people and murdered another, then stabbed himself to death in a frenzied attack recently in Ireland, his parents blame the SSRI he was taking at the time for his behavior and there has been huge media interest in the story in Ireland. Dr Michael Corry said live on TV that it was likely the SSRI that made Shane Clancy go on the violent rampage. Now it seems that an

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Paxil family didn't get $6.4 million - quietly settled out of court on appeal - JUST DON'T EXPECT BOB FIDDAMAN TO ADMIT THIS

In 2001, a jury in Cheyenne, Wyoming, ordered Glaxo to pay $6.4 million to the relatives of a man who shot his family to death and then turned the gun on himself after taking Paxil.

The case was settled while on appeal, according to Colgan, the Glaxo spokesman

did family of Paxil mureder/suicide really get $6.4 mill from GSK?

Family of Man Involved in Murder-Suicide Wins $6.4 Million From Paxil Manufacturer

Posted by Staff Writer

Wednesday, August 01, 2001 12:00 AM EST

Category: Major Medical

Tags: Defective Drugs, Antidepressants and Other Psychiatric Drugs, Paxil, Paroxetine Hydrochloride

A Cheyenne, Wyoming Federal jury found pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, formerly SmithKline Beecham, liable for David Schnell's actions stemming from his use of Paxil, an antidepressant. Schnell, 60, took the drug only 48 hours before he shot and killed his wife, daughter, granddaughter and then himself. The jury awarded Schnell's relatives $6.4 million.

This is the first time a pharmaceutical company has been found liable for a patient's actions while taking an antidepressant. Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against the makers of the three leading antidepressants, Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft.

Read more:

Scientology lawyer looses case against Eli Lilly maker of Prozac

Mr. Murgatroyd is a member or "patron" of the Church of Scientology who had litigated a lawsuit against Eli Lilly and Company on behalf of an alleged victim of the drug Prozac produced by that company (Mr. Murgatroyd lost) and at least indirectly on behalf of or in cooperation with the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a public interest group established in 1969 by the Church of Scientology. The full texts of these e-mails were e-mailed TWICE by the previous publisher/editor to Mr. Murgatroyd. The first of these messages went unanswered. The second of these e-mails included a demand for more accurate information or a clarification or rebuttal of the contra-indicating information provided to him.

Mr. Murgatroyd responded by faxing a threatening letter to the previous publisher/editor's employer and business associate, through whose ISP and without whose knowledge or permission he had e-mailed his inquiries and demand for accurate information.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Scientology lies of revealed

Paxil side effects - Paxil lawsuit "During the court case the judge ordered GSK to hand over emails written by GSK executives, and one such email, written by Bonnie Rossello in a 1997 memo, was particularly incriminating, including the statement, 'If neg, results can bury.' Rosello was referring to what action the pharmaceutical giant should take if it became necessary to do animal studies with Paxil, known generically as paroxetine. According to results of a study done by the Danish developers of the compound, low-dose paroxetine killed young rats."

Seroxat (Paxil) to blame for baby’s heart defects, American jury rules - report from UK Guardian

Seroxat (Paxil) to blame for baby’s heart defects, American jury rules

October 14, 2009 — admin

This from Sarah Boseley at the Guardian

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Kilker family denied punative damages against GSK

The Philadelphia Common Pleas Court panel also found that Glaxos handling of the drug wasnt outrageous, meaning the family couldnt seek punitive damages against the drugmaker.

GSK to appeal Kilker case - statement

GSK Statement on Jury Verdict in Paxil Product Liability Trial in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

On October 13, 2009, a jury in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas returned a verdict against GlaxoSmithKline in a case alleging that Lyam Kilker was born with a rare heart defect as a result of his mothers use of Paxil during pregnancy.

GlaxoSmithKline disagrees with the verdict and will appeal. While we sympathize with Lyam Kilker and his family, the scientific evidence does not establish that exposure to Paxil during pregnancy caused his condition. Very unfortunately, birth defects occur in three to five percent of all live births, whether or not the mother was taking medication during pregnancy.

