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Friday, 30 April 2010

Seroxat withdrawal completed in 18 days admits Rob Robinson

Rob Robinson was withdrawan from Seroxat / Paxil by a "specialist" in 18 days

Trouble in Prozac - November 28, 2005:

"A rock climber of renown--Climbing magazine once put him on its cover--Robinson, 45, says his experience with SSRIs started in 1998. He had committed to do a traveling exhibition on climbing, but the project stressed him out and interfered with his sleep, so his doctor prescribed Glaxo's Paxil. After a few weeks on the drug, Robinson says, 'I felt calmer. I thought, 'That's good.'' Quitting it after a half-year, though, 'I started having what I now know are withdrawal symptoms,' he asserts, including muscle spasms, extreme sensitivity to sound, and 'horrible electric-shock sensations in my head.' He went back on Paxil to alleviate the symptoms. Eventually concluding he had a drug dependency, he found a specialist who took him off the drug in 18 days.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

SEROXAT Fiddaman admits he was SUCKERED by the MHRA

SEROXAT SUFFERERS - STAND UP AND BE COUNTED: MHRA SAFETY UPDATE - To be filed in the "No Shit Sherlock" Drawer.#comments#comments#comments#comments: "You do nothing but appease patient support groups and advocates - you muffle the drums."

MHRA SAFETY UPDATE - Prozac birth defects

Drug Safety Update: Volume 3, Issue 8, March 2010 [PDF

UK Agency Links SSRI to Birth Defects - not just Seroaxt

uksurvivors : Message: UK Agency Links SSRI to Birth Defects - not just Seroaxt

London, England: The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the government agency in the UK responsible for medicines and medical devices, has issued a warning about potential SSRI birth defects related to the use of fluoxetine (Prozac).

The MHRA issued the warning in its monthly drug safety update. The agency warns that there is a small risk of congenital cardiac defects in infants of mothers who took fluoxetine during the first trimester of pregnancy. According to the safety update, the risk is similar to that posed by paroxetine (Paxil/Seroxat).

The MHRA notes that an analysis of data from seven cohort studies found a slightly increased risk of congenital cardiac defects when fluoxetine was taken early in pregnancy. Those cardiac defects reportedly varied and ranged in severity from reversible ventricular septal defects to transposition of the great vessels. The safety update notes that the increased absolute risk is less than two per 100 pregnancies.

Prozac is an antidepressant classed as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). The MHRA says that there is not enough data to conclude that other SSRIs carry the same risk, but it is unwilling to rule out the possibility of a "class effect," meaning other drugs in the same class may carry the same risks.

The agency also says that the risk of giving birth to an infant with congenital cardiac defects should be weighed against the risks of having untreated depression during pregnancy, which carries its own risks, including low birth weight, preterm delivery and lower Apgar scores.

In 2005 the MHRA issued a safety update about the risk of taking Seroxat (sold in the US as Paxil) while pregnant. According to the update, studies suggest that four of 100 infants exposed to paroxetine early in pregnancy will be born with birth defects, compared to three of 100 infants not exposed to paroxetine. Two in 100 babies exposed to paroxetine will be born with a heart defect, compared to one of 100 babies not exposed to the antidepressant.

The MHRA noted that it was impossible to say for certain that paroxetine was the cause of the birth defects. All it could say is that paroxetine may pose a risk to the fetus.

Among the birth defects found in the studies were ventricular septal defects (a hole in the heart), cleft lip or palate (parts of the mouth do not grow together properly) and problems with the digestive system.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Seroxat's Fiddaman claims GSK's seroxat made him broke - yet he bids £250 for AC/DC TICKET HAMMERSMITH WANTED (UK) -


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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Dishonest Coal Compensation lawyers referred to Serious Fraud Office?--

Dishonest Coal Compensation lawyers referred to Serious Fraud Office?-- what next as the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal's dig the pay dirt

House of Lords

British Coal Compensation

All Written Answers on 12 May 2009 « Previous answer Next answer »

