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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

FIDDAMAN ..... errrr your CCHR / Scientology "friends" can't even spell your name

Opening the exhibition were CCHR UK's Executive Director Lady Margaret McNair, and guest speakers Sharon Parnell, founder of Revelations UK, whose daughter's life was devastated after she was prescribed psychiatric medication; and Bob 'Fiddy' Fiddeman, founder of Seroxat Sufferers, who was himself prescribed Seroxat and experienced its side-effects first hand. The exhibition is planned to run until Sunday 3rd July.

Royal College of Psychiatrists conference met with protest in BrightonMedia Summary

Psychiatric human rights watchdog Citizens Commission on Human Rights, organised a protest march and demonstration against abuse in the system, and focused on the drugging of children for questionable mental disorders. Brighton, 28th June 2011

Coinciding with the 40th anniversary conference of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) on Britain's south coast at Brighton, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) invited participants from as far away as Edinburgh to protest against patient abuse in the mental health system, and the use of potent narcotics as treatment for young children with mental disorders that some have called into question.

Protesters gathered outside the Royal Pavilion and marched along King's Road to the Hilton Metropole hotel where the RCP conference was taking place. Young protesters echoed the message of placards with t-shirts reading "love me, don't drug me," while others carried posters of children as young as 9 who had committed suicide after taking powerful antidepressant drugs.

A Worksop-based psychiatrist attending the RCP conference said that mental health is not a black and white issue, and that while he had hope for the future, practitioners do not currently have any blood or laboratory test to confirm or diagnose mental disorders. Responding to the issue of medicating children, he said that often the problem is bad parenting, but that he still believes medication should be used as it "calms them down" where previously they acted "like a bull in a china shop."

CCHR supporters however believe that boisterousness can be a natural part of childhood, and that 'being a child' should not be labelled as a mental illness. A spokesperson for the group said, "Psychiatry is the only profession that has to continually advertise its failures as well as promoting how bad it is to get more government funding," after the president of the RCP Dinesh Bhugra announced that mental health is in crisis due to staff shortages, despite receiving the largest portion of the NHS budget at £11.2bn in 2010.

In addition to the protest, CCHR are hosting a sea-front exhibition entitled 'How to Protect and Preserve Your Mental Health,' which they say points to information that isn’t being made known by psychiatrists, preventing patients making an informed choice about treatment. Their message is that a series of young deaths could have been avoided if parents were better informed, specifically citing the recent death of 10-year old Harry Hucknall who hanged himself while taking both Ritalin and Prozac.

Opening the exhibition were CCHR UK's Executive Director Lady Margaret McNair, and guest speakers Sharon Parnell, founder of Revelations UK, whose daughter's life was devastated after she was prescribed psychiatric medication; and Bob 'Fiddy' Fiddeman, founder of Seroxat Sufferers, who was himself prescribed Seroxat and experienced its side-effects first hand. The exhibition is planned to run until Sunday 3rd July.

CCHR Scientology child abuse cult use more children at Royal College of Psychiatrists conference Brighton protest

Coinciding with the 40th anniversary conference of the Royal College of Psychiatrists  (RCP) on Britain's south coast at Brighton, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) invited participants from as far away as Edinburgh to protest against patient abuse in the mental health system, and the use of potent narcotics as treatment for young children with mental disorders that some have called into question.

Protesters gathered outside the Royal Pavilion and marched along King's Road to the Hilton Metropole hotel where the RCP conference was taking place. Young protesters echoed the message of placards with t-shirts reading "love me, don't drug me," while others carried posters of children as young as 9 who had committed suicide after taking powerful antidepressant drugs.

A Worksop-based psychiatrist attending the RCP conference said that mental health is not a black and white issue, and that while he had hope for the future, practitioners do not currently have any blood or laboratory test to confirm or diagnose mental disorders. Responding to the issue of medicating children, he said that often the problem is bad parenting, but that he still believes medication should be used as it "calms them down" where previously they acted "like a bull in a china shop."

CCHR supporters however believe that boisterousness can be a natural part of childhood, and that 'being a child' should not be labelled as a mental illness. A spokesperson for the group said, "Psychiatry is the only profession that has to continually advertise its failures as well as promoting how bad it is to get more government funding," after the president of the RCP Dinesh Bhugra announced that mental health is in crisis due to staff shortages, despite receiving the largest portion of the NHS budget at £11.2bn in 2010.

In addition to the protest, CCHR are hosting a sea-front exhibition entitled 'How to Protect and Preserve Your Mental Health,' which they say points to information that isn’t being made known by psychiatrists, preventing patients making an informed choice about treatment. Their message is that a series of young deaths could have been avoided if parents were better informed, specifically citing the recent death of 10-year old Harry Hucknall who hanged himself while taking both Ritalin and Prozac.

Opening the exhibition were CCHR UK's Executive Director Lady Margaret McNair, and guest speakers Sharon Parnell, founder of Revelations UK, whose daughter's life was devastated after she was prescribed psychiatric medication; and Bob 'Fiddy' Fiddeman, founder of Seroxat Sufferers, who was himself prescribed Seroxat and experienced its side-effects first hand. The exhibition is planned to run until Sunday 3rd July.

Antipsychotics tied to adiposity, insulin resistance in children - FIDDAMAN counterpoint blog

Antipsychotics tied to adiposity, insulin resistance in children

 Three commonly used antipsychotic medications increase body fat and insulin sensitivity in children, according to findings presented at the American Diabetes Association's 71st Annual Scientific Sessions.

Research has linked various mental health therapies to higher risks for diabetes and obesity in adults, but studies are lacking in the pediatric population, according to John W. Newcomer, MD, professor of psychology and medicine at Washington University of St. Louis in Missouri. He and researchers for the Metabolic Effects of Antipsychotics in Children study sought to fill this gap in knowledge by investigating the metabolic effects of three frequently prescribed antipsychotic medications:

■aripiprazole (Abilify, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals);

■olanzapine (Zyprexa, Eli Lilly); and

■risperidone (Risperdal, Johnson & Johnson).

Newcomer and the researchers examined changes in body fat percentage and insulin sensitivity after 12 weeks of antipsychotic therapy in a group of children aged 6 to 18 years with disruptive behavior disorders.

Results linked all three drugs with changes in adiposity, according to Newcomer.

“The overall figures [measured by DXA] show 2.5% in body fat percentage and, highly significantly, about a two and one-third kilogram increase in body fat overall,” he said at the oral presentations symposium.

These changes differed among the individual medications. Approximately one-quarter of children using aripiprazole and risperidone experienced small increases or slight decreases in body fat percentage; in contrast, body fat increased in virtually all children using olanzapine.

At baseline, the percentage of children who were overweight or obese was on par with the general population, Newcomer noted.

“It was after the short, 12-week duration of treatment that we saw the overall percentage children who were overweight or obese go from one-third to nearly 48%.”

The researchers also found considerable reductions in whole-body insulin sensitivity among these children. Again, Newcomer said, olanzapine was associated with the greatest decline in insulin sensitivity.

Despite these adverse metabolic effects, the children experienced significant psychological benefits, with pooled mean Aberrant Behavior Checklist irritability/aggression subscale scores decreasing by 16.64 points.

Careful selection of patients and the types of antipsychotic medications used may prevent the adverse metabolic effects that some of these drugs have in children with mental health issues, the researchers concluded.

“These medications … are associated with different levels of risk for changes in adiposity and insulin sensitivity,” Newcomer said. “Clinicians can beneficially modify risk by judicious selection of who’s going to be treated and perhaps which medications are used.” – by Melissa Foster

Monday, 27 June 2011

Dothiepin dependence syndrome. - could FIDDAMAN still suffer from this or is he happily medicated?

Dothiepin dependence syndrome.

