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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Scientology psychiatric nurse photographed patient records before passing them to FIDDAMAN leader & child sex abuser Jan Eastgate

extract from - "Only Itself to Blame: The Church of Scientology"

Scientologist nurse named Rosa Nicholson hid a camera in a Sustagen box and took photographs of hospital records in the lavatory. She then passed copies to Jan Eastgate, of the CCHR, who took them to the NSW Attorney-General and helped set in train both the eventual closure of Chelmsford and a subsequent Royal Commission into psychiatric care. The community was horrified to learn of DST, which used barbiturates to put patients into extended comas to ‘cure’ mental illnesses, including depression and drug addiction; the exposé was viewed as a triumph for Scientology. Its campaign against psychiatric drugs, one of the central tenets of Hubbard’s ideology, appeared to be publicly beneficial. Eastgate was rewarded with the top position at CCHR headquarters in America. For a brief moment, Scientology was seen as a white knight for psychiatric patients.

Another side soon emerged. An alleged proponent of DST, Dr Alex Sinclair, had been targeted by the CCHR for his role in the 1965 banning of Scientology in Victoria. Scientology was accused of being motivated not by patient welfare, but by revenge. In the late 1980s, when the Chelmsford Royal Commission took place, documents were leaked from Scientology’s Melbourne Office of Special Affairs – the department of the church that investigates Suppressive Persons – seeking evidence to discredit Dr Sinclair and other psychiatrists.

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