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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Stan Kutcher original Coast article & comments (article subsequently removed) - names Allison Bass as a Scientologist

Stan Kutcher campaign has issued a press release, mentioning CCHR and demanding a retraction

Stan Kutcher campaign has issued a press release, mentioning CCHR and demanding a retraction

Apology to Dr. Stan Kutcher - from The Coast

Apology to Dr. Stan Kutcher

On April 28th, The Coast published an article online and in print, regarding Dr. Stan Kutcher. In that article, The Coast referenced, without limitation or criticism, statements to the effect that, Dr. Kutcher, being one of the authors of a research paper, distorted the outcome measures and essentially lied. The Coast retracts those statements and without reservation, apologizes to Dr. Kutcher for having published them. We recognize that Stan Kutcher is the federal Liberal candidate in Halifax and we sincerely regret having published those statements during the campaign. Again, The Coast apologizes to Dr. Kutcher and has agreed to make a donation in his name to the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. This retraction and apology will also be published on The Coast’s Facebook page, Twitter and will be published in the next edition of The Coast, opposite the editorial page.

Stan Kutcher involved in controversial drug test cache of story on The Coast

Stan Kutcher involved in controversial drug test

Lberal candidate for Halifax co-authored problematic Paxil study

Posted by Tim Bousquet on Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 8:23 AM

Stan Kutcher, the Liberal candidate for Halifax in Monday’s federal election, is running on his expertise as a doctor.

“I have a lot of experience in the health field,” says Kutcher, “in multiple areas: as a clinician, as a researcher, as associate dean of our medical school and in my work globally in my work with the World Health Organization, as someone who has worked to establish a number of national health institutions.”

But Kutcher’s experience as a clinician and researcher includes his involvement in a controversial drug test known as the Paxil 329 study, which was the subject of multiple lawsuits and explosive allegations of wrongdoing by researchers, and which ultimately changed the way medical research is conducted.

That study started in 1992, when Martin Keller, then the chair of the Psychiatry department at Brown University, proposed to the drug company SmithKline Beechman a study of the use of Paxil for the treatment of adolescent depression. In 2000, SmithKline Beechman merged with Glaxo Wellcome to become GlaxoSmithKline.

The drug trials took place between 1994 and 1997 at 12 research centres across North America, including the Dalhousie Medical School, where Kutcher oversaw the trials. It was a typical “double blind” study, with half the participants taking Paxil, and half taking a placebo. The results were published in 2001, with Kutcher as co-author.

But as documents later made public through the lawsuits demonstrate, the initial outcome measures in the study showed that there was no difference in therapeutic benefits between Paxil and the placebo, but those measures were changed to give Paxil a more favourable result.

“They essentially distorted the outcome measures, and essentially lied,” says Alison Bass, a former science reporter with the Boston *Globe* who broke the story and went on to write *Side Effects: A Prosecutor, a Whistleblower, and a Bestselling Antidepressant on Trial*, which examines the Paxil 329 study. “They also omitted information about adolescents who became suicidal on Paxil and withdrew from the study. And they miscoded those teenagers---they said they were non-compliant when in fact they had been withdrawn from the study because they became suicidal.”

Only in 2003, when a secretary at Brown leaked information to Bass, did the problems with the study became public. Afterwards, New York state attorney general Eliot Spitzer sued GlaxoSmithKline for fraud; that suit was settled out of court, but together with separate suits filed in Canada and California, hundreds of internal GSK documents were released. In Britain, the Committee on the Safety of

Medicine found that the incidence of suicidal thoughts in the Paxil group was double that of the placebo group.

Bass reported that in addition to his university salary, Keller, the lead author of the Paxil 329 study, was paid over a half-million dollars annually by drug companies, including GSK. Keller has since lost his job---”in large part I think because of the allegations in the book,” says Bass. Two other of the Paxil 329 authors have likewise lost their positions, but there’s no evidence any of the other co-authors, including Kutcher, have suffered professionally.

Kutcher was in the past paid by GlaxoSmithKline and other drug companies, but has not made the dollar amount of those payments public.

Kutcher says he stands by the Paxil 329 study. “I don’t think that study caused any particular controversy,” he says. “There certainly is a group of people who would like to cause a controversy around it, but science is nasty, brutish and long.”

Indeed, as co-author of a 2008 Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry “Position Paper on Using SSRIs in Children and Adolescents,” Kutcher refers to “positive” results in the problematic Paxil 329 study and completely ignores negative results published in 2006 from further GSK-sponsored research on Paxil in treating depression in adolescents in which he was also involved.

Regardless, the Paxil 329 controversy has fundamentally changed the way drug research is conducted. Now, medical journals require all drug study protocols to be registered before the study begins, so that measures can’t later be changed. Also, American medical schools---but not Canadian---require that researchers enter all outside income from drug companies on a public database. As well, typically, although not always, published articles on drug trials now say what pharmaceutical firm paid for the study.

Friday, 29 April 2011

CCHR AWARD BANQUET UK ...28 Apr 2011 .... Dounne Alexander from Jan Eastgate & Hermann Keppler

SEROXAT SUFFERERS - STAND UP AND BE COUNTED: CCHR AWARD BANQUET UK ...28 Apr 2011 ... A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the CCHR Human Rights Award Banquet in ... by Hermann Keppler and Jan Eastgate to Dounne Alexander. ...

Dounne Alexander - who is, from 100 Great Black Britons

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Prof David Healy paid consultant to GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lilly, Pfizer & to most of the SSRI manufacturers - FIDDAMAN counterpoint blog

I have been a consultant to most of the SSRI manufacturers including Eli Lilly and Company Pfizer and SmithKline Beecham (now GlaxoSmithKline). I have conducted  clinical trials given lectures and chaired symposia for these companies. Years before ever being asked to be an expert witness for any plaintiffs I was asked by Eli Lilly (the maker of Prozac) to supply my expert opinion regarding then-pending Prozac litigation related to a homicide/suicide case in Louisville Kentucky.

source -
page 2 statement to Shane Clancy inquest
In FIDDAMAN's bizzare world that makes you a pharma whore .......anywhere else you would be a normal professional!

Shane Clancy had "suicidal act prior to going on citalopram" source Prof David Healy @ inquest

Mr Shane Clancy & Citalopram:

At present I am not aware of any dispute regarding whether Mr Clancy had citalopram. He appears to have suffered adverse effects from his intake of this drug. These may have included his complaint about a swollen throat this is consistent with an SSRI induced dystonia. There is testimony from his family that he was suffering adverse behavioural consequences from citalopram before the events of August 15th /16th. Finally his toxicology levels appear to verify that he definitely had citalopram.

This is not a report on whether citalopram caused Mr Clancy to commit suicide or to murder Sebastian Creane but certain features of his case are worth noting.

First the condition that led to Mr Clancy being put on citalopram appears to have been his first episode of a nervous disorder. I do not have any record to indicate prior treatment. The index problem appears to have begun in the wake of a relationship break-up.

A first consultation with a primary care practitioner on July 18th recorded a number of symptoms of a possible depressive disorder. At this consultation a link was apparently between Mr Clancy s unhappiness and the break-up of his relationship with Jennifer Hannigan and advice was given to this effect.

He was subsequently seen 9 days later by Dr McManus who offered a script for citalopram on July 27th. Four days later was noted to have contacted the practice complaining of a swollen tongue.

After an overdose on August 5th Mr Clancy returned to the clinic and there is a further note on August 7th recording a suicide attempt on citalopram antibiotics and paracetamol. The prescription of citalopram was continued in a lower 10 mg dose.

