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Thursday, 29 January 2009

(wayback) - Week In Week Out - Mind Games - BBC Wales Sept 2002 - Dr Healy comments on Zoloft

Week In Week Out
Mind Games

An eminent psychiatrist from Wales has risked his reputation to take on major drug companies over his belief that a group of anti-depressants can provoke suicidal tendencies in a minority of patients.

On their introduction, Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors, or SSRIs, were heralded as a so-called 'magic bullet' solution to depression. Prescriptions of SSRIs such as Prozac and Seroxat have increased considerably in the UK since the mid-1990s, to around 18,000 prescriptions last year.

BBC Wales' award-winning current affairs programme Week In Week Out highlights concern that, although these drugs have proved beneficial for many patients, a small sub-group of patients may be susceptible to severe withdrawal symptoms after they stop taking one type of drug, and intense agitation leading to suicidal ideation when taking others.

Pharmaceutical companies strenuously deny the claims and insist that the drugs are a safe, effective treatment.

However Doctor David Healy, of the University of Wales College of Medicine, claims his own clinical research into one of the SSRI group of drugs, Lustral - or Zoloft as it is known in the US - shows that it can cause suicidal thoughts in some patients.

Dr Healy, who is director of the North Wales department of psychological medicine at Bangor, was offered a top research job in the Canadian city of Toronto, which was withdrawn after he delivered a lecture in which he claimed that SSRIs could cause a minority of patients to feel suicidal. After a lengthy dispute, he has now reached an out-of-court settlement with his prospective Canadian employers.

Dr Healy conducted his own clinical research study on Lustral two years ago, using a group of colleagues who were not suffering depression. Two of the volunteers became severely agitated and disturbed, and one even developed suicidal thoughts.

This volunteer, Isobel Logan, tells the programme, "I really thought, 'I just want to hang myself.' I felt so low, so depressed."

Dr Healy, who has given expert testimony in a number of high-profile medical negligence cases associated with SSRIs in the US, says, "The extraordinary finding was that when you give these drugs to people who aren't suited to them, you can make healthy volunteers agitated and suicidal on these drugs, within a week or two of them being on the drug."

However, Dr Healy’s research has been criticised in some quarters.

Meanwhile, a Cardiff firm of solicitors is considering launching a possible class action against the makers of Seroxat, GlaxoSmithKline. Medical negligence lawyer Mark Harvey, of Hugh James Solicitors, has been contacted by around 150 people from across the UK who claim to have experienced problems with Seroxat, including severe withdrawal symptoms when they tried to stop taking the drug.

Mother-of-two Paula Boddington tells the programme that she suffered electric-shock type sensations in her head and an irrational compulsion to harm herself when she tried to come off the drug.

Mark Harvey tells the programme, "People have often gone into their doctors, either feeling stressed or having mild panic attacks, and the doctor says, this tablet will give you a nice pick-you-up, and they feel good ... then they find that, when they go to come off the drug, the doctor understandably thinks that (the withdrawal symptoms) are the original condition, so they re-prescribe, and then they get into this vicious circle where they are taking the tablets more and more, feeling worse and worse."

But GlaxoSmithKline, manufacturers of Seroxat, deny that the drug is addictive.


Blogger: SEROXAT SUFFERERS - STAND UP AND BE COUNTED - Post a Comment: "Zoloft was the antidepressant Rob Robinson's father was taking when he committed suicide.
I don't trust any SSRI/SRNI.
Chemical imbalance... blah blah blah...
11:24 PM"

Fiddaman says - : Zoloft and Cipralex better than other drugs including Seroxat

SEROXAT SUFFERERS - STAND UP AND BE COUNTED: Study: Zoloft and Cipralex better than other drugs: "Study: Zoloft and Cipralex better than other drugs

Source: Forbes.Com

Doctors have long assumed that most antidepressants are interchangeable.

But according to a new study, Zoloft and Cipralex work slightly better than 10 other popular drugs, and should be psychiatrists' first choice for patients with moderate to severe depression."

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Seroxat | Facebook

Seroxat | Facebook

Sign up for Facebook to connect with Seroxat

PLAN FOR PATIENT INPUT TO SSRI REVIEW - strange they only mention Seroxat, what about the other brands ?


extract from -


10.1 The Group was informed that the establishment of the CSM Expert Working Group on the safety of SSRIs and the recent action to contraindicate the use of paroxetine in children and adolescents had stimulated considerable media attention. A number of letters and emails had been received from patients or relatives/friends of patients about the safety of SSRIs, particularly paroxetine. Many of these individuals had expressed a desire to contribute to the work of the Group and in some cases had already provided details of their experiences. The amount of information describing patient experiences that had been included in these letters and emails varies considerably.

10.2 The Group endorsed MHRA’s proposal to ask each patient/relative to fill in a questionnaire. A copy of this questionnaire was provided to members of the Group who were asked to provide written comments on the proposed questionnaire to the secretariat by close of business Wednesday 25 June 2003.
10.3 The Group was informed that the Seroxat Users Group, which is a UK patient support group, has been in correspondence with the MHRA and its predecessor the Medicines Control Agency expressing its concerns about the safety of paroxetine. The MHRA had informed the Seroxat Users Group of its willingness to consider any reports of suspected adverse drug reactions submitted by members of the Seroxat User Group. In recent correspondence the Seroxat Users Group has expressed an interest in meeting with the Expert Group in order to contribute to its work.
10.4 The Expert Group commented that the views of the Seroxat User Group would provide a valuable contribution to the ongoing review. It was agreed that the Seroxat
Users Group should be given the opportunity to make a presentation to the Group should they wish. However, they might prefer a less formal meeting between representatives of the Expert Group and members of the MHRA to discuss their concerns. It was agreed that it would be helpful if the Seroxat Users Group provided a written representation which could then be considered by the Group.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Seroxat User Group Meeting with The Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Seroxat User Group Meeting with The Prime Minister Gordon Brown
On 29th November 2007 at 3.00p.m.