GlaxoSmithKline acted properly and responsibly in conducting its clinical trial program for Paxil, including sharing documentation and submitting results from studies on Paxil to regulators. Once approved for use, the company acted properly in marketing the medicine, including monitoring its safety, updating pregnancy information in the medicines labeling as new information became available, and in communicating important safety information to regulatory agencies, the scientific community and the public.

US Media enquiries:

Nancy Pekarek

(919) 483 2839

Mary Anne Rhyne

(919) 483 2839

Kevin Colgan

(919) 483 2839

Sarah Alspach

(919) 483 2839

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Glaxo loses Paxil lawsuit - $2.5million subject to appeal

Glaxo loses Paxil lawsuit

Drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline was ordered this morning to pay $2.5 million (US) to the family of a young boy born with heart defects after his mother took the anti-depressant Paxil during pregnancy.
The first win is always huge, especially when you get a jury saying the drug caused the injury, Sean Tracey, Kilkers lawyer, said in an interview after the jury reached its decision.
Its the first time a jury has considered claims that Glaxo, the U.K.s largest drugmaker, knew Paxil caused birth defects and hid those risks to increase profits. The drug, approved for U.S. use in 1992, generated about $942 million in sales last year, or 2.1 percent of Glaxos total revenue.
Were disappointed with the verdict and I think well be filing an appeal, Joseph ONeil, one of Glaxos lawyers, said in an interview.
Lyam Kilker, who turns four next week, was born with a rare heart deformity. During the trial, the first of some 600 filed against Glaxo, Tracey argued the company failed to warn doctors and patients about possible side effects to the drug.
Company lawyers presented studies and experts arguing that the drug is safe, despite warnings added to its label in 2005 (after Lyam was born) about the possibility of birth defects. Tracey countered by arguing before the jury that such researchers had close ties to the pharmaceutical industry.
The jury deliberated for seven hours. The Kilker case, brought by his mother Michelle David, was considered a test case for future lawsuits. The next will be heard in about a month -- also in Philadelphia, home to Glaxo's US headquarters.
Lawyers for many of those cases have been in Philadelphia monitoring the progress of the Kilker suit as part of their preparation for going to court

Paxil Seroxat (birth defect) trial due to start today - "settled out of court last week"

Paxil (birth defect) trial due to start today - "settled out of court last week"

A second Paxil case, expected to begin next Tuesday, was settled out of court last weekend. The next is not scheduled to begin in mid-November.

source - full report read on -

date - October 09, 2009

Monday, 12 October 2009

Seroxat (Paxil) national class action youth suicide - motion denied

A class action is not an appropriate vehicle for litigating the issues in this case. The
plaintiffs fail tomeet the typicality and adequacy prongs of Rule 23(a). Typicality is wanting
because the individual circumstances of the named plaintiffs are markedly different from
those of the putative class members and GSK can raise unique defenses to almost each
class member's claim. These same differences result in interests so divergent that the
named plaintiffs are inadequate representatives of the absent classmembers. Finally, the
predominance and superiority requirements of Rule 23(b)(3) are lacking - predominance
because the proposed common issues are overwhelmed by the differences among the
factual and legal issues affecting individual causation, damages and defenses; and,superiority because the proposed class would be unmanageable in light of the choice-oflaw
conflicts that are resolved in favor of each individual's home state. In essence, the
plaintiffs have failed to define a class capable of ascertaining membership without
individualized fact-finding. Therefore, the motion for certification will be denied

Seroxat (paxil) Class Action Filed against GSK for Paxil-induced Suicides in Youths


Promoting Openness, Full Disclosure, and Accountability

Scientology law firm Baum Hedlund was part of now defunct Mercury Vaccine Alliance

There’s also significant Scientology representation amongst the law firms involved the autism/thiomersal litigation. For example, in June 2001 legal firm Baum Hedlund announced a class action lawsuit against thiomersal containing vaccine manufacturers as part of the now defunct Mercury Vaccine Alliance.