A week later on August 15th/16th Mr Clancy appears to have taken his own life and that of Sebastian Creane and also assaulted Jennifer Hannigan and Dylan Creane.

By all accounts Mr Clancy took the breakup of his relationship with Jennifer Hannigan to heart. There was at minimum one suicidal act prior to going on citalopram although the recording of this in the medical notes suggests it was seen as relatively trivial. There were also suicidal thoughts prior to going on citalopram but again these were not given much weight in the medical records.

page 9

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Shane Clancey - media "exploitation" of murderers parents, priest claims

Jesuit priest Fr Fergus O'Donoghue has questioned the Late Late Show's "exploitation" of the parents of murderer Shane Clancy by having them appear as guests on the show.

Clancy's heartbroken mother Leonie Fennell and stepfather Tony Donnelly appeared on the show to insist that their son's mental state had been affected by the anti-depressant medications when he launched stabbed to death Seb Creane and injured his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Hannigan and Seb's brother Dylan.


Fr O'Donoghue, the editor of Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review and a family friend of the Creane family, said the decision to include the grieving parents on the show had raised serious concerns

He questioned how and why Shane's mother and stepfather appeared on the talk show and went on to suggest that their interview slot was an attempt to secure ratings.

He wrote: "Who, in fact, persuaded them that this was the right thing to do?

"Were they there because some television producers and presenters felt compassion for them or because they represented hot stories and would lift ratings?"

Fr O'Donoghue also asked why Shane Clancy's use of anti-depressants was being used as a defence for his actions.

"A consensus began to build at once, with many people saying 'he was on anti-depressants,' as if that were a satisfactory explanation for homicidal behaviour," he said.

Fr O'Donoghue also supported a psychologist's condemnation of Shane's parents' suggestion that anti-depressants were the only logical explanation behind the killing.

But he warned; "I doubt if even their combined experience and wisdom will prevent the widespread acceptance of such a simple explanation for such appalling violence."

Dr Justin Brophy, a consultant psychiatrist in Wicklow expressed his concern that people taking anti-depressants would now stop taking them for fear of the stigma attached.

He said: "The stakes are very high here because people's lives and people's health will be seriously compromised and endangered by misleading and imbalanced advice."


The College of Psychiatrists in Ireland refused an invitation to participate in the The Late Late Show episode.

"Making anti-depressants the focus of this tragic situation was a serious hijacking of two families' grief and of the facts, while the facts of the case have yet to be established.

"We thought it was unethical to parade the issue of anti-depressants in front of a bereaved family who had been hijacked for the sake of the argument.

"We also had misgivings that another brave family was not represented," he said.

- Caitlin McBride

FIDDAMAN secret data discovered 8 months ago by private investigation firm - what for?

Social Activism Blog Makes a Retraction In Earlier Statment

We received a letter yesterday informing us that we were not the first to uncover the Bob Fiddaman data. We are the second. That is, unless anyone else would like to come forward.

A Private investigation firm hired 8 months ago was the first to uncover the data and sat on it for 8 months. What the firm plans to do with this data is unclear. They seem to be ignoring our lengthy emails. I guess we've been shoved in the "need to know" slot

Monday, 25 April 2011

Shane Clancy - "We won't sue" Lundbeck Ireland Cipramil's makers

We won't sue makers of Shane's anti depressants, says family.

Publication: The Mail on Sunday (London, England)

Publication Date: 18-APR-10 Format: Online

Byline: Valerie Hanley

THE parents of Shane Clancy, the student who killed his love rival and injured his former girlfriend in a frenzied knife attack, before killing himself, have ruled out taking any legal action over how their son was treated for depression.

Clancy, 22, was prescribed a month's supply of the controversial medication Cipramil three weeks before he stabbed art student Sebastian Creane to death at the young man's home in Bray, Co. Wicklow, last August.

After fatally stabbing Creane in the heart, the Trinity College student then plunged a nine-inch blade into former girlfriend Jennifer Hannigan's back with such ferocity that the handle broke.

He then used another knife to repeatedly stab Sebastian's older brother Dylan nine times before going into the back garden of the Creane family home and killing himself.

At an inquest into Clancy's death last week it emerged that when he carried out emerged that when he carried out this horrific litany of terror in the early hours of August 16 last, he had 'toxic to fatal' levels of Cipramil in his system.

The drug is manufactured by Lundbeck Ireland and expert Professor David Healy from Cardiff University told the inquest this medication has caused 'suicidal and homicidal thoughts' in a minority of patients.

The Committee on Safety in Medicine in Britain has advised against giving this drug to anyone under 18 years old because trials have suggested it may cause younger patients to become suicidal and violent.

Prof. Healy said he believed that Mr Clancy had suffered an adverse reaction to the drug.

But the makers of the drug claim trials have shown that the medication has 'the potential to reduce rather than provoke irritability, aggression and violent behaviour'. While experts and the pharmaceutical company differ, the Clancy family has decided against mounting a legal challenge on Cipramil's makers Lundbeck.

This weekend, a friend of Shane's parents, Patrick Clancy and Leonie Fennell, insisted that the family would not be suing over the medical treatment their son received.

The friend told the Irish Mail on Sunday: 'The Clancys will not be taking any legal action over the medical care Shane received.

'All they want to do is to alert other families about this drug.'

The tragic night in Bray was the culmination of a series of events. After an apparently amicable breakup with art student Jennifer Hannigan early last year, Shane Clancy spent months in a severe emotional slump. He would sit outside Jennifer's home 'crying' while repeatedly begging her to resume their relationship.

And in May of last year - two months after they had split up - Jennifer, 23, noticed her former boyfriend had cuts on his...

Shane Clancy - We won't sue over Shane's treatment for depression, say was all spin!

We won't sue over Shane's treatment for depression, say parents.

Article Excerpt

Byline: Valerie Hanley

THE parents of Shane Clancy, the student who killed his love rival and injured his former girlfriend in a frenzied knife attack, before killing himself, have ruled out taking any legal action over how their son was treated for depression.

Clancy, 22, was prescribed a month's supply of the controversial medication Cipramil three weeks before he stabbed art student Sebastian Creane to death at the young man's home in Bray, Co. Wicklow, last August.

After fatally stabbing Creane in the heart, the Trinity College student then plunged a nine-inch blade into former girlfriend Jennifer Hannigan's back with such ferocity that the handle broke.

He then used another knife to repeatedly stab Sebastian's older brother Dylan nine times before going into the back garden of the Creane family home...

read on -

Shane Clancy's family to take legal action against drug company ???

Clancy's family to take legal action against drug company

THE family of a young man who carried out a murder-suicide 11 months ago is to take a legal action against the pharmaceutical company that produces the anti-depressant medication he was taking, as they believe the drug drove him to carry out his crime.

The Sunday Tribune understands that Shane Clancy's family is "determined" to sue pharmaceutical company Lundbeck. The family has not yet filed the lawsuit but plans to do so imminently to raise awareness about potential side-effects they believe anti-depressants can have on users. They have not ruled out taking a class action, which would involve several families taking a joint action.

At an inquest into Clancy's death, professor David Healy from the University of Cardiff said that in a small number of cases anti-depressants can cause people to become potentially homicidal or suicidal. Healy also said he believed that the 22-year-old had suffered an adverse reaction to the drug. He stressed that many people can use the drug safely, but said he had concerns over the safety warnings given to the drug in Ireland. Clancy's mother, Leonie Fennell, has spoken about her belief that her son's depression was made worse and caused him to carry out his crime.

