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Friday, 16 March 2012

Toran Henry mum blamed "teachers and student bullying" & " mental health unit treating her son for depression " - FIDDAMAN

A top Auckland school and mental health authorities are under fire for failing to help a troubled teenager.

Toran Henry, 17, died suddenly after he was beaten up in a fight videoed by Takapuna Grammar students.

Henry's mother found him dead in the garage of his home and is demanding answers from the school and Waitemata District Health Board.

Maria Bradshaw claims teachers and student bullying, and the mental health unit treating her son for depression, let him down.

"The pain is indescribable," Bradshaw says. "On the 13th of May this year when my beautiful son would have been 18 years old what will I have to celebrate," she asks.

Bradshaw is searching for answers after she came home to find her 17-year-old son dead in the garage.

"My son was a very bright, very beautiful, young man who had a lot of anger and suffered from depression."

A day earlier he had been involved in a fight outside Takapuna Grammar - an incident filmed by students and sparking claims some of them were involved in an unofficial fight club.

"I have been told today that the principal knew that my son's beating had been videoed and he told the children to remove the video from their phones," Bradshaw says.

Students told ONE News teachers used to watch the fights.

Henry's mother says it was not just students but also teachers who bullied him and she says the school did little to stop it.

Another parent withdrew her son from Takapuna Grammar because of similar problems.

"It's two years now that my son has been gone from that school and to hear what happened to him didn't surprise me," Sharlene Pirikahu told ONE News.

Bradshaw is also accusing the district health board of irresponsible behaviour.

"They told him he could stop taking Prozac on Friday morning and drink with his friends over the weekend. The combination of alcohol, Prozac and adolescence can be lethal."

Henry's friends now know that all too well. They told ONE News he was "insanely smart, had a lot of potential and always knew how to make people laugh". One girl said he was "the person you could talk to when you were feeling down".

The school's board of trustees has issued a statement saying it will appoint an independent assessor with a legal background to lead the investigation. And Education minister Chris Carter is in full support of an investigation into bullying.

The death has been referred to the police who will investigate on behalf of the coroner.

Bradshaw has put a moving tribute to her son on YouTube.

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