The Prime Minister Gordon Brown
PA to Gordon Brown
MP for Huntingdon Jonathan Djanogly
Janice Simmons
Dr Paul Duckett

Prime Minister said he was pleased to meet with the Seroxat User Group. It was our
meeting and he was there to listen to us.

Fiddaman / Seroxat lobby not so keen on Gordon Brown who is "in bed with pharma"


Furious Seasons -is Philip Dawdy's need to feed his ego, or his wallet, more important than getting the Zyprexa story over?

Furious Seasons: "Why I Won't Help Reporters, Authors Any Longer"


What torques me, however, is that the article makes no mention whatsoever of this site or the Zyprexa documents or of me, according to three people who've read the article already. Last August, I got an email from Wallace-Wells, a contributing writer at the magazine, soliciting my help as a source for his article on the "social history" of the atypicals. A few days later, he and I spent quite a bit of time on the phone and I did a complete brain dump on the atypicals, their history and development, the Zyprexa documents, the Zyprexa scandal, issues around mental health, issues around doctors handing these drugs out willy-nilly to adults and children, the FDA, my experiences

Furious Seasons - does Philip Dawdy actually think any 4 year old might merit ECT ?

Furious Seasons: "From the article, it is unclear what these youngsters could possibly have that might merit using ECT, a procedure that the State of Western Australia is considering banning for kids under 12."

Australia gives ECT to 4 year old children !!!,21985,24958938-2862,00.html

Australia gives ECT to 4 year old children !!!
January 27 2009 at 11:07 AM Anonymous


Child shock therapy
Article from: Sunday Herald Sun
Font size: Decrease Increase
Email article: Email
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Submit comment: Submit comment
Eleni Hale

January 25, 2009 12:00am

CHILDREN younger than four who are considered mentally disturbed are being treated with controversial electric shock treatment.

Medicare figures show the use of Electroconvulsive Therapy has tripled in Victoria in the private health sector alone in six years.

A VicHealth report confirms more than 18,000 treatments were conducted in Victoria in 2007-2008.

Federal Government statistics show the use of ECT - an electric shock delivered straight to the brain - in the state's private health system increased from 1944 treatments in 2001-2002 to 6009 in 2007-2008.

About 12,000 treatments were performed in the public health system last financial year.

Medicare statistics record 203 ECT treatments on children younger than 14 - including 55 aged four and younger.

Two of the under-4s were in Victoria.

Last financial year, 6197 ECT treatments were given to Victorians against their will.

This news comes as the Western Australian Government moves to ban ECT procedures for children under 12.

The Victorian Government would not say if it would follow.

The figures have shocked some experts.

Prof Pat McGorry, chair of the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, said ECT treatment for children whose brains were still forming was worrying.

"That is of great concern, a very worrying trend and we need to know why," he said.

Monday, 26 January 2009

GSK to transfer production of Seroxat to Romania

Romania is one of the most active pharmaceutical markets in the area: "GlaxoSmithKleine of transferring in Romania the production of Seroxat/paxil an anti-depressive. The company invests 2.5 million pounds in this operation and anticipates to export from Romania 2.2 million boxes of this medicine, the volume rising to 15 million boxes in 2011."

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Postnatal depression - despite all the litigation Guardian Newspaper says - Paxil/Seroxat safest for breastfeeding

Postnatal depression | Life and style | BMJ Group: "Medicines
Antidepressants are medicines that can lift your mood. The ones that have been studied for postnatal depression are fluoxetine (Prozac) paroxetine (Seroxat) and sertraline (Lustral). They are part of a group called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)."

If you are breastfeeding, your doctor will be cautious about prescribing antidepressants. The drugs may get into your breast milk, and there's not enough research to know for certain whether this can harm your baby. Doctors think there is less chance of harm from paroxetine and sertraline than from fluoxetine.

despite all the successful litigation against Eli Lilly - Guardaian Newspaper promotes Zyprexa/olanzapine

Olanzapine to prevent a relapse | Life and style | BMJ Group: "Olanzapine to prevent a relapse"

Treating post-traumatic stress disorder - Guardian Newspaper appears to be promoting Seroxat

Treating post-traumatic stress disorder | Life and style | BMJ Group: "Treating post-traumatic stress disorderBMJ Group, Friday 7 November 2008
Article history
The symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder can make it hard for you to get on with your life. But there are treatments that can help. Your doctor may suggest a talking treatment, or treatment with drugs."

Treatments that are likely to work
Fluoxetine: This drug is usually used to treat people who are depressed. It's also been tried for people with PTSD. The brand name is Prozac. More...
Paroxetine: This drug is also used to treat people who are depressed. The brand name is Seroxat. This drug should not be given to anyone under 18. More...

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) - N I C E Guidelines.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): "Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Anxiety: Management of post-traumatic stress disorder in adults in primary, secondary and community care
Guidance type: Clinical guideline
Date issued: March 2005
Expected review date: March 2009
Reference: CG26"

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Furious Seasons, Philip Dawdy said SSRI's benefit 20% of people with depression! - errrrrrr isn't Paxil/Seroxat a SSRI?