A spokeswoman for Lundbeck declined to comment but pointed to its statement released after the inquest in April: "It was stated at the inquest that citalopram may have caused the behaviour and actions of Shane Clancy that resulted in his self-inflicted death, that of Sebastian Creane and the wounding of two other people. Extensive scientific studies have shown that there is no evidence linking citalopram to violent behaviour. There are trials which show that citalopram has the potential to reduce, rather than provoke, irritability, aggression and violent behaviour."

The Trinity College student stabbed Sebastian Creane at his home in Bray before turning the knife on himself on 16 August last. He also stabbed his former girlfriend Jennifer Hannigan and Creane's older brother Dylan in the attack. Both have recovered. The 22-year-old had become depressed over the break-up of his relationship with Hannigan a few months earlier.

One week before the incident, Clancy overdosed on anti-depressants in a suicide attempt and was later given another prescription for more. When he carried out his attack he had "toxic to fatal" levels of antidepressants in his system.

Family of Shane Clancy to sue GPs over prescriptions for anti-depressants ???

Family of Shane Clancy to sue GPs over prescriptions for anti-depressants
  Relatives claim drugs drove tragic student to murder-suicide

Ali Bracken, Crime Correspondent

Sebastian Creane: stabbed to death

The family of a young man who carried out a murder-suicide last year will attempt to take separate civil actions against two doctors who prescribed him anti-depressants. The family maintains he did not receive adequate care from these medical professionals.

The family of 22-year-old Shane Clancy believes the anti-depressants he was taking drove him to carry out his crime.

It is understood the Medical Council is investigating a complaint made by the Clancy family about the GPs who prescribed anti-depressants for Shane.

Through their solicitor, the family claimed Shane should not have been prescribed a month's supply of medication from a GP he visited in Bray, Co Wicklow, and that he should have received a better standard of medical care when he attempted to convey to another GP at the same surgery that his tongue had become swollen a few days after taking the medication.

Within days, Shane obtained another prescription for antidepressants in Ashford, Co Wicklow, after he told the second doctor that he had attempted to overdose on anti-depressants the day before.

The Clancy family has complained to the Medical Council that the second GP should not have prescribed more anti-depressants in light of the overdose attempt.

Having received the complaint, the Medical Council is now seeking information from the GPs concerned, it is understood. The council declined to comment.

Regardless of the outcome of this investigation, the Clancy family intends to take civil actions against the GPs in question. The purpose of this legal action is not for monetary gain, the family claims, but to continue to raise awareness over the potential

side effects anti-depressants

can have on those who use them.

At an inquest into Shane's death, Professor David Healy from the University of Cardiff said that in a small number of cases antidepressants could cause people to become potentially homicidal or suicidal. Healy also said he believed the 22-year-old had suffered an adverse reaction to the drug.

He stressed that most people could use the drug safely, but said he had concerns over the safety warnings given with the drug in Ireland.

Shane's mother, Leonie Fennell, has spoken about her belief that her son's depression was made worse and caused him to carry out his crime.

The Trinity College student stabbed Sebastian Creane at his home in Bray before turning the knife on himself on 16 August last year. He also stabbed his former girlfriend Jennifer Hannigan and Creane's older brother Dylan in the attack. Both have recovered.

Clancy had become depressed over the break-up of his relationship with Hannigan a few months earlier.

One week before the incident, Clancy overdosed on anti-depressants in a suicide attempt and was later given another prescription for more. When he carried out his attack he had "toxic to fatal" levels of antidepressants in his system


SHANE CLANCY - Prof Healy supported "open verdict in this case"


Taking both the likelihood of alternate explanations into account and their consistency with the medical records and considering the details I have of the events surrounding Mr Clancy s death a case can be made that citalopram induced at least a partial alienation of reason in him such that he neither destroyed himself nor killed Sebastian Creane in a manner that would warrant verdicts of suicide or of murder.

Mr Clancy was not without his problems prior to the events that led to his death but he is just the kind of person who was recruited to clinical trials of the SSRI group of drugs in which despite whatever suicidal ideation they had before treatment and despite the hardship of their social circumstances there was a 2 times greater rate of suicides suicidal acts and acts of violence on active treatment than there was on placebo.

Given the materials available to me I would support an open verdict in this case.

Yours sincerely

Professor David Healy MD FRCPsych

read in full here -

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sebastian Creane inquest rules killing unlawful - SHANE CLANCEY counterpoint

Creane inquest rules killing unlawful

Sebastian Creane (22) was fatally stabbedRelated

Psychiatry body silent on Clancy inquest

17/04/2010Anti-depressants to blame for death, mother says

16/04/2010Jury delivers open verdict in Clancy death inquest

16/04/2010TIM O'BRIEN

An inquest into the death of Sebastian Creane, who was fatally stabbed in his home in Bray, Co Wicklow last August, has returned a verdict of unlawful killing.

The inquest heard Creane (22), a student at Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology was killed when Shane Clancy (22) went on a frenzied knife attack also stabbing Sebastian's girlfriend Jennifer Hannigan, then aged 22, and his brother Dylan, then aged 28.

Clancy then took his own life.

During this morning's inquest in Wicklow Creane family solicitor Peter Flynn of Mayo read a prepared statement in which Dylan, and parents James and Nuala Creane, said they were trying to come to terms with "abrupt, calculated and violent termination" of Sebastian's life.

The family said they could "not comprehend that an attempt was made to ascribe fault to prescribed medication (which was being taken by Shane Clancy at the time of the killing) without any corresponding attempt being made to consider all other factors".

The inquest was told Clancy had "stalked" Sebastian Creane because he was jealous of Sebastian's relationship with Ms Hannigan.

The family said: "Let us not forget what happened here. Seb was stalked by a person who, having manoeuvred his way into our home, left, armed himself and then returned sometime later to complete his objective.

“By playing on Seb's better nature he once again gained access to the house, killed Seb, attempted to kill Jen and then Dylan before withdrawing to kill himself."

Referring to suggestions that prescribed medication had somehow been responsible for the killings, the family said it regretted that the inquests of the two men had "sadly provided a platform to air an assumption as to the only motivation of Clancy.

This took place in a forum which would not allow for any questioning or any challenging of that assumption, despite the expressed concerns of the College of Psychiatry of Ireland”.

The family added they hoped they could now "draw a line under the proceedings" and "never again open a newspaper to see images of Seb, Jen or our home". Such images they said served only to reopen their wounds.

Sebastian Creane told his girlfriend to run for her life as he was stabbed to death by her former boyfriend SHANE CLANCY

A YOUNG man told his girlfriend to run for her life as he was stabbed to death by her former boyfriend, an inquest heard yesterday.

Shane Clancy (22) took his own life after fatally stabbing Sebastian Creane and wounding Jennifer Hannigan and Mr Creane's brother, Dylan.

Clancy, from Dalkey in south Dublin, had been left broken-hearted after a break-up with his girlfriend, Ms Hannigan.

Within weeks of being prescribed the anti-depressant Cipramil, the final-year Trinity College student had already tried to kill himself through an overdose.

After telling a GP about the suicide attempt, he was given another prescription for the drug, but at a lower dosage. A week later, he carried out the frenzied knife attack.

Ms Hannigan was visibly shaken in the witness box as she told the inquest at East Wicklow Coroner's Court of how her boyfriend Sebastian screamed: "Run, Jen, run!" as Clancy appeared at Mr Creane's door with a knife.