Paul Hedlund is described as;

"has also been in business with several other Scientologist lawyers, including fellow Slatkin investor George “Skip” Murgatroyd. He and Michael Baum were also both investors with Scientologist ponzi artist Reed Slatkin."

And Michael Baum is described as;

"....a former staffer with the Church of Scientology’s Guardian Office (the Church’s secret service operation that preceded the Office of Special Affairs) and is an Unindicted Co-conspirator for his work on Operation Snow White, the domestic espionage case which sent eleven Scientologists to prison, including L Ron Hubbard’s wife."

Its clear to see that Scientology has its claws well into the mercury/thiomersal/chelation/autism community. What that community decides to do about that is a matter for their conscience.

Effexor left Robbie Williams "physically and mentally ill"

ROBBIE WILLIAMS TELLS HOW ADDICTION NEARLY KILLED HIM no-repeat; FLOAT: left; WIDTH: 281px; HEIGHT: 351px" door?? Death came knocking at my>ABOVE: Robbie says "Death came knocking at my door" 25th September 2009

By Tom Savage

ROBBIE Williams was nearly killed by his addiction to prescription drugs, he revealed yesterday.
The troubled singer told shocked fans that death came knocking before he checked into rehab.
He was so hooked on painkillers and anti-depressants that he realised he had to quit or die.
So Robbie, whose hits include Old Before I Die, checked into Meadows rehab centre in Arizona on his 33rd birthday after years of taking medicines for pain and depression.
He said he used them to help him beat previous addictions to booze and cocaine. At one time he was spending £1,700 a day on coke.
But the prescription drugs proved as dangerous for him as the illegal ones, and his spiralling addictions to them, along with other highs such as caffeine and cigarettes, gave him a near-death experience.
It was damn serious, he said. Robbie Williams does not go into rehab just if his life gets a bit out of control. Death had to knock on my door to help me with my decision.
Robbies descent into addiction began during his wild days in Take That, when he began boozing heavily and hoovering up cocaine after joining the band as a 15-year-old in 1989.
Kevin Kinsella, who managed him just after he left the band, said: Drugs came very close to destroying the Robbie we all know and love.
And there were three occasions when he nearly died. He was so out of it.
At the height of his drug-taking he was doing an ounce of coke a day. Thats no exaggeration.
He was totally out of control. Robbie would have snorted the white lines off the M1.
He got clean after joining Alcoholics Anonymous but only with the help of mood-enhancing pills such as Effexor, which is similar to Prozac. And by 2003 that had left him physically and mentally ill, he revealed. By the time he entered rehab in 2007, Robbie admitted he was smoking 60 cigarettes and day and downing up to 36 shots of espresso coffee.
He spent 21 days in the Meadows centre, where other patients have included wild rocker Pete Doherty, 30, and football legend Paul Gascoigne, 42, but checked out before the recommended 28-day minimum stay was up.
But he was confident he would recover because he fell straight into the arms of Will And Grace star Ayda Field.
He credits the 29-year-old beauty with changing his life for the better, although he still lives with the constant fear of a relapse.
Im aware I have a self-destructive character, he said. But does this hold me back from being happy? No.
In the amazing interview for German magazine Stern, he told how he was introduced to Ayda by a mutual friend.
He said: Robbie, I know a woman who would be perfect for you. He was right, said the star. She didnt try to change me and, just like that, she changed me for the better. I am a very happy man at the moment.
I'm now in love with someone who returns this love as strongly as I love her. Ive never experienced that before.
Thats what makes me so careful in this relationship, because I dont want to hurt AydaRobbie who recently moved back to the UK with Ayda after spending much of the past decade living in Los Angeles will make his first British live performance in three years when he appears on The X Factor next month.The star is due to perform new single Bodies on the first live show of the ITV1 series on October 10. "

Friday, 9 October 2009

Paxil Birth Defects Trial Now in Jury's Hands

Paxil Birth Defects Trial Now in Jury's Hands

Paxil Birth-Defect trial - closing arguments - decision time ?????