Furious Seasons:

Philip Dawdy said -

"I've never denied that there's a group of people for whom these drugs are worthwhile. How large that group is is hard to say--my hunch has usually been around 10 percent to 20 percent of people with depression"

Posted by Philip Dawdy
January 21 2009

Sunday, 18 January 2009

whopping 55,000 claims and secured over £100 million - eerrrrrrrrr a not so whopping less than £2k each !!!

£100,000,000 / 55,000 = £1818.18

Claimant wins @ Hugh James - £100,000,000 for miners & families

Claimant wins

source -

A glance at the client base would take in a sizable chunk of the local SME market, as well as charities and government bodies,
including Welsh Water, the Environment Agency, Barrett Homes and startups spun out of which has carved a niche representing the individual, with standout areas that include claimant personal injury, family
and sports law. Hugh James is particularly associated with its role in securing compensation for coal miners suffering from
chronic chest illnesses such as emphysema, the apogee of which occurred in 1998 when the firm acted in five out of the eight
cases forming the biggest-ever personal injury claim, and helped to negotiate the final settlement in 1999. In total, the firm has
handled a whopping 55,000 claims and secured over £100 million for miners and their families.

Friday, 16 January 2009

SSRI DISCUSSION FORUM: Lilly to Pay Biggest Fine Ever to End Zyprexa Probe (Update7) - PATIENTS GET NOTHING !!

SSRI DISCUSSION FORUM: Lilly to Pay Biggest Fine Ever to End Zyprexa Probe (Update7)

SSRI DISCUSSION FORUM: Lilly - Zyprexa: whistleblowers will get 18% and become millionaires

SSRI DISCUSSION FORUM: Lilly - Zyprexa: whistleblowers will get 18% and become millionaires> Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly & Company ("Lilly") will pay federal and state governments more than $1.4 billion to remedy a wide-ranging, off-label marketing scheme for its prescription drug, Zyprexa(R). This settlement is the largest qui tam settlement in the history of the False Claims Act.

Stephen A. Sheller, a well-known mass tort and class action lawyer from Philadelphia, filed the first Complaint in the case in February 2003, bringing the off-label drug allegations to the government under seal as required by law. Today, after six years, the Department of Justice settled with Lilly the allegations that six former Lilly drug marketing representative whistleblowers brought to Sheller.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Schoolboy who killed man and attacked his wife 'blames Prozac' | Mail Online

Schoolboy who killed man and attacked his wife 'blames Prozac' | Mail Online: "Schoolboy who killed man and attacked his wife 'blames Prozac'By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 7:44 PM on 13th January 2009Add to My Stories A 15-year-old boy battered a man to death and tried to kill a woman after claims his personality changed a month after he began taking Prozac, a court heard.
Defence lawyers for the unnamed boy will argue that he was driven to club the man more than 30 times after taking the popular anti-depressant.
Chelmsford Crown Court in Essex will hear scientific evidence in an attempt to prove the drug, also known as Fluoxetine, can cause 'violent impulses' which can drive someone to kill."

Sunday, 11 January 2009

2003 links from Derek Scott's seroxat user group - direct to Pam Armstrong of C.I.T.A

original url -

"Pam Armstrong -
P.O.Box 61, Waterloo.
Liverpool. L22 5RD
Tel +44 0151 286 9898"

Mrs Faye Elliot -

Gloucestershire Seroxat Support Group

Mrs Vera Sharav

Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP)
c/o Hospital Audiences, Inc.
548 Broadway, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10012


Charles Medawar -

Social Audit Ltd.

P.O.Box 111

London NW1 8XG

TEL/FAX +44 (0)20 7586 7771

Legal advice regarding ongoing litigation against GSK

and addictive antidepressant Seroxat

Karishma Jasani-

Paralegal Assistant to Mr Mark Harvey

Hugh James Solicitors

Arlbee House,

Greyfriars Road

Cardiff CF10 3QB

Tel - 029 2022 4871

Fax- 029 2038 8222

Scottish Litigation

Boyles Solicitors

15 Albert Square. Dundee DD1 1DJ
Tel. 01382 221214
Fax. 01382 200347

Yahoo Seroxat User Group

Canadian/American Support

Frank W. Streicher
5562 Bloomfield St.
Halifax, NS

BBC Panorama - 9 May, 2001

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Panorama | Tranquillisers | Tranquilliser Expert Pam Armstrong answered your questions

Tranquilliser Expert Pam Armstrong answered your questions

Pam Armstrong, the founder of Counselling and Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction (CITA), answered your questions on the dangers of taking tranquillisers.

Abilio Coelho
Do you think that SSRI drugs like prozac are more effective than benzodiazepines for treating anxiety?

Pam Armstrong
They are not more effective. These drugs also have problems associated with them. I consider they are also addictive. We have people who are having great problems coming off them. There are also a number of side effects that people are suffering, including personality changes, aggression, insomnia and some people become suicidal on them. In some cases they do work well but this is only in 50% of the time in my opinion.

Amanda Jameson
I am on paroxetine for panic attacks, can these be addictive?

Pam Armstrong
The answer is yes it can be addictive. All the SSRIs seem to be addictive and an article written by Charles Medawar showed that proxitine was the most addictive of all the SSRIs, published in the International Journal of Risk in Medicine in 1999 November.