Clancy then forced his way into the sitting room where Ms Hannigan was hiding and attacked her, stabbing her in the back. The knife broke, leaving the blade in her back.

Clancy's body was later found in a crouching position in a shrubbery in a pool of blood, with the knife beside him.

He had stabbed himself six times in the chest and upper abdomen and died after plunging the blade into his heart.

Clancy's mother, Leonie Fennell, sobbed as she told the inquest how her son underwent a seismic shift from a well-rounded young man into a morose shell of his former self.

The jury of 10 men and two women delivered an open verdict into Clancy's death. They rejected an option of death by suicide but found that he died from self-inflicted injuries.

Det Insp Frank Keneghan, who headed up the investigation, outlined how the tragic events of August 15, 2009 began with a night out amongst friends at Queen's nightclub in Dalkey. Clancy dropped Mr Creane back to his house at Cuala Grove in Bray, Co Wicklow.

After a period, Clancy left and went to Dunnes Stores in Cornelscourt, where he bought a block of five kitchen knives.

Brothers Ross and Gareth Cahill, friends of Sebastian Creane, told the court they had gone to the club with Sebastian and others and that Shane Clancy was also there.

Shane was "extremely quiet," said Gareth, but later he offered to drop them home.

Clancy drove "recklessly" and asked Sebastian Creane where he lived. Mr Creane told him, then typed a message on his mobile phone, which he showed to Gareth.

It read: "He now knows where I live, he'll have an axe murderer after me."

Ross Cahill told how Sebastian had not wanted to take a lift from Shane. He had the impression that Shane wanted to talk to Sebastian alone.

After Shane dropped the two brothers off home, Ross sent Sebastian a text saying: "Are you f****** crazy? You should have definitely stayed here. That guy is not right. At least make him drop you at a house that ain't yours. LOL (laugh out loud) Good luck."

Dylan Creane, Sebastian's brother, told the inquest he had awoken that night to hear voices downstairs. He went back to sleep but was awoken by screaming, with Sebastian saying: "I've been stabbed."

He ran downstairs to find Sebastian with blood on his shirt, then a person came towards him, saying: "It's okay, it's okay."

This person grabbed him, overpowering him. He felt no pain, just thumps on his back and left side. He tried to get away and saw the knife in this man's hand. He said: "I realised this guy was trying to kill me."

He managed to get a pair of keys which had a small Swiss army knife on the keyring and threatened the man with it. The man then backed off but by that point Dylan Creane had been stabbed nine times.

Jennifer Hannigan told the inquest that she went out with Clancy from January 2006 but by March 2009, the relationship had run its course.

"Shane was the first to say it," she said.

When she began dating Sebastian Creane, a fellow student at Dun Laoghaire College, Clancy got jealous and from that day on, "changed in the way he walked, talked, everything," said Ms Hannigan.

On August 15, she was at her father's workplace in Glen of the Downs when Clancy showed up and she had to hide. Clancy told her father that he was "put on the planet to be with me," Ms Hannigan said.

The next evening, she got a text from her boyfriend, who was on a night out with friends in Dalkey, saying Shane was there. She later asked Sebastian how the evening had gone and he invited her over to his house.

He told her the night with Shane Clancy had been "surreal". He had been scared and asked Clancy to leave his house after he had asked him for a scissors or knife "to fix his shoe".

She got a missed call, then a text, from Shane, saying that he "did something stupid and was going to die".

She rang him, then realised he was outside the house. Sebastian thought he was hurt and went outside to help.

Suddenly, Ms Creane heard her boyfriend shout: "What the f*** is that?" and he screamed: "Run, Jen, run!"

Sebastian Creane was later found dead in his parents' bedroom.

- Nicola Anderson

Irish Independent

Sebastian Creane was "hunted, stalked and killed" according to a leading priest - SHANE CLANCY / FIDDAMAN counterpoint

By Kevin Doyle

Tuesday August 25 2009

Tragic Sebastian Creane was "hunted, stalked and killed" according to a leading priest and personal friend of his heartbroken family.

Jesuit cleric Fr Fergus O'Donoghue, who officiated at the moving funeral Mass for the 22-year-old, insisted that Seb suffered "the injustice of homicide".

"Let's be clear: Sebastian was hunted, stalked and killed," insisted the respected priest.

Fr O'Donoghue went on to defend his right to describe Shane Clancy's murderous actions as "pure evil".

The well-respected editor of a Jesuit quarterly review has received a mainly negative response to previous comments he made on his blog and in the Herald, but says people are confused.

"People thought when you condemn an action, you're condemning a person. Only God can condemn a person," he told the Herald today.

Several people have written to Fr O'Donoghue since he first spoke on Seb's murder and even veteran journalist Vincent Browne rang "the priest who made those crass remarks", according to Fr O'Donoghue.

But hitting back at criticisms, the priest said: "Two points have been missed: we do have the right to condemn actions as evil, but not persons. Mental illness explains those actions, but it does not excuse them."

He also noted that some comments made to him have shown "far more concern for the family of Sebastian's killer than for the Creane family".

Killer Shane Clancy offered Seb a lift home to Bray after a night socialising, but later returned to the Creane family home having driven to Foxrock to buy a block of knives.

He stabbed Seb to death in a brutal attack driven by jealously over the victim's relationship with Jennifer Hannigan. She was also seriously injured, along with Seb's brother Dylan, before Clancy put a knife through his own heart.

Fr O'Donoghue explained his opinions, saying: "The priest at the young man's [Shane Clancy's] funeral said he had been overcome by 'a cruel darkness', which is poetic, but, when applied to anybody, relieves us of responsibility and removes sin from a situation." He added that this showed a "weakness" in contemporary Western Christianity.

The Dublin priest has also now compared the reaction to the Bray murder-suicide with that of Baby P in Britain. The toddler suffered horrendous abuse at the hands of his mother, her boyfriend and their lodger. When checked out by medics, the child had a snapped spine and eight fractured ribs.

He said: "We rush to make excuses for every bad action, most recently when commenting on the murder of Baby Peter in England: his mother and her lover had difficult childhoods, so some have said that explains why, over several months, they beat him to death. This is psycho-babble."

Fr O'Donoghue was one of a number of priests to attend an emotional funeral service for Seb yesterday.

The dead student's mother Nuala paid a lengthy tribute from the alter asking mourners to pray for the family of his killer and not to live in darkness, "seeing only fear, anger, bitterness, resentment, blaming, bemoaning our loss, always looking backwards, blaming".

Speaking about the eulogy, Fr O'Donoghue said: "It was very, very moving, looking at her [Nuala Creane] standing with Dylan and his arm around her."

He said that the "wonderful experience" would help friends of the Bray student come to terms with what has happened.

- Kevin Doyle

The cruel darkness of Shane Clancy - FIDDAMAN counterpoint - what Scientology doesn't tell you

The cruel darkness of Shane Clancy

We know so much about the events that led to the tragedy in Bray last week, but as to what pushed an apparently ordinary young man to a psychotic rage we will probably never discover, writes Security Editor Mick McCaffrey

The funeral of Shane Clancy in Dalkey, Co Dublin on Thursday

Dylan Creane

Jennifer Hannigan

Sebastian Creane   

Shane Clancy took the knife that he had bought less than an hour before and wedged it into the grass in the small back garden. He was covered in the blood of three people and had decided that there was only one way out.