Lord Lofthouse of Pontefract (Labour) Hansard source

To ask Her Majesty's Government further to the Written Answer by Lord Hunt of Kings Heath on 3 March (WA 150) concerning the payment of £40.5 million to Avalon Solicitors in the British Coal litigation, what assessment they have made of (a) the sentence of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal on 29 April striking-off from the Roll of Solicitors that firm's former senior partner, Andrew Nulty; (b) the tribunal's finding that Mr Nulty's conduct had been "a disgrace to the profession"; and (c) the tribunal's finding that Mr Nulty's written response to a Minister of the Crown in the British Coal litigation had been intended to deceive and was dishonest; and whether, having regard to such matters, the payment of £40.5 million to Avalon Solicitors is to be referred to the Serious Fraud Office and South Yorkshire Police in connection with their ongoing investigation into the British Coal Litigation.

Click on the platypus!

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath (Minister of State (Sustainable Development, Climate Change Adaptation and Air Quality), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Labour) Hansard source

The department has not made any such assessment to date. The department will consider the matter further when the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal's written ruling in respect of the case against Avalon is published

Hugh James & other law firms have to repay the Government an estimated £100m

High Court ruled that several miners law firms would have to repay the Government an estimated £100m

The Lawyer (9 April), 30 firms shared a pot of almost £800m for litigation costs.

Just weeks later, the High Court ruled that several miners law firms would have to repay the Government an estimated £100m after being overpaid in relation to the respiratory disease compensation scheme.

The leading law firms involved in handling the British Coal compensation claims pulled in £174.3m in the last year, despite the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) continuing its investigations into several firms for misconduct.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Evidence, however is clear ... Janice's husband John is presently taking Lustral NOT Seroxat !!

The Evidence, however is clear ... Janice's husband John is presently taking Lustral NOT Seroxat !!

John, 56, a lorry driver, took Seroxat for 10 years and has been on another anti-depressant, Lustral for the past six years.

Seroxat's JJanice Simmons - was John really one of the worst cases - was he really taking it for 19 years?

Seroxat User Group's Janice Simmons claims husband John "is one of worst affected" - "he's been taking Seroxat for 19 years" (but was she telling the truth?)

`Doctors are simply unaware of this withdrawal syndrome and unable to advise on what to do,' says Janice Simmons, co-ordinator of the Seroxat User Group.

Her husband John is one of the worst affected — she says each time he's tried to stop taking it, the symptoms have been so severe he's had to give up; he's been taking Seroxat for 19 years.

Read more:

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Landrover's Worker On Sick Leave Returns - forgotten man was remembered afterall - source BNET

Worker On Sick Leave Returns

A MAN who claimed he was frozen out by Land Rover after being off sick has returned to work.

Production line worker Bob Fiddaman has not done a single hour's work for two years because the Solihull 4x4 specialist claims it could not find him an alternative job after he was struck down by osteoarthritis.

He remained on the company's long-term absence register despite being declared fit for non-manual work.

Following a Sunday Mercury story two months ago - in which we dubbed Mr Fiddaman, 36, from Yardley, Birmingham, 'Land Rover's Forgotten Man' - the company invited him in to discuss his situation.

He is now back at work on full-pay in a desk job which is due to last until September.

Mr Fiddaman said he was still planning to take Land Rover to tribunal, claiming discrimination.

Meanwhile, another employee on Land Rover's long-term absence register is also waiting to hear if another job has been found for him.

Solihull man David Busst, 49, went off sick from his job as a skilled fitter in 1992 but felt fit enough to return to non-manual work in 1996. He said company bosses had told him they could not find him another role.

A Land Rover spokesman said: 'Employees go on to the long-term absence register once their sick pay has been exhausted. When they reach a point where they feel they can return to work, we do what we can to find them employment on the site.


DESK JOB... Bob Fiddaman

COPYRIGHT 2001 Birmingham Post & Mail Ltd
COPYRIGHT 2009 Gale, Cengage Learning

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Seroxat's Fiddaman claimed £44,000 from luxury car maker LandRover - June 2001

June 2001 - Bob Fiddaman claimed £44,000 from LandRover

source -

I have to show the tribunals that I am willing to do whatever it is they

offer me with restrictions. This is NOT the end of the matter. We are now asking for compensation for the time that I have been off work - Total of

£44,000 --

And Remember......



