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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Rob Robinson was withdrawan from Seroxat / Paxil by a "specialist" in 18 days

Trouble in Prozac - November 28, 2005:

"A rock climber of renown--Climbing magazine once put him on its cover--Robinson, 45, says his experience with SSRIs started in 1998. He had committed to do a traveling exhibition on climbing, but the project stressed him out and interfered with his sleep, so his doctor prescribed Glaxo's Paxil. After a few weeks on the drug, Robinson says, 'I felt calmer. I thought, 'That's good.'' Quitting it after a half-year, though, 'I started having what I now know are withdrawal symptoms,' he asserts, including muscle spasms, extreme sensitivity to sound, and 'horrible electric-shock sensations in my head.' He went back on Paxil to alleviate the symptoms. Eventually concluding he had a drug dependency, he found a specialist who took him off the drug in 18 days.

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