He took a step backwards and judged the distance between the middle of his chest and the razor-sharp blade that was just about visible against the light created from the kitchen of the semi-detached house in the Bray estate.

The 22-year-old put his hands behind his back and let himself drop forward, the knife piercing deep into his heart. Although he died instantly it would be several hours before his body would be found.

It was just one bizarre moment in a horrifying murder-suicide that has shocked and captivated the nation in equal measure.

In the space of little over 10 minutes in the early hours of last Sunday morning, Sebastian Creane lay dead in the bedroom of his family home after being knifed through the heart. By his side was his older brother Dylan, unconscious after suffering eight stab wounds and a punctured lung when he went to investigate the sound of screams in the house. Just yards away Jennifer Hannigan was being comforted after summoning the strength to escape through a window of the Creane house and knock on a neighbour's door and beg for help. The blade of a knife had snapped from its handle and was wedged in her back.

Gardaí and the emergency services arrived within minutes and the scene that greeted them was one that is normally associated with horror films, not a solidly middle-class area in a leafy corner of Co Wicklow.

One week after Shane Clancy went on the rampage before taking his own life there are more questions than answers about what motivated him.

Much of the rumour, speculation and confusion has arisen because the media – eager to splash the story on their front pages – have leapt on stories that are half true, at best the truth of what has happened in the house in Cuala Grove has been distorted by sensationalism.

Gardaí have established the timeframe of events last Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Twenty-two-year-old Seb Creane's night started off the way many young people begin their weekends. He arranged to meet two friends he had gone to secondary school with for a couple of pints.

The three began drinking in the Eagle House in Sandycove where they had no more than two or three drinks each. They had arranged to meet a female pal in the Queen's pub in Dalkey and when they arrived after 10pm the woman was there along with four or five of her friends.

Among that group was Shane Clancy, who was due to begin the final year of a four-year course in Irish and theology studies at Trinity College. Clancy was due to spend this summer abroad but cancelled his plans at the last minute and was working in a nightclub until he went back to college.

Creane and Clancy were on nodding terms and knew each other through their mutual friend. They had met several times before. They were neither friends nor enemies. Gardaí say they had a cordial relationship.

Five months previously, Clancy had ended a three-year relationship with his girlfriend Jennifer Hannigan, but like many young people he had regretted this decision and had tried to patch things up with her.

Hannigan didn't want to get back together though and was trying to move on with her life. She was going into fourth year of a degree in visual communications in the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology. One of her classmates was Seb Creane. The pair had been friendly in college, but had only recently started to see each other casually.

Less than three weeks before they had decided to go out and were in the very early stages of a relationship which sources say was not overly serious and was in the 'let's see how things go' category.

Clancy did not take Hannigan's rejection well. He had been prescribed anti-depressant medication which he had begun taking a week before carrying out the murder. Garda sources say that he might have been using more than the recommended dosage, but will not know for sure until they receive toxicology reports over the coming weeks.

On good terms

Even though Hannigan did not want a relationship with Clancy they were on relatively good terms. Gardaí say there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that he was stalking her or had contacted her friends through social-networking sites.

After spending several hours in the pub in Dalkey the group headed to the Vico nightclub in the town. Clancy was on a night off, and because he did not drink he drove to the pub.

At around 3am the group came out of the club. Clancy offered to drop Creane and his two friends back to Bray. The group had only a moderate amount of alcohol taken. They were not drunk and were in good spirits.

Creane's two friends have been interviewed by gardaí and say that they exchanged general chitchat on the journey home. Creane and Clancy were getting on well and not a bad word was spoken between them prior to the two friends getting out of the car.

It is pure speculation about what occurred when the two men were alone in the car. It is likely that Clancy was not aware that Creane had recently started to see his ex. Gardaí say it is possible that it came up in conversation, which may have driven Clancy over the edge. However, detectives are keen to point out that they do not believe that the murder was planned and do not suspect that Clancy set out to drive Creane home with the intention of killing him.

Seb Creane got back to his house after 3.30am. Jennifer Hannigan arrived soon afterwards, as arranged earlier. Creane's parents were on holidays abroad.

His brother, Dylan, a 28-year-old who ran a web-development company from the family home, was in bed asleep with his girlfriend Laura Mackey, who is a guitarist with the rock band Boss Volenti.

As far as Seb Creane was concerned, everything was normal. Little did he know that something had driven Shane Clancy over the edge.

Whether Clancy waited outside the house in his car and saw Hannigan arrive is not known, but he drove to the 24-hour Dunnes Stores in nearby Cornelscourt and paid around €7 for what is believed to have been a set of up to three knives.

After returning to Bray at around 4.30am, he took one of the kitchen knives from its hard plastic packet and gained entry to the Creane house. It is probable that he knocked at the door and barged his way in when it was answered.

A row developed downstairs, which led Clancy to produce the knife and chase Seb Creane up the stairs into his bedroom. Clancy stabbed his victim several times in the chest, fatally wounding him.

Clancy then turned his attention to Hannigan. He punched her in the face and head before stabbing her in the back with such force and hatred that the knife broke and lodged in her back.

Hannigan bravely managed to escape through a window and staggered to a neighbour's house for help. She is recovering well and has spoken to gardaí. They say she has been "incredibly helpful" but do not want to go into details of what she has told them.

With the knife that he had bought broken, Clancy went downstairs to the kitchen and took another sharp knife from a block that was on open view. At this stage Dylan Creane was awake after hearing screaming and rushed in to help his brother.

He was also attacked. He lost a frightening amount of blood and was lucky to survive. He is still in a serious condition in hospital but is expected to survive.

Gardaí and three ambulances arrived just after 5am, but Clancy was nowhere to be found.

A murder inquiry and a massive manhunt for the escaped killer were immediately launched but gardaí didn't know that Clancy was lying dead in the garden because they had sealed off the property for a forensic examination.

Single stab wound to the heart

When a murder has taken place it is standard garda procedure to 'preserve and protect' the area and then 'secure and isolate' the scene – it was not until mid morning that Clancy's body was discovered by members of the Garda Technical Bureau. He had suffered a single stab wound to the heart and it was obvious that his death had been a suicide.

Gardaí do not believe that Clancy was under the influence of illegal drugs. The main theory being investigated is that he was misusing his anti-depression medication. Detectives say the medication may have triggered a reaction, leading him to lose control and snap.

When a tragedy like this happens it is easier to understand when the perpetrator has a history of violence or mental illness and has shown signs that they are capable of extreme violence.

Nobody saw this coming with Clancy though, and gardaí have yet to interview anybody who has spoken about him ever showing a propensity towards violence or aggression. People who knew Shane Clancy say he was an ordinary, decent person who didn't drink, smoke or do drugs.

At his funeral last Thursday at the Church of the Assumption in Dalkey, Fr John McDonagh spoke of a young man admired by all those who knew him, a man who had donated his 21st birthday money to charity and who had a bright future ahead of him. The depiction was a million miles away from the individual of last Sunday morning.

The priest said that "the Shane that many of you knew and loved was overtaken by a cruel darkness early on Sunday last, bringing great tragedy to two other families as well as his own".

He added that the dead man was in a "psychotic state and destructive frenzy".

Clancy's mother Leonie, father Patrick, stepfather Tony and four brothers and two sisters all attended the burial and are said to be deeply traumatised. The family are from Dalkey and were said to have been very close to Shane.

Seb Creane was also a man with a bright future ahead of him. He was a keen photographer who set up an account on the Flickr website to show off his photographic skills.