Singh GP, Kaur P, Bhatia S. Dothiepin dependence syndrome. Indian J Med Sci [serial online] 2004 [cited 2009 Mar 9];58:253-4. Available from:


Clinicians have depended on antidepressants for years in the management of depressive disorders Drug abuse involving antidepressants is not common, most of them involve agents with amphetamine like properties, including amineptine and tranylcypromine.[1] Amineptine dependence and tianeptine abuse has been well documented.[2] No case report related to dothiepin abuse has been documented till date. Herein we report on a case of dothiepin dependence.

A 56 year old female higher secondary school teacher was brought to medical emergency with the symptoms of nausea, abdominal distress, marked apprehension, bodyaches, weakness, tremulousness, cold feeling, vertigo, insomnia, restlessness, difficulty in controlling urination, left arm twitching and hand spreading, headache and paresthesias for one day. She was diagnosed to have dysthymia 5 years ago and was prescribed dotheipin 75 mg daily. During initial 2 months of the treatment, she had shown significant improvement in this disorder. The maximum dose prescribed was 150 mg per day. In the next 6 month she herself increased the dose to 300 mg. But craving for this drug continued. She had been taking a maximum dose of 450 mg for last 1 year without the knowledge of her clinician or family members.

At the time of examination in medical emergency her general physical and systemic examination as well as all investigations including haemogram, serum electrolytes, renal, liver and thyroid function tests, cerebrospinal fluid examination and magnetic resonance imaging (Brain) revealed no organicity, hence psychiatric consultation was sought. Her past and family history had no medical or psychiatric disorder. On detailed psychiatric evaluation it was found that she had been abstinent from dothiepin for last 24 hours. She fulfilled all the dependence syndrome criteria,[3] and with this diagnosis, was prescribed sertraline 100mg, clonazepam 3 mg, and psychological interventions including psychoeducation, Jacobson progressive muscle relaxation and motivation enhancement therapy sessions. On the adverse drug reaction probability scale, the score was 6.[4] She came for regular follow-up thrice a week. Within first week she reported improvement in her symptomatology. Her sleep improved and tremulousness as well as somatic problems were diminished. and craving for dothiepin was less. In the next three weeks her sadness of mood and other depressive phenomenology also improved and she again started going to her school.

In this case report patient had presented with variable symptoms and on detailed evaluation all systemic disorders were ruled out. There was a temporal association of these withdrawal symptoms with dothiepin use. Ours is the first observation of dothiepin dependence and its abuse. Though the patient fulfilled the WHO criteria for drug dependence,[3] however being an isolated case it needs further scrutinization in a large cohort of patients receiving dothiepin.

Dependence syndrome with Dothiepin is clinically relevant as it can be misdiagnosed with a medical disorder and may result in inappropriate treatment. Clinicians must judiciously use dothiepin in maintenance therapy as an antidepressant. Though it is reported that antidepressants are not substances of abuse and dependence,[5] our report highlights need for more research in this aspect.

¤ References

1. Guillem E, Lepine JP. Does addiction to antidepressants exist? About a case of one addiction to tianeptine. Encephale 2003;29:456-9. [PUBMED] [FULLTEXT]

2. Perera I, Lim L. Amineptine and midazolam dependence. Singapore Med J 1998;39:129-31. [PUBMED]

3. World Health Organization. The ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders; Clinical Descriptions and Diagnostic Guidelines. Geneva 1992.

4. Naranjo CA, Busto U, Sellers EM, Sandor P, Ruiz I, Roberts EA, et al. A method for estimating the probability of adverse drug reactions. Clin Pharmacol Ther 1981;30:239-45. [PUBMED]

5. Lichtigfeld FJ, Gillman MA Antidepressants are not drugs of abuse or dependence. Postgrad Med J 1998;74:529-32.;year=2004;volume=58;issue=6;spage=253;epage=254;aulast=Singh

Sunday, 26 June 2011



Saturday, 25 June 2011

Are You Struggling With Seroxat Withdrawal - perhaps it's your imagination - or are you on the make like FIDDAMAN

National statistics show that millions got off quite easily

HSJ Mogger And The Death Of Disability xxx by SILVIS RIVERS...

Jill Goble said -

A brilliant cartoon and poem and it makes me very sad I was so wrong back in the days when we campaigned for a few workers in that garden centre to at least be paid the minimum wage. And Silv warned me. We fell out about it. He said make sure they keep enough places of sanctuary and peace in the garden centre for those who are not suited to the world of work. Silv always spoke up for patient choice. And I never imagined then that work would become this big obsession which is now being used against us. I never imagined work would be told to us as though it is the only thing worth living for. And why disabled people like us are now dying because of being sold that terrible lie. Like Paul Willkinson who Silv has drawn this terrible picture of what we are having to live with now for Brilliant but terrible. And so sad...

Monitoring Mental Health

Monitoring Mental Health

We said in 2005
Some would "pay"
As the Labour Gov't
Made its pathways into straw and promised hay
Over the hole in the economic field
Where some now fall and their bones yield

You are awkward horses
Stick lives and crutched
So they make some courses
So you're crowded and hutched

Though some escaped to the woods
Where old ropes and hopes dangle
And finally entered the world of ghosts
In a strangled ballet and a tangle ..

I saw the trees and winds blowing
And the feet twitch and the going
And the violated silence just flowing ...



Switching Twitching History

When you pull down events
They way they ran
And turned into a sacred cow
All changes to different where's, when's
And how

For the Romans practiced equality
With legions of wheelchairs
And the Iceni
Never felt their victories rapes or despairs
And the Picts raided Briton
And grew flowers
And there were never the forces
That socially formed super powers

Except , someone is always chosen
To wear the blood coat
Cave minds need something to picture
As blamed as a cut throated goat
And later it was strange survivors
And witching
More cleverly its social rejection
And the man dangling and twitching


Thursday, 23 June 2011




Case Number: 2:2011cv03925

Filed: June 15, 2011

Court: Pennsylvania Eastern District Court

Office: Philadelphia Office

County: Outside the State of PA.

Presiding Judge: CYNTHIA M. RUFE

Nature of Suit: Torts - Injury - Personal Injury- Product Liability

Cause: 28:1332 Diversity-Product Liability

Jurisdiction: Diversity

Jury Demanded By: None

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

John Galliano took antidepressants 'like candy' - like FIDDAMAN will blame them for his nasty side

John Galliano took antidepressants 'like candy'

John Galliano, the disgraced British fashion designer, will insist he lost all reason after taking antidepressants "like candy" as he stands trial today for hurling anti-Semitic abuse at customers in a Paris café.

BY Henry Samuel
22 June 2011

Mr Galliano has apologised repeatedly for the recorded remarks, and entered rehab. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

The 50-year-old who was fired as creative director of fashion giant Dior in March insists that a triple addiction to Valium, alcohol and sleeping pills made him "ill".

Paris prosecutors will, by contrast, present Mr Galliano as a chronic bigot whose hate-filled prejudices came to the fore when he was drunk.

Anti-Semitism is a criminal offence in France and the former "enfant terrible" of the fashion world faces a six months jail spell, as well as a £21,000 fine if found guilty of casting "public insults based on the origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity" at three people.

Mr Galliano, who once commanded the world's catwalks, can expect a huge media scrum as he walks into the 17th Chamber of the Paris Correctional Court.

In February he is said to have called Geraldine Bloch, a museum curator, a "dirty Jew" and her boyfriend, receptionist Philippe Virgitti, an "Asian bastard" as they sipped cocktails in La Perle, a bar next door to his Paris flat.

An unnamed 47-year-old French woman has also accused him of inflicting a similar verbal tirade in the same bar last October.

All three witnesses are expected to give evidence in person in court.

Mr Galliano's case has been further hampered by the emergence of a video in which he shouts "I love Hitler" and tells two Italian women that their parents should have been "gassed" in Nazi concentration camps.

Neither of the women has pressed charges.

"One obvious thing is that John Galliano was ill," his lawyer Aurelien Hamelle said yesterday (Tues).

"He had a triple addiction to alcohol, benzodiazepine (Valium) and sleeping pills ... The combined effect of these drugs is a state of complete and utter abandon."

