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Thursday, 10 November 2011

average settlement in Avandia lawsuit cases = $9000 ....FIDDAMAN counterpoint blog

What is average settlement in Avandia lawsuit cases?

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OK, here it is - My gross settlement amount is $19,347 from that the lawyer gets %40 so that means i get around $11,000. Nope lawyers expenses $ 1000- $2500 i'll figure $1750 so my Settlement amount from a drug that caused me to have 3 stints place in my heart, live on numerous high dollar drugs, is.........average settlement in Avandia lawsuit cases......oopps wait i took out one of those lawsuit loans i got $2500, have to pay back around $5000 it was dumb but at the time it was needed to survive so my finale settlement amount is $4250 this my friends is a great injustice , why did uncle Sam get 3 billion ? did he have a heart problem? where's the other 300 billion ? hahahha, thats what life has come to the rich get richer and we .......well you know

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