Dave Watts
Is zopiclone (Zimovane) a benzodiazepine?

Pam Armstrong
It is not claimed to be a benzodiazepine. It is called a cyclopirrilone. But we are finding that it behaves identically to a benzodiazepine and we withdraw people by switching them over to diazepam and using a slow withdrawal method.

Riaz Esmail
What practical steps would you suggest to health care professionals who are concerned about involuntary addiction?

Pam Armstrong
It would be a good idea to contact CITA or to contact the website.

Simon Roberts
Is it possible for people to successfully come of these drugs using natural herbal remedies such as Kalms, if their daily dosage is around the 5mg mark?

Pam Armstrong
They would still need to carry out a very gradual withdraw programme. We would transfer them to diazapam if they were not already on it using a programme of withdrawal cutting down by 1 milligrame every l to 2 weeks. KALMS or any natural remedy could be used to help with the programme but it should not just be substituted for the benzodiazepine.

what a fucking wimp - Fiddaman runs away from a woman & claims he's a victim of sex discrimination

uksurvivors : Message: Re: I popped on here to just wish everyone a belated Happy New Year -: "I won't answer you in here - The simpleton can now post on his blog
that 'I'm running away from a woman' [quite a sexist comment if you
ask me]
but Bryce could tell you that today is Friday and you would
stand by him."

uksurvivors : Message:41431 - yup Bob can't cut it, what next ? will he play the victim AGAIN ???

uksurvivors : Message: Re: I popped on here to just wish everyone a belated Happy New Year -: "Re: I popped on here to just wish everyone a belated Happy New Year -

Email me

--- In, 'tuesday1st'
> --- In, 'Bob' wrote:
> >I'll number my responses for your ease 'Tuesday'
> No need Bob – I notice your acerbic but not as abusive when you
> reply to me
> > 1. Ha. Classic denial. Who was"

more questions than answers on Uksurvivors msg 41429 - will Bob run away from a mere woman ?

Re: I popped on here to just wish everyone a belated Happy New Year -

--- In, "Bob" wrote:

>I'll number my responses for your ease 'Tuesday'
No need Bob – I notice your acerbic but not as abusive when you reply to me

> 1. Ha. Classic denial. Who was it that satarted all this
>crap 'Tuesday'?
Rattled Bob? Your spellings slipping - isn't that something you constantly call J (someone who has never hidden the fact he's dyslexic) stupid and a lot of other names for having a problem with – you do understand about the Disability Discrimination Act don't you?

And – who has denied what?

I can't make a denial on J's behalf - although I can comment on your lack of insight and knowledge


the fact that you are trawling the net in an obsessive manner that could be construed as stalking - another thing you persistently accuse J of.

Cataloguing and making comments on posts written some years ago - when he was withdrawing from several drugs he had been prescribed concurrently ---- not just one as you had too --– making no allowances for problems that would have caused -

then using those post to fuel your bullying harassment – say's a lot more about you than it does him - especially when you stoop low enough to involve details of his family!

Or are you still delusional about us being one and the same person and trying to tell everyone here that that I'm J making a denial?

Who started what?

In the UK ssrihelp4u was the first UK support board which I was moderator on before the Seroxat boards were opened.

Then Scott and Venns Seroxat boards were opened – Venns meta linked and with the lawyers backing and the lawyers started the litigation.

The animosity and bullying started on those two boards along with a "who has most members rating war" and an unhealthy "I'm more popular" contest between the owners.

Unfortunately some members who were introduced to the drug boards through these two boards have trailed the bullying animosity and the needy I'm more popular than you attitude around with them like a bad smell ever since.

I'm surprised you have to ask!

> I was born here so it shouldn't be.
Yes - but how many times have wished you were born in America where people can make a living out of being litigious?

>2. Awww, look at 'Tuesday' - check the dates out silly. One minute
>it's Effexor... 7 days later it's Seroxat. What's the matter with the
>simpleton? Can he not answer for himself?

And what's the matter with you?

>3.Nice one. You are even as deluded as he is... unless of course you
>are one of his multiple personalities?
Oh! You are still delusional about us being one and the same person -

I would have thought, that as you have been in contact with another UK board owner - whom you have resorted to bullying to try and get them to sever ties with J - that by now you would have established that I am not J –

obviously when you converse with that person your more intent – as usual - on getting your own way - than getting facts!!

>4. What is your interest in the 'case'?

Why does my interest matter?

There are six sorts of people interested in the case –

the pharmaceutical industry who will always look after their own interests and profits –

those like fringe politicians who have used the case to raise there own profile and dropped it once it was old news –

those like the lawyers who are lining there own pockets –

those like you who are litigious, looking for a big payout, well enough to shout louder than others, self-interested enough to step over and on others to make sure they are at the front of the queue, self-seeking enough to need to raise their own profile and want others to put them on a pedestal and give them adulation and awards for their work for the "cause"!!

and unfortunately those who have been succoured into believing they will get some recompense for the problems the drug has caused – but who --- if they haven't already been dropped by the lawyers because they are not well enough to state their own cases or find a worthy advocate ---- will probably be let down and sorely disappointed.

And those who have observed the whole fiasco since its conception - can see it for the debacle that it is and be concerned enough for the very real and innocent victims of the drugs, lawyers and disreputable supposed support board owners to stand their ground and raise awareness

You choose !!!

>5. Me insult? Oh deary me 'Tuesday' - where have you been all theae
Oh dear Bob! Your spellings slipped again!! Or is that being as puerile, insulting and defamatory as you are??