Pressure to perform led him to drink heavily and take Valium pills "like candy" as well as sleeping pills regularly, Miss Hamelle said.

"When he was in that state he had no way of knowing or remembering what he said."

Mr Galliano has apologised repeatedly for the recorded remarks, and entered rehab.

Miss Bloch's lawyer, Yves Beddouk, said his client was only looking for a euro of symbolic damages and the publication of the court decision in the fashion magazines Elle and Vogue and in the French daily Le Figaro.

The court case is expected to last one afternoon, with a verdict due in September.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Long-delayed Ashley Smith inquest to be webcast in fall - open & transparent, unlike FIDDAMAN

Long-delayed Ashley Smith inquest to be webcast in fall

Read more:

Christie Blatchford writes of the latest delay in the long-protracted coroner's inquest into the death of teenager Ashely Smith.Photograph by: Aaron Lynett, National PostAs a modern illustration of the old saw that you reap what you sow, I give you the Ashley Smith inquest.

Plagued with controversy, beset with delay and shrouded in secrecy, the proceeding briefly resumed Tuesday so lawyers could preview the webcasting system which will broadcast the inquest live when it starts up again in earnest next fall.

The preview of a process aimed at making the inquest more open was held behind closed doors, naturally, with both press and public banned.

When the doors opened, it was clear that none of the dozen lawyers for the parties and individuals with standing, nor any of the media lawyers who were present, had the slightest objection to the notion of the webcast, the brainchild of presiding coroner Dr. Bonnie Porter.

Indeed, some of these same lawyers — notably, Julian Falconer, who represents Ms. Ashley's family, Breese Davies for the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies and Richard Macklin for Ontario's Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth and press lawyers — have been leading the fight to make the inquest more transparent.

Media lawyers, for instance, earlier spent days on their feet arguing against a Correctional Service of Canada motion, which in its original form would have prevented the press from getting any exhibits until after the jury returned with a verdict (a version of that motion is still before Dr. Porter, with the CSC now seeking merely to have faces of their staff obscured in any video) and against a cumbersome process requiring reporters to fill out permission forms each and every time they want a copy of an exhibit.

And Mr. Falconer has three times written Dr. Porter's senior counsel, Eric Siebenmorgen, to criticize their joint habit of cloaking even routine matters of business in "confidential memos."

In fact, Mr. Falconer told Mr. Siebenmorgan in his latest complaint the secret memo "appears to be the mechanism the honourable coroner has selected for communicating a ruling and/or directions."

Mr. Falconer said that while the Smith family supports transparency, he strenuously objects to Dr. Porter issuing decisions or instructions this way when they should be part of the public record.

He said that while her desire to keep some matters secret "may be a good-faith effort to facilitate discussions," it nonetheless undermines the open-court principle which is supposed to infuse the Canadian justice system and is tantamount to either a publication ban or in-camera proceeding.

Mr. Falconer actually refused to abide by Dr. Porter's most recent "confidentiality request," except for one matter he said was properly private.

All in all, an exasperated Mr. Falconer told Dr. Porter Tuesday, her pattern of inquest-by-secret-memo "raises questions whether this process is truly one dedicated to transparency."

Because of this acrimonious background, Mr. Falconer and others were skeptical of the motives behind Dr. Porter's sudden and unsolicited embrace of the webcast — she took everyone by surprise when she announced last week that she had received permission from Ontario Chief Coroner Dr. Andrew McCallum to use the technology — and apparent conversion to openness.

Instead, they feared that the webcast might be a ruse used as a club to wave off future media requests for exhibits. As one media lawyer told Dr. Porter on Tuesday, "Our position is that the webcast cannot be a substitute for access to exhibits; a picture of a picture is not good enough."

(This was a reference to the fact the webcast will show only Dr. Porter, the witness in the stand and whatever video or photograph is displayed on the screen immediately behind the witness box.)

While neither Dr. Porter nor Mr. Siebenmorgen made any promises, it appeared the webcast idea is benign. The question will be fully answered only when the coroner releases three controversial rulings, already a month in the waiting, next week.

Two of the issues deal directly with the openness of the inquest — the CSC motion to have guards' faces obscured on prison video and whether reporters will have to continue using the cumbersome form (and if Dr. Porter will withdraw her threat to cite lawyers with contempt if they share with the media their copies of exhibits).

The coroner's key decision, however, is whether she will agree to a joint submission from all but one of the lawyers that she seize prison videos from the Joliette Institution in Quebec.

These videos show Ms. Smith being forcibly injected with anti-psychotic drugs and subjected to other harsh treatment just a few months before she was transferred to the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener.

Dr. Porter ruled earlier this spring that there was no "nexus," or link, between the treatment Ms. Smith received at Joliette and the state of mind which led to her strangling herself at Grand Valley on Oct. 19, 2007.

Ms. Davies, Mr. Falconer and Mr. Macklin appealed that ruling to Ontario's divisional court, which last month found Dr. Porter's decision was "difficult to understand" and sent it back to her for re-consideration.

These should be straightforward matters, as that hearing Tuesday should have been routine and matter-of-fact.

But Dr. Porter's manner of doing business and arbitrary decisions have strewn confusion and suspicion such that the ability of the coroner's system to handle complicated and important cases such as Ms. Smith's death is itself, now very much in doubt.

Postmedia News

Read more:

Yesterday once more - for a very out of date Bob Fiddaman

THE TRUE STORY OF GARTH DANIELS - from Sept 2008 ....user FIDDAMAN is years behind the times !!


Garth Daniels wants to be a photographer – to capture a moment of exquisite beauty or a timeless truth. Garth Daniels wants to be free.

In his very neat bedroom at his parent’s Melbourne home is a poster of Nelson Mandela looking out – “There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere.” Garth Daniels knows this to be true; after twelve excruciating years of being drugged, imprisoned without trial, forced into unlawful clinical tests, abused by the Victoria Mental Health system and seen his family fight to the last cent to free him - there is no easy walk - Garth Daniels is still not free.

His parents, Marilyn and Bernard left a repressive South Africa divided brutally by apartheid when Garth was only five. It was to provide a freer life in a country that better cherished the rights of individuals regardless of your ethnic origins: Bernard is of part Kalahari heritage in amongst an exotic mix of other nations. Garth’s parents saw first hand how police beat suspects, how the legal system distorted justice and how the mental health facilities in South Africa were institutes of torture and housed some of the most despicable crimes in apartheid’s inglorious history. But Australia would be different. It was a country that offered hope to their children and Bernard wanted, like any parent, to provide every opportunity for their future wellbeing.

In 1996, after a party, being like many a 21 year old has been, slightly stoned from one too many joints, Garth Daniels felt slightly unwell and presented to Maroondah Hospital. From what was a rudimentary visit quickly collapsed Garth Daniels into a 12 year nightmare that is still not over. At a stroke of a pen, without need for charging, without trial, Garth Daniels became an involuntary mental health patient and against his knowledge, his parent’s knowledge, without consent, he was given PharMa Drugs (Rxs') usually resevered for persons diagnosed as Schizophrenic - when all he had was a drug induced headache. In 1998 , not having fully recovered from the massive "overdose " of Chlorpromazine and excessive number of intra-muscualr injections and treatment emergent Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS) was forcibly and unlawfully placed into a clandestine drug trial involving the highly controversial Zyprexa made by pharmaceutical behemoth Eli Lilly.

Zyprexa has been linked with triggering strokes, exacerbating suicidal tendencies; in fact there lists of over 150 known adverse side effects to this drug of which Garth Daniels has been unfortunate enough to experience many of them over the years. But he is not alone. Ely Lilly recently settled a class action in the US for nearly $700 million for not putting warning labels on Zyprexa bottles stating that it could cause humans diabetes. It is a drug that has been removed from use in many countries, in Asia and Europe yet it shows up constantly in mental health facilities and pharmacies around Australia: Eli Lilly still help fund many clinical trials, conferences and scholarships in this country and around the world. They are also the company who brought us Prozac until it too disappeared under the massive weight of class actions around the globe brought about by it linked with increased suicide and gun rampages. Despite all this seemingly damning evidence against Zyprexa, it still forms the corner stone of Ely Lilly’s global sales pouring over a billion dollars annually into their coffers.

