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Friday, 16 March 2012

Maria Bradshaw says "children suffering mental illness" like Toran Henry "should not punished for being naughty" - FIDDAMAN blog

A report has concluded there was little more Takapuna Grammar could have done for a student who died a day after being beaten up at the school.

Seventeen-year-old Toran Henry was found dead in the garage of his home in March this year.

The day before he died he was beaten up at the school while other students filmed the incident on their mobile phones.

The school commissioned an independent report after criticism from Toran's mother about the way it handled his mental health issues.

Board of Trustees chairman Jan Mill says it is reassuring the report found the school acted in good faith and its performance was up to scratch.

She says Takapuna Grammar acknowledges there are some improvements to be made.

She says Toran's death is tremendously sad and it has been a difficult time for the school.

The school also found there was evidence and frustration and desperation at times, but the allegation that the school wanted to get rid of the teenager in 2008 is not justified.

It said the tragic death has scarred the Takapuna Grammar community and the various allegations levelled against the school "often without knowledge of the detailed facts" have not helped students come to terms with Toran's death.

But Toran's mother Maria Bradshaw has rejected the report's findings.

Ms Bradshaw examined the report last night.

She claims it is full of errors, omissions and failures of reasoning.

Ms Bradshaw says she will not stop fighting for her son until the truth comes out.

She says children suffering mental illness should not punished for being naughty and it is a major failing of the education system that it happens

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