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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Scientology - "Prozac made me do it" for over 20 years - archive from 1990 Daily News KY usa

Daily News - Google News Archive Search,1145530

psychiatry-research : Message: FDA Hearings - Ann Tracy is director of scientology's P.S.S.G

psychiatry-research : Message: FDA Hearings - Ann Tracy is director of scientology's P.S.S.G: "FDA Hearings - Ann Tracy is director of scientology's P.S.S.G

Video - 1 min in on this 6 min video
Ann Tracy claims to be Utah director of (scientology) Prozac Survivors Support Group"

I usually find that making a mockery of someone or something is a good way of forcing an answer


"I usually find that making a mockery of someone or something is a good way of forcing an answer from these types of regulatory bodies"

psychiatry-research : Message: CCHR: As far back as 1991 Antidepressants - video FDA hearings

psychiatry-research : Message: CCHR: As far back as 1991 Antidepressants - video FDA hearings: "CCHR:/ Scientology As far back as 1991 Antidepressants - video FDA hearings"

Friday, 16 April 2010

GSK's Chairman, Chris Gent, will take role in future UK Tory government.

Tories court City chiefs to lead Whitehall shake-up - Times Online:

"Sir Chris Gent is understood to have confirmed an interest in a government role, saying that he would take a job provided it did not interfere with his chairmanship at Glaxo Smith Kline, the pharmaceuticals group"

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Seroxat User Group once claimed to have 10,000 members - did they all pay Dr Healy £500 - did he scoop £5 million?

SEROXAT SUFFERERS - STAND UP AND BE COUNTED: Seroxat User Group once claimed to have 10,000 members - did they all pay Dr Healy £500 - did he scoop £5 million?

Seroxat petition is NOT supported by leading mental health charity MIND -

SEROXAT SUFFERERS - STAND UP AND BE COUNTED: Seroxat petition is NOT supported by leading mental health charity MIND -

Seroxat "non addictive" California Judge rulled 2002

SEROXAT SUFFERERS - STAND UP AND BE COUNTED: GSK - A Catalogue of Disasters! - Paxil/Seroxat "non addictive" California Judge rulled 2002

Mark Harvey is a solicitor who also represents this self appointed Seroxat Users Group in the UK, and who says that the number of people joining this group is growing daily, rapidly reaching 1,000 members. Last Thursday GSK won a lawsuit in California which had been taken against the company accusing it of wrongly advertising Seroxat as being “non addictive”. The federal judge ruled the case had no merit. The current ruling in California will no doubt be something of a setback to Mr Harvey, and Messrs Hugh James. In the meantime Mr Harvey and others continue to try to get more members to join the Seroxat Users Group.

Seroxat withdrawal no worse than other SSRI's - MIND 1994

Hugh James solicitors charge 15% success fees

NO win no fee solicitors: "They charge 15% if we win" - says member of Nursing Care forum

Rod D. We are using Hugh James on a no-win-no-fee basis. I think disbursements are letters that they send + costs incurred for hospital records etc. They charge 15% if we win. We are at the stage where the Health Ombudsman has asked the PCT to look at their procedure again and they have been given until June to do it.

We have been fighting the system since 2007 and I couldn't do it anymore after the SHA further denied Mum had a Primary Health Need , this was when I involved HJ'S. I couldn't do it because I have been quite ill so I'm not physically able to do so anymore.

It is purely a personal decision to make. And there will always be a difference of opinion regarding using a Solicitor. To balance my post it may be adviseable for you to also read the stickies links on this forum. I think there is a dedicated one for Solicitors.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Seroxat group got legal aid - but still had to pay the doc fees - £500 for Dr Healy or £350 for Dr Ben Green Halton Hospital, UK

yes you still have to pay the doc fees but will set up a payment method. Not a must just now though but let them know you are going to set one up. sorry cant say to much as we have all been told to be quiet.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hugh James solicitors "orchestrated the campaign" against GSK Seroxat

SEROXAT SUFFERERS - STAND UP AND BE COUNTED: So clearly the seroxat user group are classed by Mark Harvey as his clients