>Collection of Jeremy Bryce's vile posts can be seen here [pdf] -
Your flaunting your obsessive stalking, harassment and defamatory (Simpleton) insulting of J again!!

>6. I'm glad I was given the opportunity to change it. Were you?

Have you changed it?

The proof of this will be in the printing – and – the worth of what will / may be printed which is as yet an unknown entity!!

They're not consulting with those who have been through it and / or have worked to find remedial solutions for the problems encountered in withdrawal – as I say it's still an unknown entity.

I would think twice about crowing about your achievement - which is as yet only a proposed change / addition to information that Seroxat should not be abruptly stopped and therefore has withdrawal problems acknowledged by and listed in the BNF since at least 1993 –

and taking credit for something that might be useless as a working tool to get people off SSRIs – I feel is risky and could back fire on the person taking the credit!

As with the swap to Prozac Venn / Healy withdrawal protocol which saw many people in a much worse place than they were and on multiple medications including antipsychotics.

I wonder if any of them have thought of taking legal action against Venn who put her name to the document and Scott and Venn for encouraging them to take that route to get off Seroxat?

You will never know what I've managed to get changed – but there again - unlike you I'm not in this for me – to raise my profile – or to succour gratitude and adulation from others!

>Poor old Jezza, runs for help when he cannot answer simple questions.
Maybe he considers your questions not worth answering –

and how about you actually answering some questions Bob – you've ignored mine all together – or can't you answer?

Seems to me you don't have any answers and your only recourse in any discussion or debate is to get nasty, attack or run away.

>How are those Probation Officers panties simpleton?

Great counter point to concerns raised about those running / involved with and the obvious flaws in the Seroxat litigation – I do hope your lawyers can come up with something more worthy of saying if it ever gets to court or your case is sunk!

Wouldn't it make more sense and be more productive if instead of stalking and attacking who you think is writing the blog - to use your blog to counter or disprove what is said or to distance the dubious connections pointed out -

all you do is keep saying the person is out to sabotage the litigation – if there is no substance to what they are writing and a valid rock solid case - how can they?

And are you honestly naive and simple enough to believe that GSK's Lawyers will not already have accessed and catalogued the information that is being blogged –

along with all your and other's indiscreet posts -- especially on the Lawyer backed supposed Seroxat support boards -- to use in their defence and to minimize liability!

Your rational has slipped more than your spelling - get a grip Fid!


Ps - What happened to the numbers?

I wonder what pleases you about deliberately being offensive. Goading people. You are simply attention seeking Bob

uksurvivors : Message: Re: [uksurvivors] Re: Village Idiot Expalins himself to UK Survivors: "I wonder what pleases you about deliberately being offensive. Goading people. You are simply attention seeking Bob. You know; 'Beat me; Curse me; Kill me; but don't ignore me or I'm afraid I don't exist

You're fully aware my name is not Walter and even if it was no one gave you permission to abbreviate it to 'Walt'. Furthermore you've never once responded to the substance of my questioning

Credibility? You know nothing about me (can't even get my name right) and I'm content I have a great deal more worldwide than you ever will

I've no more time to waste on unreasonable, nasty and malicious, small minded, foolish and insensitive little freaks like you. There was one on Crit. Psych. 1 and, like her, you appear hell bent on destroying the list
If this goes on much longer I shall ask others if we agree the moderator should bar you. In the meantime for the second and last time, know I will not respond to you again whatever you say or try to call me

ps: Others sensitively respected my recent loss over the Christmas/New Year season. You write to upset met again. WANKER!"

uksurvivors : Message: 41422 Bob's back playing his favourite aggressive bully boy roll – again!!!!

uksurvivors : Message: I popped on here to just wish everyone a belated Happy New Year -: "but what do I find
Bob's back playing his favourite aggressive bully boy roll – again!!!!
Is English too hard for you Bob - when someone says they 'do not take a drug' - it doesn't mean they have not taken the drug! You don't know what drugs J has been prescribed in the past
as far as sabotaging the Seroxat litigation – what litigation ??
Your problem is not Jeremy on here or whoever is writing the blog –
but your lack of wit and tenacity in setting out a counter argument to anything posted that in anyway points out a potential problem with either the case or those involved with it.
If you cannot counter point in a discussion or support your own cause here or on your own blog without degenerating to bullying abusive attacks, insults, and slurs on a personal level – I would say that you and your cause are lost.
Take care Bob

Happy New Year everyone –
Tues xx
Ps – I'm glad my copy of the March 1993 BNF is getting an airing."

uksurvivors : Message: Is Bob English - A Towers Investigation

uksurvivors : Message: Is Bob English - A Towers Investigation

Proof has reached the Towers Investigation Agency that Bob - once known as "Pirate Bob" was never in fact a Pirate .

It is claimed the bandanna he wore was actually a turban and that some wicked digital artist had shrunk and distorted Bob's head to make it look proportional !

Johnny Akbah when interviewed by the TIA said of "Talibob" whose name was copied but distorted by others bent on world domination :

"Turban "T" " Brains " as we know him developed a new line in Seroxat Poppies - He was helped by intelligent British parrots though "

The Towers Investigation Agency started with a question :

"Is Bob English ?"

But this madster of disguise appears to be a foreign fighter protecting Seroxat Poppy fields ...The evidence is compelling .

We leave it to you - the discerning readers to decide...