Conscientious and diligent

Tom Geraghty, the headmaster of the exclusive St Gerard's school in Bray where Creane attended, paid tribute to his former pupil, saying: "The staff of the school remember Sebastian as a hard-working, conscientious and diligent pupil who was consistently popular with both pupils and teachers of the class of 2005. Sebastian was always the perfect gentleman who cheerfully and willingly gave of his best in all school activities."

He was also a talented Gaelic footballer who played with local club Bray Emmets for a number of years.

The musician Phil Coulter led the flurry of tributes on Liveline, which has given the case almost blanket coverage. Coulter has been very visible talking about his son's friendship with Seb Creane.

The murder-suicide investigation is being led by detective inspector Frank Keenaghan, an experienced and respected officer who has been in constant touch with the families of Seb and Dylan Creane, Shane Clancy and Jennifer Hannigan. He pointed out that what happened was a tragedy for all three of the families.

Sebastian's parents, Jim and Nuala, were in the UK at the time of the attack and rushed back to Ireland when gardaí informed them of what happened.

The grim task of contacting them fell to Keenaghan.

He said: "The Creanes came home very quickly. It was a tough, tough, very difficult situation. It was one of the more difficult things you have to do in the line of duty."

They have not returned to the house since last week and are being comforted by family and friends. Nuala Creane is a teacher whose specialist area is in people with learning disabilities. She has her own training consultancy business which she operates from her own home.

Neighbours of the Creanes are shocked about the horror that visited their doorsteps and have refused to talk to the media. The only visible tribute to the dead man is a lone wreath that has been placed at the gate of the house.

Local parish priest Fr Larry White said he expected the Creanes to stay away from their home for the foreseeable future, "if they can ever return there".

The garda investigation is ongoing but there is very little that it can achieve. It is a fact that Clancy murdered Creane and then killed himself and that is what the probe will find.

As for the reasons that drove Shane Clancy to do what he did, the only two people who can probably explain it are dead.

All that is left is speculation and supposition along with two sets of parents who have both lost sons and a young woman who will somehow have to try to put the heartbreaking events of a week ago behind her and attempt to rebuild her shattered life.

August 23, 2009

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Shane Clancey was a killer possessed with “demonic energy” - Sebastian Creane was a victim - FIDDAMAN counterpoint

Sebastian Creane: on the day of his funeral

Posted on August 24, 2009

by Fergus

Seb’s closest friends all wore read sneakers, as a celebration of his spirit. Nuala, his mother, gave a wonderful address at the end of Mass, speaking about his life and his talents, about the “demonic energy” that ended his life and about the need to avoid a cycle of blame. Her pressing concern is for Jennifer, Seb’s girlfriend.

Most reactions to earlier postings on this blog have been negative. Two points have been missed: we do have the right to condemn actions as evil, but not persons. Mental illness explains those actions, but it does not excuse them.

Some comments have shown far more concern for the family of Sebastian’s killer than for the Creane family. Let’s be clear: Sebastian was hunted, stalked and killed. He suffered the injustice of homicide.

Shane Clancy - “A cruel darkness”?

Today’s Irish Times has the most thoughtful and best researched article on Sebastian Creane’s murder and on the man who killed him.

Sebastian’s family has prepared his funeral. One week ago, he was a very happy young man, enjoying his life and developing his talents.

There were three newspaper reports based on this blog. All of them, naturally, reflected the outlook of the journalists who wrote them. One of them implied strong personal judgement on Sebastian’s killer, but the original comments were about his actions, not about the young man himself.

The priest at the young man’s funeral said he had been overcome by “a cruel darkness”, which is poetic, but, when applied to anybody, relieves us of responsibility and removes sin from a situation. This is the weakness of contemporary Western Christianity: Jesus is not seen as my impassioned Saviour, who calls me to make radical choices, but as somebody who gives me gentle pats on the head, or slaps on the wrist; nothing really is my fault.

We rush to make excuses for every bad action, most recently when commenting on the murder of Baby Peter in England: his mother and her lover had difficult childhoods, so some have said that explains why, over several months, they beat him to death. This is psycho-babble.

Two messages from the same generation of Irish intellectuals have come to this blog: Senator Eoghan Harris rang to express his “strong support,” and Vincent Browne, a veteran pundit, rang “the priest who made those crass remarks.”

Shane Clancy - was murder premeditated - FIDDAMAN counterpoint

Knife used in Bray killing was bought one hour earlier

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Read more:

Gardai have reportedly established that the knife used to kill Sebastian Creane in Bray at the weekend was bought by Shane Clancy just an hour before the stabbing.

Reports this morning say Mr Clancy offered to drop Mr Creane home to his house in Bray in the early hours of Sunday morning following a night out in Dalkey.

The 22-year-old Trinity College student then drove to a 24-hour shop and purchased a block of knives before driving back to the house around an hour later.

At this stage, Mr Creane's girlfriend, Jennifer Hannigan, had arrived at the house from a night out with her own friends.

Gardai say it is unclear if Mr Clancy forced his way into the house or rang the doorbell before stabbing Sebastian Creane to death with one of the knives.

Ms Hannigan was also stabbed in the back during the attack, while Sebastian's brother Dylan was stabbed eight times.

They both survived and are recovering in hospital.

Mr Clancy subsequently went to the back garden of the house and stabbed himself in the heart.

Gardai say they believe the attack was planned and Clancy, who had previously been in a relationship with Ms Hannigan, carried out the stabbings out of jealousy.

Read more:

Friday, 22 April 2011

Sebastian Creane: a young man is murdered by Shane Clancy

Sebastian Creane: a young man is murdered
The story is still front-page news, but no reporting can convey the pain and misery among Sebastian’s many kin. Our minds don’t want to comprehend the pure evil in such a premeditated killing. Some of us will want to take comfort in a psychological explanation, but that won’t really help.

What happened to Sebastian, his brother and his girlfriend is as clear a definition of sin as we’re likely to find, including the fact that a shop sold a complete set of knives to a young man at 4 a.m.

CCHR Scientology double award winner Bob Fiddaman Unemployable

Bob Fiddaman Unemployable

In a recent turn of events, Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) - Front group for Scientology, awards Bob Fiddaman with a second Human Rights Award. This just shows you how Mickey Mouse this group is. CCHR seems unaffected by the latest allegations. This is a human rights group that thrives from donations. It's a charity. They have given a man who has blatantly disregarded the rights of so many, an award. To our knowledge, CCHR has never questioned the victims of Bob Fiddaman to assure he is not guilty of these allegations. As a group, we don't understand this injustice. There is mountains of evidence in yahoo forums, on his blog, police reports.

We predict Bob has talked his way around the latest accusations. AFRA assure the public, "It wont be much longer before Bob Fiddaman is held accountable. And where the innocent will have the opportunity to clear their names." This is going to make CCHR look foolish.

"Bob Fiddaman is not an asset. Bob is a liability to any organization. He is not employable. The only accomplishment he has really made to his own life is destroying his future. He could have debated this issue in a professional and ethical manner. He chose ridicule and racial slurs to cover up his limited education and where self control simply does not exist in Bob's world. Being the victims of drug side effects does not make you an expert. It is clear Bob feels he is an expert.

"Someone should have him committed to an asylum. It's pretty obvious he needs treatment. Hopefully the authorities will step in for his own protection and for the protection of others."

Thursday, 21 April 2011

L. Ron Hubbard wrote to the Vet's begging for psychiatric help !


This is a request for treatment.


I was placed on certain medication back east and have continued it at my own expense.