Mark Harvey of Hugh James solicitors is co-ordinating possible litigation on behalf of UK users. For more information, please visit or email

Message from Mark Harvey, Hugh James Solicitors

Because of the sheer volume of people still joining the Group Action I am unable to communicate with everyone as frequently as I would like to.However as an update, you should know that during the year the Users Group and I have orchestrated the campaign against the drug and we haveobtained the following victories:-

a) The institution of a Government review into Seroxat; (this has already worked one triumph, a press and public announcement of thedangers of the drug with suicide and the ban of its prescription to minors)

b) The acceptance of the Review team that it will accept the actual evidence of experiences of my clients on Seroxat without needing doctorinvolvement (the mechanics of this are still being addressed)

c) For the first time in the 13 years of this drug, the manufacturers have agreed to change the Patient warning sheets to deal with thequestion of addiction.

With a combination of the preliminary form of self-administered public funding, legal expense insurance and private funding we are progressing the generic investigations and preparing for the appeal on the initial decision to refuse public funding.

The granting of the full publicfunding on appeal will enable us to move forward to the issue of proceedings if necessary. At present the Legal Services Commission tell us the appeal will be September or October however I am challenging them to bring it forward.I will endeavour to keep you informed both through the web site and wherever possible in individual communications. Best wishesMark HarveyHugh James, Solicitors

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fiddaman's publisher Jason Pegler - a cause for concern see posts on UKsurvivors

58147 Chipmunka offers an extremely nonstandard contract, including:

Chipmunka offers an extremely nonstandard contract, including: - requiring authors to waive moral rights (Chipmunka is a UK-based publisher; the USA doesn't... bryce_j_j


8:09 pm

58148 writers forum members concerned about character of Jason Pegler

Quote: Originally Posted by colealpaugh [View Post]

58149 Chipmunka a vanity project for CEO Jason Pegler\ e-mental-health-publisher/#comment-1568 ...

Blogger claims CEO of Chipmunka publishing is a rapist !

criticalpsychiatry : Message: Blogger claims CEO of Chipmunka publishing is a rapist !

Skunk, LSD, Ecstasy & me by Fiddaman's publisher Jason Pegler

uksurvivors : Message: Skunk, LSD, Ecstasy & me by Fiddaman's publisher Jason Pegler

I liked getting stoned immediately.

It made me feel relaxed and amusing, and as though nothing could trouble me.

I also thought smoking cannabis was cool.

Along with my friends, I began to smoke more and more regularly, and by the time I was 15, I was smoking cannabis every day.

And at the weekends, I'd indulge in its stronger sister, skunk.

It gave me such a rush, and I loved the buzz.

The more cannabis I smoked, the cooler I felt I was.

My parents had no idea at all what was going on, and would have been horrified had they known.

Despite being half-comatose a lot of the time, I was able to function pretty much normally at school and around the dinner table, and keep my habit a secret.

By the time I was 16, I had progressed to taking other drugs as well, including LSD and Ecstasy at the weekends.

But cannabis was my favourite drug.

No matter what, I'd start and end the evening with a spliff.

Read more:

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Breggin quits as expert witness - Judge: Testimony by Expert Doesn't Measure Up to 'Frye'

Breggin quits as expert witness - Google Groups

Pa. Judge: Testimony by Expert Doesn't Measure Up to 'Frye'

Melissa Nann Burke

The Legal Intelligencer


A Philadelphia judge found an expert's testimony inadmissible in a
medical malpractice case because the methodologies he used "appear to be nothing more than a few anecdotal references and a cursory review of
several studies tangentially related to" the alleged medical basis of
the lawsuit.

After a Frye evidentiary hearing, Common Pleas Judge Jacqueline F. Allen
threw out the report of Peter R. Breggin, a renowned psychiatrist who
extrapolated about possible permanent effects of taking benzodiazepines,
a class of drugs including Valium, Xanax and Ativan that are used as
antianxiety agents, muscle relaxants, sedatives and hypnotics.

"Under Frye [v. United States], novel scientific evidence is admissible
only upon a showing that the methodology has gained general acceptance
in the relevant medical community," Allen wrote in Vinitski v. Adler.
"Breggin's testimony fell well short of the mark."