Saturday, 10 January 2009

SSRI-Crusaders : Message: why would the Seroxat Mark Harvey lawyer exonerate GP's

SSRI-Crusaders : Message: why would the Seroxat Mark Harvey lawyer exonerate GP's: "COPYRIGHT 2002 CMP Information Ltd.
GPs have been exonerated by the lawyer heading an impending group legal action against the manufacturer of Seroxat (paroxetine).

But he has warned GPs to be more alert to possible withdrawal symptoms of the drug.

Mark Harvey, partner at Cardiff law firm Hugh James, is pressing manufacturer Glaxo- SmithKline to bolster its...

source -"

Friday, 9 January 2009

South Yardley Tatooed Parrots Fiddeman Scam Exposed

uksurvivors : Message: 34919 South Yardley Tatooed Parrots Fiddeman Scam Exposed ,,

uksurvivors : Message: South Yardley Tatooed Parrots Fiddeman Scam Exposed ,,

If you get Bibbed by Bob you might get Knobbed too - report it to us ".

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust UserWatch: Search results for bob: "strange tale occurs lately on the UKSurvivors forum - the home of the marginalised in UK Mental Health survivory. We had a look at various posts after a blogger named Bob claimed he was accused of being a serial rapist accompanied by a cartoon. We suspected Kakatoo the UserWatch cartoonist of being involved - especially as parrots are involved ...

'One of his members saw fit to add an image of my
face to a cartoon and label me a serial rapist!' BOB SAYS HERE

So we had a look at the cartoon and the text HERE on a yahoo post :"

Bob wrote in a subsequent post : "I LIKE IT

GPs escape legal action in paroxetine withdrawal. (25-FEB-02) Pulse

GPs escape legal action in paroxetine withdrawal. (25-FEB-02) Pulse

GPs have been exonerated by the lawyer heading an impending group legal action against the manufacturer of Seroxat (paroxetine).

But he has warned GPs to be more alert to possible withdrawal symptoms of the drug.

Mark Harvey, partner at Cardiff law firm Hugh James, is pressing manufacturer Glaxo- SmithKline to bolster its...

300 person UK Seroxat writ "routine" - that the case is not likely to be heard for several years.

PharmaTimes | Industry News | World News |

GSK says UK lawsuit on Seroxat is without merit
: "GSK says UK lawsuit on Seroxat is without merit
10 January 2008

GlaxoSmithKline has again spoken out in defence of Seroxat as reports re-emerged concerning lawsuits being filed in the UK against the firm and its blockbuster antidepressant.

The news agency Bloomberg reported that GSK is being sued for around £15.7 million by over 300 patients who claim the company was negligent or committed a statutory breach of duty dating back to 1997 regarding Seroxat (paroxetine), which is sold as Paxil in the USA. Mark Harvey of Wales-based law firm Hugh James Solicitors filed the suit at the London High Court on December 19 on behalf of the plaintiffs who are alleging that they suffered withdrawal symptoms when stopping treatment of the drug.

The law firm has been speaking to other media outlets over the past few months about the suit but the reality is that the case is not likely to be heard for several years.A GSK spokesman told PharmaTimes World News that the filing did not represent any call for alarm and the firm does not feel it has any case to answer. He said that 'we believe there is no merit in this litigation. Seroxat has benefited millions of people worldwide who have suffered from depression”, adding that “this is a routine step in the litigation which we are continuing to defend.'

A class action lawsuit has already been filed against GSK in the USA over paroxetine, which claims that the firm withheld important information on the drug's effect on children. GSK has repeatedly rejected suggestions that it has behaved improperly in terms of covering up unfavourable data.

By Kevin Grogan"

CITA has developed a number of withdrawal programmes with Dr David Healy,- source Northern Echo 4th Feb2003

| CommuniGate | newspaper coverage

Pam Armstrong, a consultant and advisor with CITA, (Council for Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction) says although she understands that the drug is successful, it is equally important for people to be able to get off it.

"There are ways of withdrawing, but the trouble is doctors are saying to people that it's them (the patient) and that it's not addictive, because that is what the drug companies say," she says. "Many of the symptoms are physical. People get quite nauseated and some get electric shock symptoms, in the head especially."

CITA has developed a number of withdrawal programmes with Dr David Healy, director of the North Wales Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Wales. These include reducing Seroxat intake very slowly and using it in liquid form, which is considered gentler to the system during withdrawal. In tablet form, once down to 20mg, it can take at least another three and a half months to come off. The charity has found that switching from Seroxat to Prozac, once down to a 20mg dosage, is one of the most successful withdrawal methods.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Uksurvivor member - another victim of nasty vindictive seroxat activists. Speak out against these people at your peril.

uksurvivors : Message: Re: [uksurvivors] Re: A message from my children ,and a message from me (no 'children' involved honest).

uksurvivors : Message: 35109 Outcry as Fiddaman uses children to make a point

uksurvivors : Message: Re: A message from my children.

Fiddaman asked on Uksurvivors - Have you no shame?

uksurvivors : Message: Re: [uksurvivors] Re: Rowdy Roddy Bryce: "You are so far out of order you can't even see yourself any more

Have you no shame?

Is there nothing you wont stoop to just to make a point?
Doubting you have the guts to apologise to Jeremy (let alone your sons), do you not understand it's long past time you stopped this?