After 1996 Garth Daniels’ mental health spiralled downwards into a never ending abyss of more psychiatrists, more involuntary stays in Eastern Health facilities, then in 1998 Zyprexa, more “episodes,” more misery for himself and his now helpless family. The simple fact is that Garth Daniels has never recovered from that initial prescription of drugs and drug trials and looks as if he never will. But mental illness, whether caused by dubious drug trials, over recommended levels of Zyprexa, forced imprisonment is still not the real issue. Human Rights need to be extended to all human beings and this includes those subject to the Mental Health Act. In short, that is everybody whether you, family or friends believe you are mentally well or not- it is not your decision – it’s the doctors and at Eastern Health those doctors in charge are South Africans who don’t care much for questioning their treatment methods, their massive drug doses and behavioural throwback to apartheid practices when supposedly treating patients compassionately in an Australian mental health facility.

In 2006 Garth was incarcerated involuntarily at the Austin Hospital for over 6 months without access to legal rights, friends, parents and suffered terribly as a consequence. Whilst under a hospital which boasts the by line “Your partner in health” he was overdosed on Zyprexa exacerbating many of the already hideous side effects compounded even more by loneliness and fear whilst in solitary confinement. Quite frankly Joseph Mengele would be a more comforting partner in health.

Not satisfied with attempting to destroy Garth’s health, Austin Hospital then took Bernard and Marilyn Daniels’ to VCAT in an attempt to strip Bernard of his power of medical attorney and their right to be guardian over Garth. Put simply it was a disgrace that in Victoria 2006, boasting of freedom and supporting family, here was an instance where Austin Health sought to destroy the one vestige of hope Garth Daniels was clinging to. The Victorian government who were well aware of the issues and the case have stood by and allowed this evil to happen. Mercifully VCAT realised that it was manipulative and indeed unnecessary for any action involving the family break up to be even considered and threw the case out. What happened next has continued a nightmare under the auspices of Victorian Mental Health, Victoria Government and those at Maroondah and Box Hill hospitals.

In the meantime the Victorian government who are well aware of the issues and the medical and legal cases involving Garth Daniels have stood by and allowed this evil to happen. The ghost of Edmund Bourke must prowl the corridors of the Health Department and Premier's office screaming, "FOR EVIL TO FLOURISH IT TAKES GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING." In the case it has taken many good people to do absolutely nothing.

This story has also been bouncing off the walls of 'The Age" – a media outlet constantly trumpeting that it is one of the world's leading papers. Apart from a couple of castrated articles written with no names and really nil impact. They were unable to generate any indignity among a wider media, absolutely nothing has been written of this in the wider press or exposed in the electronic media. Considering that it took the journalist Mark Russell nearly a year of constant urging to eventually write such a veiled piece for the "Sunday Age" is in itself shameful. It is shameful mainly on behalf of the Age's legal team who have constantly suppressed the article. It has meant that despite knowing of Garth Daniels dreadful plight for over two years, "The Age" has remained silent and Garth Daniels has been left to suffer and his father been made to fight for his son's safety alone.

Eventually Garth is released to allow a gradual withdrawal of Zyprexa side effects and entered Maroondah Hospital in January 2008 seeking medical assistance and was immediately and involuntarily incarcerated at the stroke of a doctor’s pen. Plunged into solitary confinement for a month, where he was allowed to shout for five minutes a day through a thick door at his distraught parents, helpless and unable to save him. Garth Daniel’s was confined in a cell for 24 hours a day where he ate, drank, urinated and defecated in the same confines. Every basic human right was trampled and if we were reading this as happening in Zimbabwe or Tibet we as human beings of a supposedly moral and legally fair society would be horrified. But to have this happen to Garth Daniels and no one in the hospital system, the Victorian government or the media do anything about this abomination; one has to wonder who is compassionate and who are cowards.

Garth Daniels was released into the care of the Alfred Hospital who, at one stage actually cared and nursed him back to health. The moment he was taken into care at the Maroondah Hospital instead of being treated as a human being he was again thrown into solitary confinement, treated worse than an abused dog and afforded absolutely no rights. This is a spiral bouncing him between the Alfred to nurse him back to health and to the Maroondah to again destroy his fragile sanity and health again.

There can be no excuse for this as it violates every tenet of human rights. It is immoral, it is deliberate and Garth Daniels will die if this inhumanity is allowed to continue for much longer. Someone on the Victorian government needs to be held responsible for what the myriad of doctors, many of whom are South African immigrants still practicing apartheid health treatments upon an innocent man. The Supreme Court made a ruling to bring about better care for Garth Daniels. This decision handed down to the Maroondah and Alfred Hospitals has been ignored by those doctors at Maroondah charged with Garth’s well being. Changing the “Treatment Plan” to a “Management Plan” had effectively derailed that 10 June Supreme Court ruling of Justice Judd. The Mental Health Review Board approved the Alfred Hospital Treatment Plan but could not rule on the Maroondah Hospital Treatment Plan as it had been retitled Management Plan, which was outside the jurisdiction of the Board.

Not surprising Garth Daniels was again transferred from Maroondah Hospital after spending three gruelling weeks in solitary confinement to the Alfred, where Garth is being nurtured back to health, and out of seclusion only to be prepared to be transferred back to Maroondah Hospital.(sic)

One day soon there may be a very small obituary in this paper stating that Garth Daniels, loved son of Bernard and Marilyn, loving brother of Andre has passed away.

What it will not say is that he has been tortured to death under the very eye of those we turn to in moments of need.

The Alfred Hospital at this time of writing have Garth Daniels locked in seclusion.

The Victoria Government touts a human rights charter that has completely and utterly deserted Garth Daniels and his family at the moment they needed it. Leaving South Africa filled Bernard and his family with hope but Garth Daniels is on the verge of being killed by the Mental Health system of Victoria.

SCIENTOLOGY front groups

PROZAC suicide - two decades of Scientology / CCHR manipulation by FIDDAMAN's Jan Eastgate

Some of you may remember that in the late 80s, CCHR exposed how Prozac

caused violence and suicide. In 1991, we obtained an FDA hearing where =
the evidence irrefutably supported this, but psychs negated it.

From: "Mike Kaplan"

To: <;>


Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 18:42:24 -0400


Office of the President CCHR International


23 September 2007


THANK YOU! I am so proud of all of you for supporting CCHR, helping it =


its allies achieve what the media are heralding as the, =93most =


drug safety legislation in more than 40 years.=94 =20


In July, I said that your financial contributions towards Marla (V.P. =


Int.) going to D.C. were vital for the future of our kids. Well, the =


of the FDA legislation that Congress passed Thursday is your exchange, =


it is the biggest victory ever in the battle against the incestuous

collusion between and corruption of the psychiatry-pharmaceutical-FDA

cartel. They are behind the drugs getting approved that have killed tens =


thousands and driven just as many to suicide. They hid the side =


they covered up the deaths and damage and they got away with it because =


held themselves above the law. Well, that will very shortly be over =


the President signs the bill!


