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Sunday, 20 November 2011

New Zealand suicide rate position in global rankings 2009 - FIDDAMAN counterpoint blog

OECD (2011). Health: Key tables from OECD, Suicides, retrieved 28 July 2011 from

New Zealand data is from Ministry of Health (2010, December). Suicide Facts: Deaths and intentional self-harm hospitalisations 2008, retrieved 17 March 2011. Data is sourced from the NZ Mortality Collection and is shown in Table 1 ‘suicide-facts-2008-deaths-dec2010.xls’, from

The year of data collection varies by country. 2004 - Canada; 2005 - Belgium; 2006 - Australia, Denmark, Germany; 2007 - Chile, Italy, Switzerland, USA; 2008 - France, Israel, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Sweden; 2009 - Austria, Czech Rep., Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovak Rep., Slovenia, UK. No data was available for Turkey. OECD average is an unweighted average of country data.

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