And don't say you will after Jeremy does. Whatever he does, you are responsible for yourself

Get on with it man - and get a life, for goodness' sake


uksurvivors : Message: Mark Harvey deplores seroxat activist attacks on Jeremy Bryce

uksurvivors : Message: Mark Harvey deplores seroxat activist attacks on Jeremy Bryce: "From: Mark Harvey
Date: 27/05/2008 17:15:09
To: jeremybryce1953@...; sarah richards
Subject: Re: RESEND : re message 32556 on UK Survivors

Sorry you had to send this twice I've been and am away from the office.

Very sorry to read this. Obviously I deplore any and all personal attacks on anyone.

As I have said on many occasions (and I understand I seem to be the frequent victim of inaccurate often unlawful and always unpleasant internet attacks) the only ones to benefit from such attacks are the manufacturers of the drugs that are being criticised.

Best wishes
Mark Harvey"

uksurvivors : Message:39685 Lady Margaret McNair to Jeremy Bryce

uksurvivors : Message: Lady Margaret McNair to Jeremy Bryce: "From: Margaret McNair
Date: 14/09/2006 11:15:48
To: jeremybryce1953@...
Subject: Hello

Dear Mr Bryce,
My name is Margaret McNair and I am the Executive Director for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, United Kingdom ( I have come across your name many times in relation to your comments on psychiatry and find your comments refreshingly frank and honest and in line with what CCHR has been campaigning about for the past 36 years."

Why doesn't Fiddaman speak out about this? - Is it because there is no money in it for him?

source -
Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Caught - another Fiddaman delusion

uksurvivors : Message: Caught

Monday, 5 January 2009

Wife killer won't get another trial - Seroxat involuntary intoxication plea falls of deaf ears

Wife killer won't get another trial - The Reporter:

"In his appeal, Ranteesi argued that the trial court abused its discretion when it precluded expert witnesses from testifying about what led them to the opinion that he suffered from a delusional disorder. He also charged that the court erred in failing to instruct the jury about unconsciousness by involuntary intoxication due to what he claimed was a drug-induced manic state caused by the prescription anti-depressant Paxil at the time of the attack.
In a 29-page opinion issued Friday, a three-judge panel of the appellate court ruled that, while Ranteesi's complaint about the exclusion of testimony from his expert witnesses may have had some merit, the court's error was essentially harmless. They further ruled that Ranteesi's complaint about


jury instruction on unconsciousness by involuntary intoxication was meritless"

source -

Seroxat/paroxetine abrupt withdrawal warning in 1993 BNF - long before Fiddaman ever took seroxat !

I know - I was on it for 6 years - try to wean off it for 18 months until eventually going cold turkey - that was actually the worst three months of my life but I had made the decision that it was not going to run my life anymore.

cache of source - Fiddy said...

First I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Bob Fiddaman and I live in the UK. For sometime now I’ve been campaigning here in the UK regarding the dangers of Seroxat (Known as Aropax in Aus/NZ)

My blog, Seroxat Sufferers, Stand Up and Be Counted, blows the lid on the corrupt activities between the makers of Aropax, Glaxosmithkline, and the Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Researching this I have noticed that Australian and New Zealand citizens are, in the main, completely unaware of what is exactly going on here in the UK regarding this drug.

It’s really time for you all to stand up and be counted and to make noises regarding the suppression of the clinical trails for Aropax. Only a few years ago did the MHRA ban Aropax in the use of chilsdren and as I understand it, Aropax is still being prescribed to children in Australia/New Zealand. I find this appalling. We, a group of campaigners, are pushing for the drug to be banned completely as collectively we have all found evidence that Glaxosmithkline also suppressed the adult clinical trial evidence.The side effects of this drug can be debilitating, I know - I was on it for 6 years - try to wean off it for 18 months until eventually going cold turkey - that was actually the worst three months of my life but I had made the decision that it was not going to run my life anymore.
Read the articles on my blog from your average Joe, hear stories of the4 zaps, the suicidal thoughts, the homicidal thoughts, the feeling of helplessness and lack of empathy toward others. Watch videos and see or at least judge for yourselves if Glaxosmithkline are lying.

I want the Australian and New Zealand citizens to start making some noise regarding this antidepressant - your government is keeping you pretty much in the dark about the dangers of this drug.

Yes, it helps some people but more and more people are coming forward now with their horror stories.

Anyway, enough of the chat.

Pay my site a visit, it’s already being monitored by GSK and the MHRA - They can’t do anything about it because it will highlight the cause. You will be astounded at the correspondence I have had with the MHRA and receently they have actually tried to gag me by throwing a copyright act in the mails they send me. Bit I refuse to bow down to this bullying. The public have a right to know exactly what is going on with the prescribed drugs we take.

I genuinely want the people of Australia and New Zealand to jump on board and to ask and pester doctors and healthcare professionals. Why not start your own blog and help spread the word that way?

Everyone deserves proper healthcare - Aropax, as we know it can be fatal.

Thank you for the rant and I hope to hear from you should you wish to pay a visit to my blog.