Overcoming unbelievable obstacles, and working with many consumer and

parents groups and whistleblowers, in a nutshell the following is some =


what was achieved:


=A7 Drug ads will now carry a conspicuous notice: =93You are =


to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit or call 1-800-FDA-1088.=94 Until now, over 90% of

Americans didn=92t know that they could bypass their psych or MD to =


adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to the FDA (because psychs/doctors only =


1-10 percent of drug side effects.) Empower people with the ability to

report side effects themselves and the ADR reports could increase 100x! =


$225 million is to be allocated to ensure that the FDA does oversee the

adverse reactions and acts on them!=20


=A7 Drug companies must now publicly post all results=97the =

good, bad

and the ugly=97of their drug clinical trials on the Internet. They can =


longer selectively choose what they want you to know. The posting will

include a glossary for the lay people explaining technical terms to =


that such information is not misleading or misunderstood.=20


=A7 If any drug maker submits false information on a clinical =


the FDA will post a notice stating: =93The entry for this clinical trial =


found to be false or misleading and therefore not in compliance with the



=A7 The FDA must now monitor drug advertisements and if they are =


or misleading, can fine drug makers up to to $10 million.=20


Some of you may remember that in the late 80s, CCHR exposed how Prozac

caused violence and suicide. In 1991, we obtained an FDA hearing where =


evidence irrefutably supported this, but psychs negated it. The backlash =


us for exposing the dangers of antidepressants was telling. Behind the

scenes was the chief of the FDA's psychiatric drug division dismissing =


evidence and, as a Pharma executive later admitted, =93the simplest =

thing for

[the FDA] to do would have been to pull [Prozac] off the market =97and =


didn't." This same executive, commenting on CCHR=92s relentless =

exposure of

the drug=92s lethal effects, said that it was =93demoralizing=94 to be =


down in 20-second sound bites by Scientologists.=94 Well, =93battered =


pieces=94 would better describe what happens when Marla launches her =


on this suppressive alliance that has denied people the right to be =


informed and protect themselves against harmful drugs. =20


The most effective thing YOU did=97and should continue to do, especially =


the Bill right now has to be signed into law=97is support her and her

=93militia=94 of parents and whistleblowers returning to D.C. This =

isn=92t the

time to rest on our laurels. There are two other federal bills that must =


passed or eliminated. One vital bill that flanks the FDA bill is =


that I can=92t brief you on now. The Mothers Act, however, is one that =

has to

go. It is the psychs=92 attempt to recoup losing markets. They want to =


given legislative power to screen mothers-to-be and new moms for =


illness=94 and, ultimately drug them and their fetuses or newborns=97get =


future generation hooked on drugs before they even get started in life.


This IS the campaign that I am commending anyone who contributes to. =


can see your donations are getting dynamic RESULTS. Please work with me =


this: we MUST strengthen the actions that caused this latest victory but

there are more to be gotten, with which you can help make history.



Much love,


President CCHR Int


If you would rather not receive these e-mails,

reply to with "Unsubscribe

Monday, 20 June 2011

Sing Along With This Uncomfortable Old-school Scientology Video

Sing Along With This Uncomfortable Old-school Scientology Video

6/20/11 at 4:10 PM

1Comment.Another bizarre propaganda video from the Church of Scientology! Were it not for the cheesy hymn, this could pass as a really effective Colonial Williamsburg cruise line commercial. (That is a business that should exist, by the way.)

Baum Hedlund PAXIL (seroxat) - Too late to file death claims - Pennsylvania appeals court

Pennsylvania appeals court: Too late to file death claims

Monday, June 20, 2011

By Amaris Elliott-Engel, The Legal Intelligencer

When Maryland plaintiffs agreed with drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline to suspend the statute of limitations in their cases, the accord didn't extend the time to begin lawsuits in Pennsylvania, the state Superior Court ruled in an unpublished opinion in May.

The plaintiffs in Collins v. SmithKline Beecham Corp. argued that the agreement, struck on Jan. 10, 2005 with GlaxoSmithKline, applied both to Pennsylvania's two-year statute of limitations and Maryland's three-year statute, the opinion said.

While litigants may contract to modify an applicable statue of limitations, "a plain reading" of the agreement struck between the plaintiffs' counsel and GSK's counsel shows GSK agreed to suspend only the Maryland statue of limitations, not the Pennsylvania's, the panel said.

The case was heard by a three-judge panel comprising Judges Susan Peikes Gantman, Anne E. Lazarus and former Senior Superior Court Judge Stephen J. McEwen Jr. However, Judge McEwen did not participate in the decision.

Bobby R. Collins committed suicide in 2002, a month after starting to take Paxil, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, the opinion said. Kristin S. Collins, Mr. Collins' widow, and Dwayne R. Collins sued SmithKline Beecham Corp., doing business as GlaxoSmithKline, for wrongful death and survival claims.

The agreement mentions that the statute of limitations for wrongful death actions in Maryland is three years and would have expired Feb. 14, 2005, the opinion said. But the panel observed that the agreement did not mention Pennsylvania's statute of limitations and that Pennsylvania's statute of limitations already had expired by the time the plaintiffs filed their complaint Feb. 9, 2007.

The "Pennsylvania statute of limitations had previously barred appellants' wrongful death/survival claim," the opinion said. "Nothing in the parties' exchange indicates GSK explicitly agreed to waive all possible statute of limitations, particularly those limitations periods, which had already expired."

Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Allan L. Tereshko entered summary judgment against the plaintiffs in October 2008, the opinion said.

Plaintiffs' attorney Bijan Esfandiari, of Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman in Los Angeles, said that in a petition to the state Supreme Court, his firm would focus on the fraudulent concealment issue, alleging the statute of limitations did not apply because GSK fraudulently concealed correlation between suicide and use of Paxil.

GSK's Philadelphia counsel Joseph E. O'Neil, of Lavin O'Neil Ricci Cedrone & DiSipio, said in an email: "The Superior Court determined that plaintiffs 'could show no affirmative act of concealment upon which decedent's wife justifiably relied to delay pursuing a claim against GSK' to somehow allow their time-barred claims to proceed."

Amaris Elliott-Engel: See

Read more:

How the chattering classes exploited Brian Haw - IRAQ campaigner used?

How the chattering classes exploited Brian Haw

Brian Haw being arrested last year (Photo: PA)

The saddest thing about peace activist Brian Haw’s life, which has now come to an early end, was the manner in which he was exploited by some liberal journalists and activists. Too lazy or jaded to go out and protest themselves, they figured that so long as old Bri was plonked in Parliament Square, his badge-coated hat glinting in the sun and his photos of dead Iraqi babies freaking out tourists, then at least there would be one corner of England that was forever radical. They pushed Haw forward as a kind of permanent advert of their kind’s disgruntlement with the Iraq War, giving little thought to what impact this political burden might have been having on Haw.

So a couple of years back, during one of the authorities’ failed attempts to have Haw removed from Parliament Square, the Green Party’s Jenny Jones declared: “Brian is doing us all an amazing service.” She described him as “the visible presence of widespread opposition to the aggression in Iraq”. If Haw was removed, it would “diminish the whole of society”, she said. The leading Lib Dem Susan Kramer described Haw’s camp as “a reminder that we live in a democracy”. Haw was explicitly being used as a political prop, his musty camp described as the “visible presence” of an anti-war sentiment which, in reality, fizzled out pretty quickly in early 2003. Anti-war campaigners may not have been able to sustain or solidify public anger about the war, but they could at least point to Brian as a lingering physical manifestation of such anger. His removal would have been a disaster for them.

So they did everything they could to keep him there. Tony Benn provided him with sandwiches. Jon Snow, self-described “pinko” and spokesman for the bike-riding, Daily Mail-hating classes, presented Haw with “most inspiring political figure of the year” in 2007, as voted for by the viewers of Channel 4 News. Artist Mark Wallinger won the prestigious Turner Prize for recreating Haw’s camp inside the Tate, which had the added bonus of allowing those liberals who claimed to love Haw but would never dream of visiting his increasingly grotty camp to visit an exact replica of it in the rarefied environs of Pimlico instead. In flattering Haw, in providing him with both bodily and political sustenance, the chattering classes ensured that he stayed put. Thus could they relax at home, sipping organic apple juice as they watched Channel 4 News, comfortable in the knowledge that there was still one man out there who was acting as a “visible presence” of their angst about Tony Blair, David Cameron, war, aloof governments, and bad things in general.