Glaxo Ignored Paxil's Birth-Defect Risks, Lawyer Says (Update2)

By Jef Feeley and Sophia Pearson

Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- GlaxoSmithKline Plc officials intentionally ignored the possibility that the Paxil antidepressant caused birth defects, a lawyer said in closing arguments of a trial over the drug.

Glaxo researchers never followed up on studies showing Paxil posed a birth-defect risk for fear of harming sales, Sean Tracey, lawyer for a family suing over the drug, told jurors yesterday in state court in Philadelphia.

The London-based drugmaker "made a concerted effort" not to study Paxil's links to birth defects, Tracey said. Glaxo executives sought to "avoid doing studies that would have revealed the truth about their drugs," he said.

The trial is the first of more than 600 cases alleging that Glaxo, the U.K.'s largest drugmaker, knew Paxil caused birth defects and hid those risks to increase profits. The drug, approved for U.S. use in 1992, generated about $942 million in sales last year, or 2.1 percent of Glaxo's total revenue.

The family of Lyam Kilker claims Glaxo withheld information from consumers and regulators about Paxil's risks and failed to properly test the drug. Lyam's mother, Michelle David, blames Paxil for causing her son's life-threatening heart defects.

`Set Sympathy Aside'

Glaxo's lawyers contend the company isn't liable for Lyam's heart defects and acted responsibly in testing Paxil and updating safety information.

Jurors must "set sympathy aside and decide this case fairly," Chilton Varner, one of Glaxo's lawyers, told the panel in her closing statement today.

Arguments that Glaxo "has acted improperly or unethically" in its testing and marketing of Paxil "don't ring true," Varner added.

The company's provision for legal and other nontax disputes as of June 30 was 1.7 billion pounds ($2.8 billion), Glaxo officials said in a July 22 regulatory filing that didn't mention the Paxil litigation.

Glaxo's American depositary receipts, each representing two ordinary shares, rose 37 cents to $39.68 in New York Stock Exchange composite trading at 12:30 p.m. Glaxo rose 4 pence to 1,235 pence in London trading.

The case is Kilker v. SmithKline Beecham Corp. dba GlaxoSmithKline, 2007-001813, Court of Common Pleas, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia).

To contact the reporters on this story: Jef Feeley in Philadelphia at jfeeley@...; Sophia Pearson in Philadelphia at Spearson3@...

Ex Scientology Public Relations Executive Robert Vaughn Young explains that the entire purpose of Scientology front groups.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Bob Fiddaman, Seroxat and Scientology - makes Twitter

tweet retweet Stumbled on these when looking for other stuff :SEROXAT SUFFERERS - STAND UP AND BE

uksurvivors : Message: Seroxat lawyer gives massive donation to Super Power Project

uksurvivors : Message: Seroxat lawyer gives massive donation to Super Power Project: "Seroxat lawyer gives massive donation to Super Power Project"

Cornerstone Newsletter [circa August 2007] Super Power Project ...

10 posts - 7 authors - Last post: 23 Oct 2007

The Cornerstone Newsletter is published a few times ..... George Murgatroyd Marie Murillo Joeri & Felicitas Murk Robert Musack ... -

Bob Fiddaman, Seroxat and Scientology

Bob Fiddaman, Seroxat and Scientology

Seroxat lawyer listed as a Scientology Auditor as early as 1982

Skip Murgatroyd 28020

Scientology Clear List, Auditor 179, circa September 1982

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

How much is Seroxat withdrawal claim worth when a COPD death negotiated by Hugh James = £1250?

