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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Merck, still corrupt, and still in Ireland - or was Irish farmer John Hanrahan just another FIDDAMAN?

re Leonie Fennell's post -

Merck, still corrupt, and still in Ireland

source - Independent -  JIM AUGHNEY Saturday May 20 2000

The Hanrahans, who have farmed the 250 acres at Ballycurkeen for seven generations, had their case dismissed in the High Court in August 1985 by the present Chief Justice, Ronan Keane. They appealed it to the Supreme Court which held, in July 1988, that the family had in fact established Merck, Sharp & Dohme's liability to them for damages as a result of offensive smells emitted by the factory between 1978 and '83. The court also held that John Hanrahan was entitled to damages for his ill-health and the fatalities and deformities of cattle on the farm.

With an estimated £1 million in legal costs awarded to the Hanrahans, a date was fixed for the damages to be determined by the High Court but the amount was agreed in an undisclosed out-of-court settlement between the parties in November 1990. It was generally speculated at the time that the family had secured close to £2 million from the US-owned company but it has since emerged that it fell far short of the £1.8 million the plaintiffs had sought.

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