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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

MHRA news - Illegal animal medicines seized in Ballymena

Illegal animal medicines seized in Ballymena 

A quantity of antibiotics was among the drugs seized Continue reading the main story

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Arrest after vet medicines seized

Substantial quantities of unauthorised and illegal veterinary medicines have been seized from a house in Ballymena.

The drugs, worth several thousand pounds, included antibiotics and other medicines intended for the treatment of large numbers of farm animals.

Officials from the Medicines Regulatory Group within the Department of Health carried out the search with police.

A Ballymena man was formally interviewed and the case is being reported to the prosecution service.

Head of the Medicines Regulatory Group, Professor Mike Mawhinney, said: "This seizure is evidence of our determination to clampdown on the availability of illegal veterinary medicines.

"Incorrect use of medication of unknown origin or dubious quality compromises animal health, increases the risk of harmful residues in the food chain and raises the problem of unnecessary antibiotic resistance."

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