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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ireland is a key global location for the pharmaceutical industry - yet only 3% adults on Antidepressants FIDDAMAN

Ireland is a key global location for the pharmaceutical industry. Foreign direct investment for the pharmaceutical sector is forty years old with Squibb (now Bristol-Myers Squibb) being the first pharmaceutical company to locate in Ireland in 1964. Currently thirteen of the top fifteen companies in the world have substantial operations in Ireland. More than 17,000 people are employed directly in the industry.

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Ireland is now one of the world's largest exporters of pharmaceuticals with €34 billion of intermediates and finished pharmaceuticals exported in 2002. Six out of ten and twelve out of 25 of the world's top selling drugs are produced in Ireland including Lipitor and Zocor. Products are manufactured for global markets.

Many of the pharmaceutical companies in Ireland have established multiple activities, including

Fermentation e.g. Schering-Plough, Wyeth

API e.g. Merck, Pfizer, Yamanouchi,

Sterile Fill/Finish e.g. Genzyme, Allergan

Formulation e.g. Wyeth, Takeda, Pfizer

Shared Services/ Supply Chain Management e.g. Allergan, Pfizer, Novartis

R&D/ Process Development e.g. Wyeth, GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol- Myers Squibb

The sector has become increasingly integrated in recent years. Early investment in fine chemical plants producing bulk active materials has been followed by investment in finished product pharmaceuticals. Many plants are now engaged in product development for Irish and other plants.

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