The judge also found Breggin's expert report to be "legally
insufficient," focusing on the treatment provided by the defendant
doctors "not because it ran counter to the acceptable standards of care
but because it ran counter to Breggin's personal ideas and ideologies of
what the standards should be."

Breggin, from Ithaca, N.Y., is the author of such books as, "Your Drug May Be Your Problem: How and Why to Stop Taking Psychiatric
Medications". He's also written "Toxic Psychiatry: Why Therapy, Empathy
and Love Must Replace the Drug"; "Electroshock and Biochemical Theories
of the 'New Psychiatry;'" and "Talking Back to Prozac: What Doctors
Won't Tell You About Today's Most Controversial Drug."

Breggin's report "draws legal conclusions rather than providing facts
which would allow a fact-finder to come to his own conclusion," Allen
wrote. "A review of the Breggin report does not indicate where and how
the doctors deviated from the standard of care or how harm was created
as a result of the care received."

Allen granted the defendants' motion for summary judgment, dismissing
the case. The plaintiff has appealed the ruling to the Superior Court.

Kevin H. Wright, a defense counsel, said, "This is the type of case that
the Frye and Daubert standards were created to prevent."

Gerald B. Baldino Jr., one of the plaintiff's attorneys, disagreed.

Simon Vinitski had sued the doctors in 2001, alleging that the
combination of medication -- Xanax, Prozac, Valium, Tofranil and
Depakote -- they prescribed and he used intermittently over 10 years to
treat anxiety and depression had caused brain atrophy and other
injuries, according to court documents.

Baldino said his client, a former medical physicist at the Jefferson
Medical College, began to exhibit symptoms like those associated with
Alzheimer's disease, but doctors ruled out that illness and others.

In court, the defendants challenged Breggin's expert opinion. According
to one defendant's motion: "Not only are Dr. Breggin's assertions
condemned by the absence of literature, but also his arguments are
belied by the opinions of other experts in the field of psychiatric

Allen held a Frye hearing June 4 to determine whether the report,
examining "whether prolonged exposure to high doses of benzodiazepines
caused permanent brain injury," was inadmissible.

Allen noted that the articles Breggin relied on didn't include relevant
clinical or controlled studies, but instead analyzed other studies that
didn't examine permanent brain damage caused by the drugs. Breggin
admitted his methodologies didn't include treating patients with brain
damage caused by benzodiazepine use or conducting a clinical study of
such patients, according to Allen.

Baldino, who represents Vinitski with attorney Francis J. Curran Jr. of
Curran & Rassias, said this is because testing the combination of drugs
his client used would have required human testing. No clinical studies
of the effects of long-term benzodiazepine use had been conducted, he said.

"But you can look at the effects of short-term use," said Baldino, of
Sacchetta & Baldino. Considering those short-term studies, "Dr. Breggin
extrapolated that the combining of the medications increases the toxic
effect of the drug, and that the result was that Mr. Vinitski suffered
brain damage. He called it a 'toxic cocktail.'"

Allen found that Breggin's opinions were extrapolations. Under the Frye
standard, experts may only extrapolate when the medical inquiry is "new
or the opportunities to examine a specific cause-and-effect relationship
are limited."

That was not the case here, Allen said. Studying the effects of
benzodiazepines isn't new, and there are plenty of people who have been
treated with the drugs to participate in studies about the effects of
its long-term use, she concluded.

"Breggin failed to establish that his variation of an accepted
methodology is generally accepted by scientists in the relevant field as
a method for arriving at his conclusion," she wrote in her opinion
published Sept. 17.

Richard R. Galli, of Goldfein & Joseph, also served as defense counsel.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Seroxat exclusive - Rob Robinson works for profesionals to bring claims against GSK

click on image to enlarge

source -  SAUK discussion board

thread started by "truthman30" 
headed - Ex Seroxat User
dated - 22 June 2007

post no 37
dated 26 June 2007

Rob Robinson said - "We represent hundreds of clients who have filed claims against GlaxoSmithKline corp for Paxil related injuries."

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