Complaints made by Mrs Evans In 2001 Mrs Evans made multiple complaints to the Law Society against the solicitors (Hugh James in Merther Tydfil) who handled her compensation claim for respiratory disease in respect of her late father William John Thomas.

The Adjudication Panel raised Mrs Evans' compensation from £1,250-£5,000. Hugh James challenged the decision by way of Judicial Review Throughout the dispute Mrs Evans kept the Department (through its external lawyers Nabarro) appraised of her case and she also sent copies of the Law Society's report and findings to Sir Michael Turner, the Judge then overseeing the COPD scheme.

Seroxat law firm Hugh James of Cardiff - faced Parliamentary FRAUD probe

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Corrupt law firm Hugh James of Cardiff - faced Parliamentary FRAUD probe

Question 90 (Mr Austin Mitchell): Indications of fraud in the case of Mrs Ann Elizabeth Evans

The Committee requested a note explaining the case of Mrs Evans. The Department has reviewed the history of the issues raised by Mrs Evans.

Complaints made by Mrs Evans In 2001 Mrs Evans made multiple complaints to the Law Society against the solicitors (Hugh James in Merther Tydfil) who handled her compensation claim for respiratory disease in respect of her late father William John Thomas. The various documents attached to Mrs Evans' letter outline the complaints made. In particular Mrs Evans alleged that her solicitors had:

— delayed in "registering" Mrs Thomas' claim until May 1998;
— failed to make a timely application for an interim payment;
— failed to respond to individual letters and telephone calls;
— delayed in providing costs and client care information;
— provided advice and information that was confusing;
— failed to apply appropriate supervision to junior staff; and
— altered the claims form (claim questionnaire) without her knowledge or consent, in a way that artificially inflated the value of the claim.

Appeal to Law Society

Mrs Evans appealed the Law Society's original decision and this was reviewed by the Adjudication Panel and their ruling was handed down on 22 June 2005. The upshot being that Mrs Evans' appeal was upheld and two partners at Hugh James each received a severe personal reprimand from the Law Society in respect of their failure to properly supervise their staff. Additionally, it is clear from the Law Society's findings that the only reason a finding of misconduct had not been made is that (by reason of the poor supervision) it was not possible to identify the individual at Hugh James guilty of the misconduct. The Adjudication Panel raised Mrs Evans' compensation from £1,250-£5,000. Hugh James challenged the decision by way of Judicial Review  Throughout the dispute Mrs Evans kept the Department (through its external lawyers Nabarro) appraised of her case and she also sent copies of the Law Society's report and findings to Sir Michael Turner, the Judge then overseeing the COPD scheme.

Department's consideration of the position

The Department carefully considered the issues raised, especially in terms of potential impact on the wider administration of the schemes. The main issue being the Law Society's finding that Hugh James Solicitors had altered Mrs Evans' claim questionnaire form. Furthermore, the nature of the supervisory failures by Hugh James Solicitors ("...monitoring individual files by computer screen and monitoring DTI statistics...") raised concern that these failures were not limited to Mrs Evans' case alone. It was also apparent that the two partners were two out of five members of the Co-ordinating Group (CG) of solicitors representing the claimants under the scheme.

A range of actions were undertaken:

— Nabarro (the Department's legal advisers) held a full meeting with Mrs Evans on 29 June 2004;
— a request was put to Capita's Security Investigation Department (SID) to filter out similar type cases intimated via Hugh James Solicitors for analysis;

— a letter dated 7 September 2005 was sent to the Senior Partner at Hugh James Solicitors requesting a full written explanation and detailing the organisational failures which have led to the findings against them, together with details of what changes have been made, in light of those findings; and

— a copy of the letter to Hugh James Solicitors was copied to a member of the Claimant's Group, suggesting that the CG should raise the issue at the next Review Hearing and address the issue in its written report to the Court.

Current position

As far as the Department is aware the case remains subject to ongoing review by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). In these circumstances the Department is not currently in a position to take further action.