After trying and failing for two years to regain my equilibrium in civil life, I am utterly unable to approach anything like my own competence. My last physician informed me that it might be very helpful if I were to be examined and perhaps treated psychiatrically or even by a psycho-analyst. Toward the end of my service I avoided out of pride any mental examinations, hoping that time would balance a mind which I had every reason to suppose was seriously affected. I cannot account for nor rise above long periods of moroseness and suicidal inclinations, and have newly come to realize that I must first triumph above this before I can hope to rehabilitate myself at all. I cannot leave school or what little work I am doing for hospitalization due to many obligations, but I feel I might be treated outside, possibly with success. I cannot, myself, afford such treatment.

Would you please help me?


L. Ron Hubbard

Monday, 18 April 2011

Bob Fiddaman Leaked West Midlands Police case Details to News Agency For Profit ...

Bob Fiddaman Leaked West Midlands Police case Details to News Agency For Profit ...

Amongst many of the shockingly offences found in leaked data from Bob Fiddaman's computer, the group, Activists for Responsible Activism [AFRA], and UK members of the group Anonymous, has uncovered another disturbing offence that involves West Midlands Police Department, Bob Fiddaman, and a local news agency.

more here -

Friday, 15 April 2011

Hot night out for FIDDAMAN & his Scientology friends - THE JIVE ACES

PFIZER having a laugh at Bob Fiddaman - "We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid"



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"The only way you can control people is to lie to them." - L. Ron Hubbard

Blog Question*: Does Scientology teach lies as a method to control people?

Question from Scientology Myths Blog:

It seems that the Church of Scientology has a lot of control. Does this mean that it does a lot of lying? LRH’s Technique 88 states that the only way to control people is to lie to them.


Funny one. No, Hubbard says that the lowest (i.e. worst) level of creativity is by lying. You will have to listen to the lecture in full (it’s only an hour long) to get the full concept of Technique 88. This is in a series called “Route to Infinity”. Scientology critics LOVE to throw around the incomplete quote because it sounds REALLY BAD. But here is the full story:

Hubbard said there, in this lecture, in 1952, that some people try to control others by lying, by making up threats or dangers, or by inventing startling stories. Or literally he says: “This individual is lying to you because he is trying to control you - because if they give you enough misinformation they will pull you down the tone scale so that they can control you.”

Pulling people “down the tone scale” (making them cry and so on) is suppressive behavior while all Scientology processes (like Technique 88) are done to get people UP the tone scale (making them more stable and happy). In case you don’t know, a “tone scale” is “a scale which shows the emotional tones of a person. These, ranged from the highest to the lowest, are, in part, serenity, enthusiasm (as we proceed downward), conservatism, boredom, antagonism, anger, covert hostility, fear, grief, apathy.” So it might be that someone is lying to you to get you introverted, frightened etc with the purpose to control you. Like those spreading lies about Scientology try to dupe the “Anonymous” crowd to do stupid or even illegal actions.

Hubbard says in the same chapter: “Lie, lie, lie, and it gets worse and worse, and all of a sudden the thing blows up.” Sounds familiar?

Lying is also unethical by Scientology standards and a violation against the moral codes in “The Way to Happiness”(2). That does not mean all Scientologists everywhere and every second of the day are telling the truth and nothing but the truth. But it does mean that lying is not recommended or taught. “Technique 88 is process of locating the thetan, the ‘I’ of the individual, and the auditing of the thetan” (Hubbard, page 1 of the book “History of Man”, which going along with the lecture).

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Did West Mids Police Advise MH Drug Blogger On Blog Tactics ?

Did West Mids Police Advise MH Drug Blogger On Blog Tactics ?
Another strange story emerges from UK survivors . The last time we reported about alleged date rape of UK parrots we saw a blogger on UKSurvivors had used posts from Uksurvivors to claim they had been accused of date rape when it was clear it was the fantasy parrots and pirates that had been doing the dirty , or flirty or whatever .....There was quite a flap caused though

Wellllll....UKSurvivors ....Ahhh welllll yesss .. It issss a mental health forum, and wonderful beastly imaginings do go on there.

There are posts about snakes and fire creatures we hear, and death moans of socially excluded ghosts that waft in and out of flats and others that go around and around in circles and repeat themselves endlessly ..... It is said that many other ghosts of old text at UKSurvivors actually beg for eviction or deletion ....

However nowwww, there appears to be a half claim of some kind of communication with the West Mids Police. Noooo its not spiritualism ... Its something else though ..

It appears to amount to some kind of alleged nod of agreement or "implied police blog advice"

Oh yeahhhhhh ...Really ? They've gone from the Bobbies to the Bloggies then ...

Here's the post :

What we see in that Seroxat growling blog is a strand of some good argument about part of the SSRI diversion of the human condition into the meds-pit of delayed reactions and part voluntary emotional unconsciousness .. Yes, all done by "professionals" on the hapless patient in mental or emotional distress ..... "Bugger your social history and family problems etc... take a drug .. "

The blog favours growling about Seroxat - that's where a class action is going which it supports and compensation is the golden bone in its teeth .......

Yet the conflict between personalities it features is sparky in the meds-bulldog-pits too at Uksurvivors, though there is an argument put forward which is, Seroxat may not be the worst SSRI for its after effects after coming off it . In that case the class action planned to do it down and get compensation from the maker GlaxoSmithKline may fail since the action appears to framed in such a way that Seroxat is being legally tested as the worst case SSRI scenario ....

Is Jeremy Bryce who supports that argument and who is mentioned in the blog quite right therefore to create a contextual argument of caution regarding that ? Its an intelligent point we think ..

It could well be that he has a thought out serious point which implies jeopardy to further cases for compensation against SSRI's if the Seroxat case falls ...

Who knows what fate will bring ...... The Money king or the sting ?.... That's in the hands of future law.. But caution should be heeded ..

However that aside we have been sent a picture from a polite source which confirms the West Midlands Parrot Flying Squad cannot take the fiddamen.blogspot claims about them seriously..

Bob Fiddaman's latest tweet "Seroxat Book Goes Global." is a lot of tosh typical of Scientology

Bob Fiddaman's latest tweet "Seroxat Book Goes Global."


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

did Scientology / CCHR pay FIDDAMAN'S self publish fee - "any dim whit can self publish for a price"

UK Government Now Provides Funds For Bob Fiddaman to Pay Chapters Partner to Carry His Book.

It's not the same as a reputable publishing house that says You've got a great manuscript here, we want your book. It's like Amazon but more expensive. It's Chapters trying to tap into a market during a time when the economy has taken a beating. Any dim whit can self publish for a price. Which begs the question - Where did Bob Fiddaman get the minimal fee of $599.00 USD to self publish with chapters? Did Neil Carlin or Toran Henry's mother make another donation to the Bob Fiddaman - F@uck the taxpayer fund?

It is almost unfathomable how one man can be so self obsessed that he puts a nail in his own coffin. This is like watching Jersey Shores. Trashiest program on tele but we just can't help but watch it. We are fascinated by the stupid things people do in public. They think we are laughing with them. We're laughing at them.

Folks - Can you see how obsession can be such a nasty daemon to live with?

Congratulations, Bob Fiddaman. You are the recipient of your own award. 'Dumb Ass of The Year.'

Fiddaman Gives Group Great Advice - How To Hide IP Address

Fiddaman Gives Group Great Advice - How To Hide IP Address

source -

The UK Survivors Group featuring User: "Atlanticsurf" posted the following,

"Fiddy gave me some good ideas ,somewhere I have the app that hides the IP."