The kindest thing that the so-called supporters of Haw could have done would have been to convince him to call it a day. A week-long camp outside Parliament might have made some impact on the public consciousness – but 10 years? Not only did the longevity of the camp rob it if of any political purchase whatsoever, turning it instead into a permanent eyesore, like roadworks, that Londoners vaguely grimace at as they walk past, but it also took its toll on Haw and his personal life and relations. Towards the end, it was difficult to avoid the conclusion that what we were witnessing was a nervous breakdown being played out in public. But so long as his camp-cum-mental-collapse served the interests of liberal observers who could think of no more imaginative way to oppose war or challenge the authorities, Haw was goaded on by his various cynical champions.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Saturday, 18 June 2011

SCIENTOLOGY Baum Hedlund mugging SSRI makers since 1990 - now sponsoring Bob Fiddaman

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 7, 2004

At a hearing held yesterday in Los Angeles, U.S. District Court Judge Mariana Pfaelzer appointed the members of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in charge of the MDL #1574 In re Paxil Products Liability Litigation against SmithKline Beecham d.b.a. GlaxoSmithkline (GSK).

On December 19, 2003 Baum Hedlund’s motion to consolidate their Paxil withdrawal cases into Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) was granted. A Judicial Panel ordered that all the federal cases be sent to the Central District of California in Los Angeles. This ruling affects all Paxil withdrawal cases pending in federal courts across the country. There are approximately 1,500 Paxil withdrawal plaintiffs in over 30 states that are subject to this MDL but this number is rapidly growing as additional cases are transferred.

The attorneys appointed to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee (PSC) to conduct the MDL consists of: Karen Barth Menzies of Baum Hedlund (Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.) – Lead Counsel and PSC Member; Kevin Yourman of Weiss & Yourman (Los Angeles and New York) – Liaison Counsel and PSC Member; Chris Coffin of Pendley Law Firm (Plaquemine, Louisiana) – PSC Member and; Donald Farber of Law Office of Donald J. Farber (San Rafael, California) – PSC Member.

The Paxil withdrawal complaints include charges against GSK of intentional misrepresentation, fraud, negligence, strict liability, consumer fraud and express and implied warranty claims. Each of the victims suing GSK have experienced similar withdrawal reactions and problems such as: nausea, anxiety, dizziness, sensory disturbances (including paraesthesia, which is described as electric jolt sensations or “zaps” or a sensation of cramps), headache, vision distortion, sweating, agitation, fatigue, tremor, sleep disturbances (including intense dreams), confusion, palpitations, insomnia, irritability, digestive disorders, and asthenia.

There remains a handful of cases pending in state courts that are not subject to the ruling as well as many suicide cases involving adults and children.

The next step for the PSC is to prepare a litigation schedule to Judge Pfaelzer.

For background on the Paxil Withdrawal Litigation, please see:

Karen Barth Menzies is spearheading the Paxil withdrawal cases in the United States. Ms. Menzies, is a shareholder of the national law firm of Baum Hedlund and represents thousands of victims of Paxil. Her firm filed the first class action against the makers of Paxil, Glaxo SmithKline, in 2001 and has subsequently filed suits across the United States. Ms. Menzies also represents the families of victims (including children) who have committed suicide while under the influence of Paxil and Zoloft.

Baum Hedlund has been actively involved in SSRI litigation since 1990, including the widow of 1960s rock star, Del Shannon, and the family of comedian Phil Hartman and his wife, Brynn. They were also on the “Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee” in the first SSRI-suicide litigation involving Prozac (the first SSRI approved by the FDA for marketing in the U.S.) in the early 1990s.

Ian Puddick cleared - counterpoint blogging about deceitful people not illegal

Plumber Ian Puddick cleared of harassing wife's lover on internetPuddick tweeted, blogged and posted videos online after being enraged by his wife Leena's 10-year affair with a City director

Ian Puddick, pictured with his wife Leena, said: 'It is absolutely a victory for the small man.' Photograph: Yui Mok/PA

A man has been cleared of harassing his wife's millionaire lover on the internet in "a victory for free speech and the small man".

Plumber Ian Puddick tweeted, blogged and posted videos online after being enraged by his wife Leena's 10-year affair with Timothy Haynes, a City director.

As district judge Elizabeth Roscoe dismissed two charges of internet harassment following a three-day trial at Westminster magistrates' court, he said: "I am just absolutely relieved."

Puddick, 41, now reconciled with his wife, kissed her as he said: "It is absolutely a victory for free speech and the small man. I'm a plumber and drive a Transit."

He set up several websites and confronted Haynes after finding out about the affair through reading a text message on his wife's phone, and discovering photographs of Haynes performing sex acts.

Haynes, 52, from Billingshurst, West Sussex, admitted he had been deceitful, but said Puddick should have taken up his anger with him alone.

Puddick's wife met Haynes after joining an insurance firm in 1997, with the extramarital affair beginning following a Christmas party in 2002. The court heard Haynes was sending her 30 to 40 text messages a day, some with graphic sexual detail, and they often ate out together on his expenses.

Puddick, of Enfield, north London, claimed he decided to expose the relationship after finding out Haynes was using company expenses to fund the affair, taking his wife to "wonderful places around the country".

He described his shock when his home was later raided by anti-terror police at 6am, with officers removing phones, computers and even his satnavs.

The judge ruled Puddick's actions did not form a "course of conduct" and dismissed the charges.

Daniel Carlat - defense of antipsychotic drugs for dementia - FIDDAMAN counterpoint blog

Editor's note: Daniel Carlat is a psychiatrist and publisher of The Carlat Psychiatry Report, a medical education newsletter for physicians and nurses. He is the author of "Unhinged: The Trouble with Psychiatry" and is an associate professor of psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine. He blogs at The Carlat Psychiatry Blog.

(CNN) -- The Office of the Inspector General believes it has just unearthed a public health scandal. Evidently, according to a report it released recently, predatory psychiatrists are prescribing deadly, ineffective drugs to our senior citizens in nursing homes throughout the country.

The full report is a blizzard of statistics, but the headlines have latched on to 95%. In the first half of 2007, 95% of antipsychotic prescriptions for elderly nursing home residents were "off-label," meaning written for conditions the drugs aren't FDA-approved to treat. To make matters worse, these drugs are said to "nearly double" (increase by 1.6-1.7 times) the rate of death in the demented elderly patients, who make up most of the nursing home population.

Daniel Levinson, inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services, has ratcheted up the rhetoric, quoted in The New York Times describing antipsychotics for the elderly as "potentially lethal" and saying we as a nation should "be outraged and seek solutions." The report says more than half the antipsychotics that Medicare paid for in the first half of 2007 were "erroneous." As a psychiatrist who has dared to prescribe these antipsychotics to patients with dementia and agitation, apparently I'm about to be charged with attempted murder.

Daniel Levinson talks about the OIS study

It is true that we psychiatrists are far too quick to reach for our prescription pads, and that the pharmaceutical industry has, in many cases, illegally manipulated our prescribing habits. In fact, I just wrote a book about these very problems. But in this particular case, the Office of the Inspector General has it wrong, and Levinson's statements on behalf of Health and Human Services reflect an astonishingly poor understanding of the workings of medical care in general and psychiatric care in particular.

The unfortunate fact is that no medications are FDA-approved for the agitation of dementia, and yet the condition is common.

--Daniel Carlat

Although it's true that a prescription for antipsychotics to treat agitation in dementia is "off-label," this hardly means they are ineffective or that Medicare claims for these drugs are "erroneous." In fact, large placebo-controlled trials have shown that antipsychotics are the most effective medications for the agitation that often bedevils patients with dementia.

When these drugs are successful, they soothe the inner turmoil that makes life intolerable for these patients, improving their quality of life dramatically.

Off-label prescribing simply means the medicine has not undergone the vastly expensive process of gaining FDA approval. Doctors are allowed to prescribe medications off-label; indeed, without this prerogative, much of medical care would grind to a halt. More than 60% of drugs prescribed by both pediatricians and oncologists are "off-label," and almost all drugs prescribed by obstetricians fall into that category. Has your doctor every given you Valium to help you sleep? If so, your doctor was "erroneously" billing your insurance, according to the Office of the Inspector General, because Valium is FDA approved for anxiety, not for insomnia.