Oct 2002 Fiddaman was going to start up support group for people who are suffering Seroxat withdrawal - SO WHERE IS IT BOB?

Oct 7 2002 Fid said -

I am thinking of starting up a support group for people who are suffering
severe withdrawal symptoms with the anti - depressant drug, Seroxat, also
known as 'Paroxetine' and 'Paxil.'

I have been on the drug myself for over 5 years and have tried
unsuccessfully to taper myself off due to severe side effects.

The company that make the drug, GLAXO, SMITHKLIEN have refused to admit that
Seroxat is addictive and this has resulted in a lawsuit against the company
with almost 1000 users here in the UK.

Countless correspondence to the MCA and GSK have proved fruitless.

BBC's Panorama programme is due to air on the 13th of October (though this
may yet be pulled, such is the power of the MCA) to raise the issue of the
addictiveness of Seroxat and all the evidence that has been collected to
suggest that this drug should never have been launched. Evidence such as GSK
suppressed the trial data from the 1980's that claimed that 85% of
participents suffered severe adverse reactions, withdrawal symptoms and
dependence after only 12 week studies.

The Medicines Control Agency goes out of its way to be unhelpful, and its
advisory committee the CSM (Committee on Safety of Medicines) have shares
and other financial dealings with Glaxo SmithKline and a number of other
large pharmaceutical companies, which is a serious conflict of interest, and
one that should not be permitted.

I would therefore like to ask you if you could ask your readers if anyone
has experienced difficulties with the drug 'Seroxat' to contact me at

If you need to telephone me to discuss this matter further then I can be

contacted on

Yours sincerely

Bob Fiddaman

Monday, 5 October 2009

Care in Wales - blog can be found at

Karen Barth Menzies (Baum Hedlund) BBC Panorama Seroxat video with Shelley Jofre - BBC fails to warn that Baum Hedlund are Scientology linked lawyers

Watch Seroxat in News  

  View More Free Videos Online at

uksurvivors : Message: Seroxat / Paxil rats were given over 500 times recomended dose

uksurvivors : Message: Seroxat / Paxil rats were given over 500 times recomended dose: "example -

Human female body weight (70) devided by rat female body weight (0.3) multiplied by 50mgs (rat) dose / 20 mgs typical human dose

70/.3 x (50/20) = 583"

Seroxat (Paxil) birth defect trial - Baum Hedlund show that (0.3kg) rat mother was actually given up to 50mgs of Seroxat !!

transcript -

Ferrosan had done the preliminary
20 animal studies to look at teratogenicity. And
21 they were done, I believe, in 1979 and 1980.
22 And one of the studies was called
23 Study 295. This is a study where they give
24 Paxil, paroxetine, to pregnant female rats.
And what the evidence showed in Study 295 is

2 that the rats that got no Paxil, 88 percent of
3 them were alive or 12 percent were dead by the
4 fourth day after they were born. The ones that
5 were given 5 milligrams of Paxil, 65 percent
6 were dead by day 4. The ones that were dosed
7 with 15 milligrams of Paxil, 92 percent were
8 dead by day 4. And in the ones that were given
9 50 milligrams of Paxil, 100 percent were dead
10 by the fourth day after they were born

Paxil (Seroxat) birth defect trial - Baum Hedlund show that of rats who were given NO Seroxat/Paxil 12% of the pups died - what from Bob ?

rats who were given NO Seroxat/Paxil 12% died - what from Bob ?

transcript -

Ferrosan had done the preliminary
20 animal studies to look at teratogenicity. And
21 they were done, I believe, in 1979 and 1980.
22 And one of the studies was called
23 Study 295. This is a study where they give
24 Paxil, paroxetine, to pregnant female rats.
25 And what the evidence showed in Study 295 is
2 that the rats that got no Paxil, 88 percent of
3 them were alive or 12 percent were dead by the
4 fourth day after they were born. The ones that

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Corrupt law firm Hugh James of Cardiff sets up new blog - "Care in Wales"

Seroxat withdrawal – Court set deadline for compensation claims

September 24, 2009 — careinwales

Have you had difficulties withdrawing from the anti-depressant drug Seroxat? Have you found it impossible to withdraw from it? Are you having difficulties in withdrawing from Seroxat now?