Now there is a great f@$#king idea. Let's all take "hide the IP"advice from Bob Fiddaman.

Bob Fiddaman, most recently known as "the attention seeker" and technologically disabled, is giving out advice to his friends about hiding their IP address when the same methods leaked a years worth of his own private data to the web. Not only is Bob Fiddaman a Scientist, Psychiatrist, Media Sensation, B rated Author but he is also a computer genius.

Great idea Ms. Atlanticsurf. :) You all go on ahead and take Bobby's advice

Monday, 11 April 2011

Fiddaman Is Using Anonymous Proxy Servers - why? Why does a person who claimed to be a patient advocate use Proxy Servers

Fiddaman Is Using Anonymous Proxy Servers

It could have been a year ago when Bob Fiddaman downloaded a keylogger file to his computer. Why he downloaded it to his own computer remains a mystery.
It appears that Bob Fiddaman uses cheap anonymous proxy servers to upload fake profiles on Bebo and other social networking sites. He also uses them to stalk his victims websites and blogs - So that he can scream "victim" when he's the culprit.

The cheap anonymous proxy server leaks data. We could go into the long winded explanation of how this happens but that would give Bob Fiddaman an opportunity to correct the problem. We don't want to do that.

Thousands of pages worth of anything Bob Fiddaman typed on his computer was leaked to the world wide web, and because it was encrypted Bob Fiddaman would never have been able to locate that data. We found it.

For two weeks the data has been unencrypted, one page at a time, and read. We intend on publishing parts of that data to prove that Bob Fiddaman is not a victim. We intend to use that data to prove our allegations.

Bob Fiddaman is aware that we have captured this data. Inspite of it, Bob Fiddaman continues to use anonymous proxy servers that continue to leak more data.

We would like to congratulate Bob Fiddaman for being a man with no self control. It has made this process much easier.

Bob Fiddaman should be warned that this data will be published to the web once its fully encrypted and names have been redacted. We will be uploading on a dedicated server that we control.

Protest outside the Daily Mail Headquarters on the 3rd National Day -

Hello Everyone who wants to live in a decent society,

The Daily Mail newspaper has been at the forefront of the assault against disabled people who are claiming disability benefits by calling us all 'scroungers'.

On Thursday 14th April, the Mental Health Resistance Network will be joining in on the 3rd National Day of Protest Against the Cuts outside the Daily Mail Headquarters in Young Street, (off Kensington High St), London W8 5TT. The protest will begin at 2.00pm. Come and join us in the fight against the real 'scroungers' who feed off the disabled by peddling lies about us.

Find out more at:

The Mental Health Resistance Network is fighting to save the disability benefits we are entitled to and that ordinary people fought so hard for decades ago. Don't let the Tories smash our Welfare State!

Hope to see you outside the Daily Hate Mail Headquarters this Thursday.

Seroxat Jack - The Driven World And Personal Failure - By Art De Rivers

Mental Health Seroxat Jack - The Driven World And Personal Failure

Seroxat Jack By Art De Rivers

source - Sunday, July 25, 2010

Personal failure is a very hard bridge to cross . Its about sometimes recognising very deep pain and special loss . Recognising limits and health problems . Recognising that the emotional reaction map is altering and must be navigated .

But there's no doubt with Seroxat Jack it was made worse because when his life failed at work due to his health and when he could not face the growing realisation that increasing disability was going to alter his life and even hurt it - there was no real help . No therapy offered to ease the emotional growth from pain into difficult change .

Thus depression born of a narrative of difficult-to-face pain created only vacant and sometimes fiery hopelessness . The fire of anger gives some degree of hope but not if the problems of change and disability are not faced enough - it merely builds more rage and determination to make something or someone pay .

Seroxat Jack, like Effexor Jim , and Prozac Jill and the SSRI gang, went to his Doctor and took his medicine and later found its emotional barrier effect did not do much good and so he came off it . That was accompanied only by pain and discontinuation problems - headaches and mood swings .

Yet Jack did not make the connection enough that his psychological problems were not medical in the first place but social and emotional.

Jack's a social product too of traditional beliefs in : the man should not show his feelings fully . His Doctor too was someone who should have been more emotionally literate.

Jack's rage and only partly faced pain after he painfully left his Seroxat days behind just gave vent to attacking pharmaceutical companies which on one level is not invalid at all. They DO exploit people who will not or cannot without help face their own lives and emotional pain. They DO exploit a lack of political will to create truly better emotional healing and long enough psychological therapies. They DO exploit the social taboo against people showing emotional weakness and vulnerability .

But they can only do that in the field of reactive depressions and mood swings "disorders" so long as Jack does not wish to face himself too, and demands only that his life-pain goes away .

Jack has partly grown now after living in the damned Seroxat Hall of himself . But to do it he had face another depression and the older feelings underneath and the extra ones which layered in as a sense of personal failure.

Life alters and we fail to be able to be what we were . Sadness and loss and even rage are not enemies they are just our cries at our vulnerable human condition and hearing them with witness makes bearing them tolerable .

Lets sit down with Jack and Jill and Jim and wisely accept a greater degree of grief for just being human .

Further Reading :  Seroxat Litigation Chronicles -

Sunday, 10 April 2011

the only thing unique about Seroxat is fiddaman's self promoting lies

The Evidence,
However, Is Clear

GlaxoSmithKline, psychiatry and the MHRA is not afraid - They've been laughing at you, all of you

source -

Seroxat sufferers and psychiatry hatters need to wake up. This man is not the Messiah. It's time for you to start asking questions and stop blindly following Bob Fiddaman.

Do you agree that it is appropriate to contact the children of people Bob does not like or does not agree with, to follow their twitter pages, to publicly advertise others to join in and provide him with any private information on these people? Does a kind and sincere man publish a sermon written by a man for his mother that has just died because he does not like the mans brother? You should all be ashamed. The evidence was sitting right in front of you. Most pathetic bunch of self proclaimed Human Rights Advocates we've ever heard of. GlaxoSmithKline, psychiatry and the MHRA is not afraid of you. They've been laughing at you, all of you

GlaxoSmithKline - Seroxat year 2000 suicidal behaviour SSRI core safety exercise

[text redacted S40 FOIA]

SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

11 August 2000

Dear[text redacted S40 FOIA]

RE: SSRIs and suicidal behaviour

As you are aware, the Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM) has recently reviewed the issue of fluoxetine and other SSRIs and suicidal behaviour. The Committee concluded that the available study data did not support a causal association between SSRIs and suicidal behaviour. However there continued to be anecdotal reports of suicidal behaviour associated with SSRIs. The Committee noted that it was general clinical experience that patients taking antidepressants may develop an increase in suicidal behaviour in the first few weeks of treatment.

The CSM considered that patient information leaflets for SSRIs should be updated to ensure consistency with the SPC statement introduced in the recent SSRI core safety exercise. They felt that the following wording was appropriate:

'Occasionally, thoughts of suicide or self harm may occur or may increase in the first few weeks of treatment with paroxetine, until the antidepressant effect becomes apparent. Tell your doctor immediately if you have any distressing thoughts or experiences.'

Your variation to update the SPC is currently under assessment. I would be grateful if you would submit a revised PIL including the above statement. I have assessed the PIL as it stands and no other amendments are required.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

Yours sincerely
[text redacted S38 FOIA]
Senior Scientific Assessor
Pharmacovigilance Group
Copy: [text redacted S38 FOIA]