The unfortunate fact is that not a single medication is FDA-approved for the agitation of dementia, and yet the condition is common. About 15% of people over 65 have dementia, and half of them will develop agitation at some point. Anybody who has visited a loved one in the Alzheimer's unit of a nursing home understands agitation only too well; it includes combativeness, shouting, verbal abuse, extreme hyperactivity and sometimes outright violence to caregivers and family.

Agitation is often due to psychosis. For example, I recall one unfortunate gentleman with Alzheimer's disease who ripped an IV line out of his arm because he woke up in a strange room and believed his wife was in the next room calling his name. The room that seemed strange to him was a nursing home room he had occupied for three years, and his wife had died 15 years earlier.

This kind of agitation is dangerous for the patient, for staff and very upsetting for family members. When geriatric psychiatrists are asked to treat agitation, they look first for potential triggers that can be solved without resorting to behavioral drugs. Infections, drugs interacting with drugs, or pain are sometimes the culprits. At times, changes in the environment can help, such as increasing contact with a caregiver, changing roommates, or even adjusting the room's temperature.

But in many cases, such measures don't help enough.

Antipsychotics, such as Risperdal, Seroquel, and Zyprexa, have all been shown to be convincingly more effective than placebos in quelling agitation in the elderly. Their vaunted "lethal" risks are based on data that is surprisingly unimpressive. When each antipsychotic was studied separately, no significant difference in mortality was found between patients on drugs or on placebos. But when data on thousands of patients were combined, the mortality rate with four specific drugs was 4.5% in the medication group vs. 2.6% in the placebo group. The most common causes of death? Heart failure and pneumonia, which are the most common causes of death for all patients with dementia.

Physicians are not prescribing these medications in order to do harm to their patients. They are using them because there are no better options. Antipsychotics, by helping patients to be calm, are humane treatments for patients who are reaching the end of their days.

The solution is to expand research on safer and more effective treatments of dementia. It is not, as proposed by Levinson, to hire government auditors to decide whether doctors are prescribing drugs "appropriately." God help us if they do.

The opinions in this commentary are solely those of Daniel Carlat

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Scientologist Jan Eastgate gets a human shield for court appearance - CCHR child sex abuse coverup

Scientologist gets a human shield for court appearance

More than 30 supporters of high-ranking Scientologist Janice Meyer formed a shield around her to protect her from the media as she left a Sydney courtroom yesterday after being accused of covering up child sexual abuse allegations.
Ms Meyer, 57, is facing one count of perverting the course of justice in relation to allegations from 1985 that she told an 11-year-old victim of indecent assault not to report the abuse to police. She was head of the Australian arm of the Scientologists Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a group that advocates against psychiatry, at the time.

Her barrister, Stuart Bouveng, yesterday applied to Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court for her bail conditions to be revoked.

Chief Magistrate Graeme Henson agreed that the conditions, which forbid Ms Meyer from travelling overseas and interstate, were "somewhat perplexing" and that bail should not be used as a "punishing" measure.

Mr Bouveng told the court Ms Meyer came to Australia voluntarily from the US, where she is now based, to be interviewed by police about the allegations. She had business interests and a mortgage in the US and worked with the CCHR in California.

If she did not enter that country for a period of time, her green card could be revoked.

Mr Bouveng said the bail restrictions prevented her from going back to the US or to Victoria to see her elderly parents, brother and extended family.

Mr Henson lifted the bail conditions and ordered her to pay a $10,000 surety.

The matter will next be heard on August 18.

Jan Eastgate's day in court - - Media/Scientology scrum!

Violent Scientologists at Jan Eastgate court appearance - CCHR goon squad video exclusive

Church of Scientology figure in court - FIDDAMAN leader Jan Eastgate accused of perverting the course of justice

Church of Scientology figure in court

A senior figure in the Church of Scientology has appeared in a Sydney court accused of perverting the course of justice in 1985.

Janice Meyer, 57, was surrounded by supporters in the Downing Centre Local Court on Thursday, when her bail was varied to enable her to travel to California where she lives and has a business.

She is charged with perverting the course of justice, being accused of threatening and intimidating an 11-year-old girl into providing false statements to police about the sexual abuse she had suffered from a man who was a member of the Church of Scientology.

Magistrate Graeme Henson struck out her bail conditions which prevented her from travelling but ordered her to agree to forfeit $10,000 if she did not attend court.

The matter was adjourned to August 18.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Scientologist 'coached child to lie about sexual abuse' - UK Guardian Newspaper

Scientologist 'coached child to lie about sexual abuse'Jan Eastgate to appear in Australian court charged with perverting course of justice after complaint to police, Wednesday 15 June 2011 18.37 BST

Nick Xenophon, an independent senator in the Australian parliament, has led scrutiny of the Church of Scientology. Photograph: Andrew Taylor/AP

A senior member of the Church of Scientology is due to appear in court in Australia on Thursday charged with perverting the course of justice.

It is alleged that Jan Eastgate, 57, threatened and intimidated an 11-year-old girl into providing false statements to police. The case relates to an investigation into the alleged sexual assault of the girl in 1985 by her stepfather, a church member.

The girl – who cannot be named for legal reasons – said on Australian television last year that she was coached by Eastgate to lie to police and community services. She said Eastgate told her to deny any charges of sexual abuse.

The girl's mother made similar allegations against Eastgate. Both mother and daughter were members of the church at the time.

Eastgate is international president of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a body founded by the Church of Scientology that campaigns against psychiatry, and has been awarded the church's freedom medal for promoting human rights. She is Australian, but lives in Los Angeles.

Eastgate has previously called the allegations against her "egregiously false".

Scrutiny of the Church of Scientology in Australia has been led by an independent senator Nick Xenophon, a member of the parliament's upper house. Xenophon has called for a judicial inquiry into the practices of the church.

"The widespread allegations of abuse and criminality are incredibly serious and warrant serious and immediate investigation," he said.

"Too many victims of Scientology have spoken out for this issue to be ignored any longer. A judicial inquiry would not simply identify any wrongdoing, it would also be able to look into whether that wrongdoing was systemic and organised," he said.

Xenophon accompanied the girl at the centre of the allegations to the police station when she made her complaint against Eastgate.

The Church of Scientology did not respond to a request to comment on the case.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

why target Patrick McGorry when early psychosis intervention is available in FIDDAMAN's back yard

 Enhancing outcomes for people who have early symptoms of Psychosis in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

 Enhancing outcomes for people who have early symptoms of Psychosis in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

SCIENTOLOGIST Jan Eastgate on trial as R v Janice Mayer = Janice Wendy Eastgate Meyer

CCHR SCIENTOLOGY - Prisoner Cell Block H - EASTGATE - Janice Wendy Eastgate Meyer

also, moar newsmedia (nothing new, just moooaaarrrr)......

Senior Scientologist Jan Eastgate arrested, charged in Sydney


From that feed it starts to hit all the national newsprint outlets (same article)...

...and so on....

Jan's full name is Janice Wendy Eastgate Meyer and she resides at 227 W. Cedar Avenue in Burbank, CA. 91502, (818) 953-4060, with her husband Trevor Allen Meyer. The address is public record...confirmed on LA Blockshopper & Zabasearch.

She used to own this firm:

Entity Name: AUSSIE USA, INC.

Entity Number: C2245598

Date Filed: 05/23/2001


Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA

Entity Address: 227 W CEDAR AVE

Entity City, State, Zip: BURBANK CA 91502

Agent for Service of Process: JANICE W MEYER

Agent Address: 227 W CEDAR AVE

Agent City, State, Zip: BURBANK CA 91502

Monday, 13 June 2011

Birmingham Anonymous - Stop the Cult - save FIDDAMAN from further brainwashing

K D Lang - "Crying" only 3 days until Jan Eastgate Trial - CCHR Scientology Sex Abuse

Man Boobs scare story group - believe in early intervention in Mental Health

original url here

extract from google cache below



•Our mission is to create a global research institute dedicated to investigating the causes of diseases in humans and their prevention.

