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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Solicitor Vincent Buffoni had been taking Venlafaxine Efexor Effexor - jumped in front of tube train

In February he had asked to be admitted to a psychiatric treatment centre for his own safety, she told the court. Mrs Buffoni added: ‘His business had been hit by the recession and he was very concerned about our financial situation.

‘Our children are at private schools and we have been very careful with money. To ensure our son could complete his education we had taken out an additional loan of £60,000 secured on our house.

‘He continued insisting we would have to sell our house and send our children to state school in order to survive on a dwindling cash pot.’

But Mr Buffoni’s sister Clare said his mood had improved in the days before his death after he started a course of the anti-depressant venlafaxine.

'He told me that he felt his brain had clicked back into gear,' she said.

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