The High Court made a Group Litigation Order in relation to the Group Action brought by around 500 individuals alleging harm from problems withdrawing from Seroxat.

On 19 May 2009 the High Court ordered that any individual who wishes to pursue a compensation claim must join the Group Action before 15 January 2010.

All individuals must have their claim investigated before they can join the action and so they need to come forward ASAP.

Register your interest now, call the Seroxat team at Hugh James, designated as lead solicitors for the purposes of the Group Litigation order, on 029 20 785 971 or go to

The Group Register will close on 15 January 2010 and any individuals who have not joined at that date may lose their opportunity to be part of the litigation.

You should not stop taking medication without consulting your doctor.

For more information go to

Cervarix does not prevent 30% cancer, does it prevent the other 70%?

 Dr Harper, of the University of Missouri-Kansas, said

She also believes the benefits of the vaccine as a 'cure' are being exaggerated. The jab does not prevent 30 per cent of cervical cancers - which means women will still need to be screened for pre-cancerous lesions

Read more:

Seroxat - My Violent Obsession (Boost Records)

Artist: Seroxat

Title: My Violent Obsession

Label: Boost Records

Format: CD

Release: October/2009

Catalog: BRCD01

Track list:

1.Endless Stream

2.Goddamn Noize

3.Panic Attack

4.Breathe In

5.Feels Like

6.Inside My Head

7.More I Know



Boost Records is proud to present Seroxat long awaited album "My violent obbsession"!

Five years since the debut album "Brutal Beats" has been released,and now Seroxat is surprising us
again with a new masterpiece.

9 Artistic tracks that range from psychedelic trance music
to heavy metal guitar riffs , Break beat to classical music And top notch vocals.

Some of the highlights in this masterpiece includes the hit "Panic Attack" which has already
been tested on dance floors all over the world.

"Breathe In" Which combines Psytrance with Opera and classical music.

"Feels like",a pure psychedelic break beat track with a bad ass rhythm!

"Wishes", the closing track of the album is a brilliant down tempo tune ,combining talented piano playing

along angelic voices and raw guitars, which sounds genius all together .

These are only a few of the tracks featured on this amazing new album.

Seroxat's new album is showing us that he matured through the years into a very talented artist who knows how to make smart music and uses many different genres and styles.

This is a must album to everyone who appreciates high quality,well produced sounds , and genuine music .

The album will be for available sale at

Friday, 2 October 2009

Paxil - Seroxat birth defect trial. "The plaintiffs NOT entitled to see Paxil study raw data !

"The plaintiffs are entitled to correspondence and documents between anyone at Slone and GSK about the study, its scope" and methodology, the judge concluded...

Gertner denied the family's request to access the study's raw data. The judge ordered Boston University researchers Allen Mitchell and Carol Louik to turn over other information about their contacts with the drugmaker.


uksurvivors : Message: Kilker - not entitled to see Paxil raw data

uksurvivors : Message: Kilker - not entitled to see Paxil raw data: "Kilker - not entitled to see Paxil raw data"

Bob Fiddaman makes it clear that - Yes (Seroxat) helps some people

Yes, it helps some people but more and more people are coming forward now with their horror stories.

Anyway, enough of the chat.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Seroxat - Hugh James news from Paxilprogress

UK lawyer taking on GSK


Has anyone heard about this UK lawyer(Hugh James) that is taking on GSK. for people using seroxat?
I have spoken to them and they have sent me an information pack.. It is mostly about people having problems with withdrawl. Loads of Questions and such..
Just wondering cos there are so many questions...and if anyone else is going to give ut a go?
I saw the advertisment for it in The Guardian Newspaper.