•Our mission is to create and provide health and education support and programs, health screening and counseling services.

Our mission is to create and provide methods to detect the early signs of mental and physical health issues that are based in Science. This includes strong verifiable evidence-based prevention and early interventions, including mental and physical health rehabilitation and peer-to-peer support.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

meet some of the brain washed scientology cultees

Rank-and-file Scientologists are victims; they should be treated with love and respect

This is a non-commerical site designed for parody, criticism and commentary. It has ABSOLUTELY NO connection whatsoever with the Scientology sect or its affiliated organisations. All content should be treated as opinion and all trademarks/copyrighted material herein are owned by their respective trademark owners. This site is ICANN compliant.

Liberal Democrats have been forced into an embarrassing U-turn - CCHR / SCIENTOLOGY - STOP the CULT - STOP FIDDAMAN

Scientology group won't be at Liberal Democrat conference in Birmingham

Read More

Liberal Democrats have been forced into an embarrassing U-turn after inviting a pressure group founded by Scientologists to exhibit at their Birmingham conference.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg will issue a rallying cry to party activists in his last major conference before an election date is announced, as his party meets at the ICC this weekend.

But organisers came under fire from party members after an organisation linked to Scientology booked a stall at the conference. The Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights was set up in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and campaigns against what it calls violations of human rights by the psychiatric profession.

One leaflet on the Commission’s website warns: “The pernicious influence of psychiatry has wreaked havoc throughout society, especially in hospitals, education systems and prisons. Citizens groups and responsible government officials should work together to expose and abolish psychiatry’s hidden manipulation of society.”

Liberal Democrats allowed the Commission to book a stall at their conference – and included their stand in a list of exhibitors which was sent to activists as part of the conference agenda.

The listing described them as an “international watchdog in the mental health field since it was co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Professor of Psychiatry Dr Thomas Szasz”.

But it led to protests from party activists. As a result, the Lib Dems and the Commission have come to a “mutual agreement” that the stall will not be at the conference.

And the conference programme on the party’s official website has been replaced by a new one – with references to the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights removed.

Read More

CCHR at LibDem Spring Conference (UK: Birmingham)

Let bereaved speak out - Sebastian Creane murdered by Clancy not Lundbeck

Bray knife victim laid to rest in Ballina

Anna-Marie Flynn

THOUSANDS turned out to pay their respects to the family of knife victim Sebastian Creane who was laid to rest in Ballina yesterday evening (Monday) after a heart-wrenching prayer ceremony.

The 22-year-old, who was killed over a week ago after being stabbed at his home in Cuala Grove, Bray, Co. Wicklow, was buried in Leigue Cemetery in the home-town of both his parents, James and Nuala Creane.

After 10am Mass in the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer, Bray yesterday morning, his remains were moved to St Muredach’s Cathedral, Ballina for prayers at 3.30pm. With every seat in the town-centre cathedral occupied well before 3pm, hundreds more waited patiently to file through the doors.

The funeral cortege stopped briefly inside the main doors of St Muredach’s where a replica of Michelangelo’s The Pieta stands portraying the Virgin Mary holding the body of her son Jesus Christ after his death.

Parish Priest of Kilmoremoy, Fr Brendan Hoban, reminded the congregation that the Creane family had ‘experienced a very long and harrowing day’ and requested sympathisers to approach mourners in an orderly fashion.

Co-celebrant, Fr Brendan McHale, paid tribute to the large numbers who turned out and said the extensive crowd proved the ‘high esteem and respect the family of Sebastian Creane was held in in their home town of Ballina’.

Both James (Jim) Creane and his wife, Nuala (nee Clarke), are from highly-respected families in Ballina, with many of their respective siblings involved in business circles in the town.

The Creane family includes Joe Creane, formerly a proprietor of well-known retail store Rawhide on O’Rahilly Street, while the Nuala’s family operate Clarke’s garage and Opel dealership on Pound Street.

After moving from Mayo to Wicklow, both Jim and Nuala became immersed in community life. Jim is an Information Technology Professional while Nuala is a special needs teacher who works from the family home in Cuala Grove. She previously worked in Bray’s Presentation College and is involved with the work of Bray Partnership.

At yesterday morning’s funeral mass in Bray, Sebastian's mother Nuala paid a moving tribute to her youngest son. She spoke of the ‘incomprehensible act’ that had taken him away and the ‘demonic presence’ that he was faced with.

Yesterday, warm tributes continued to pour in about the late art and design student who family friends in Ballina described as ‘a very cheerful and considerate young man’.

A friend of the wider Creane-Clarke family said: “Nuala and Jim are such decent people. This is heart-breaking for them. It is totally beyond belief.”

World-renowned musician and composer, Phil Coulter, was among the mourners, and as a family friend described him as ’one of the most gentle, respectful, and charming lads’ that he ever encountered.

Sebastian Creane is survived by his parents; his brother, Dylan, and girlfriend, Jennifer Hannigan.

The funeral of the young Dublin man Shane Clancy, who carried out the fatal stabbing attack at Cuala Grove, Bray, which also left Jennifer Hannigan and Sebastian’s brother Dylan, with serious injuries, was held earlier this week. Gardai say they are not looking for anyone in relation to Mr Clancy’s death.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

so who or what is behind the Man Boobs scare story

well that would be Bob's new best friend Kat McCormick otherwise known as CallanPark on twitter

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which has chosen the Pfeiffer Treatment Program

usual suspects in treating mental illness with vitamins

Patrick McGorry & The Man Boob Drugs - extracted from Fiddaman blog for counterpointing

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Quote -

Kat McCormick of the Utopia Research Institute has a great article up regarding Patrick McGorry's early intervention program and one of the choices of drugs McGorry may or may not use on children.

Risperdal seems to be a popular choice these days for children with apparent mental disorders, if McGorry & Co have their way, your child could be prescribed it...without actually having any disorder. That's the early intervention program for you folks. It can spot if your child may get a disorder in future years, a simple test drive in McGorry's DeLorean will let him and his team know if your child will fall foul in future years.

Risperdal has many side-effects, McCormick writes, in the main, about one of those - Man Boobs.

She writes:
Gynecomastia (gy-neco-mas-tia) refers to excessive development or persistent enlargement of the male breast. Or in other words, benign enlargement of the glandular tissue of the breast and accumulation of fibro-fatty tissue and YOU don’t have to be overweight for it to happen to YOU, it can strike any adolescent male [or adult man] taking Risperidone and it’s devastating.

Risperdal has been found to increase a hormone called prolactin which stimulates breast growth. The full description of this side effect is not mentioned on the package insert or on the FDA site or product manufacturer’s site. Prolactin is a hormone released by the pituitary gland.

Now, it cannot be certain whether or not McGorry would prescribe these types of drugs to children but hey, if he can predict the future then I see no reason why we can't.

She finishes off her article with:

I have one last thing to say. Nice one Patrick! let’s get them hooked on a psychotropic drug designed for debilitating schizophrenia just in case they might be the 1 out of 9 kids that really needs help and when they show serious signs of potentially harmful side effects…take the drugs away and hope for the best…hopefully their parents won’t sue that pants off you.

The Australian government back McGorry's time-travelling side show, they, to my knowledge, have never been shown any scientific proof that McGorry's program actually works.

I see it as a wonderful opportunity for clairvoyants in Australia - why not approach your Prime Minister and ask for some funding? Then again, psychics and the like have been rapped on the knuckles and can now only pass off their business as 'entertainment only.'

Question is...what is the difference between a psychic predicting your future and Patrick McGorry predicting your child's future?

A thought to ponder.

Kat McCormick's article can be read in full HERE.

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