I can be contacted at and my blog can be found at

I look forward to hearing from you

Bob Fiddaman, UK
11:50 AM

March 1993 BNF page 166 - SSRI warnings paroxetine/Seroxat = " avoid abrupt withdrawal "

Sunday, 4 January 2009

what Fiddaman doesn't tell you - Venlafaxine half life considerably shorter than Seroxat


"Compared with other SSRIs, paroxetine has a short half-life, no active metabolite, a greater anticholinergic effect and greater potency in blocking serotonin reuptake, which could be seen as contributing factors.3,"

Antidepressant Half Life Information

source -

drug generic name company type max mg/day Half life, hrs

Anafranil clomipramine Novartis TCAD 250 21(19-37)
Asendis amoxapine Wyeth TCAD 300 no info
Cipramil Lundbeck SSRI 60 36 (28 - 42)
Elderly patients may metabolise more slowly and need lower dose
Edronax Pharmacia SNRI 12 8
Efexor venlafaxine Wyeth SSNRI 375 5 (5 to 11)
" XL Wyeth SSNRI 225 20 to 22
Faverin Solvay SSRI 300 21
Lentizol amitriptyline hyd. Pfizer 200 15 (10 - 28)
Nortriptyline, the most important metabolite, has a half-life of 36 hours (18-60 hours).
It has a polymorphically controlled metabolism (debrisoquine metabolism). In subjects
with a slow metabolism (in Switzerland about 9% of the population) high therapeutic
doses can lead to toxic plasma levels very quickly.
Lustral, sertraline Pfizer SSRI 200 26 (22 to 33)
Prothiaden dothiepin hyd. Knoll TCAD 150 19 to 33
Prozac fluoxetine Dista SSRI 7 to 9 DAYS
Approx. 7% of people have difficulty metabolising fluoxetine and it then increases rapidly
Seroxat paroxetine GSK SSRI 50 21 to 26 Sinequan doxepin Pfizer TCAD 100x3 p.d. 28 to 52
Surmontil trimipramine Futuna TCAD 300 24
Tofranil imipramine Novartis TCAD 200 19
Elderly shown to have slower metabolism giving half life of 28 hours.
Young me shown to have higher metabolism giving half life of 16 hours.
Triptafen phenothiazine Goldshield TCAD 4 tabs daily 30
Zispin mirtazapine Organon N&S enhancer 45 20 to 40

Fiddaman didn't highlight - they were on 21/2 times recomended dose, went cold turkey & were symptom free in 2 weeks

SEROXAT SUFFERERS - STAND UP AND BE COUNTED: They were warned in 1995, yet nothing was done - Paroxetine Withdrawal

Two healthy white men, aged 36 and 48 years, participated in a controlled double-blind clinical trial of paroxetine treatment for stuttering. Both had a history of brief episodes of minor depression.

After completing a 6- week treatment period with 50 mg paroxetine, both men went into a placebo phase. In the first case, 2 days after abrupt drug discontinuation, the subject reported hypomanic-like symptoms, including hyperactivity, decreased need for sleep, and irritability that developed into agitation, aggressiveness, and volatility. After 2 weeks of fluctuating symptoms, he experienced ego-dystonic impulsive behaviour such as shoplifting and suicidal impulses and gestures. All symptoms abated spontaneously after 2 weeks.1

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Evelyn Pringle: SSRI Pushers under Fire - written for the benefit of scientology lawyers Baum Hedlund


and the bit Fiddaman deleted shown in bold below -

Birmaher, Barbara Geller, Neil Ryan and Michael Strober. Dr Rush’s name is also on the Texas guidelines but he moved to Singapore last August.

Evelyn Pringle

(Written as part of the SSRI Litigation Round-Up, Sponsored by Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman’s Pharmaceutical Litigation Department

(Evelyn Pringle is a columnist for Scoop Independent News and an investigative journalist focused on exposing corruption in government and corporate America)

source url -

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Furious Seasons

Furious Seasons

December 23, 2008
On Vacation Until Jan. 5
I'm finally getting out of town later today, weather gods willing, and don't plan to do any posts until Jan. 5, unless something truly newsworthy crops up. I might also do a year end post of some kind if the spirit moves me.

yeah ! get a pay pal icon just like Furious seasons & fuck off on holiday just as soon as your quarterly $3000 is paid in


susan said...
Can you put a pay pal thing on your site, or does that only work for the states?

Hang in there Fiddy.

8:46 PM

welcome to 2009 & the news about Seroxat is that there is NO NEWS

seroxat - Google News

Procedura wzajemnego uznawania produktów leczniczych
Monitor Prawniczy, Poland - 18 Dec 2008
Odbyło się to zgodnie ze skróconą procedurą, ponieważ spółka podała jako produkt referencyjny Seroxat – produkt leczniczy, w odniesieniu do którego ...
Hierba de San Juan, más eficaz que los antidepresivos
Periódico Digital, Mexico - 26 Dec 2008
El hipérico o Hierba de San Juan es “igual” de eficaz que los antidepresivos usados por los psiquiatras (como el Prozac o el Seroxat ). ...
Sänkta priser efter TLV:s granskning av depressionsläkemedel
Janus, Sweden - 17 Dec 2008
Tre dyra originalläkemedel; Fontex, Remeron-S och Seroxat – vars pris inte har sänkts – förlorar sin subvention. ”Det är inte rimligt att subventionera dyra ...
Frågetecken kring ersättning till apoteken Dagens Handel
TLV lanserar ny webbplats Newsdesk (pressmeddelande)
TLVs granskning av depressionsläkemedel sätter prispress på ... Newsdesk (pressmeddelande)
all 19 news articles »
رأيت أبي يضرب أمي فصرت أخاف من جميع الرجال، فكيف أتخلص من هذا الخوف؟
الشبكة الإسلامية, Saudi Arabia - 16 Dec 2008
يأتي بعد ذلك العلاج الدوائي، وأنت في حاجة لأحد الأدوية التي تعالج هذا النوع من الخوف والقلق، وهذا الدواء الذي أصفه لك يعرف تجاريًا باسم (زيروكسات Seroxat) ...