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Monday, 10 October 2011

Spotlight on the Irish Medical Council - In Whose Interests then Prof Healy gets £££ from PHARMA

re FIDDAMAN post

Spotlight on the Irish Medical Council - In Whose Interests?

FIDDAMAN said - There's more to this than meets the eye, something Shane's mother has pointed out on her blog.

The star "expert" for the IGMC was one Philip J. Cowen, MD, FRCPsych from The University Department of Psychiatry, Warneford Hospital, Oxford.

Cowen's links to Cipramil manufacturers, Lundbeck, are plain to see. In the past he has advised Lundbeck, served as a paid member of advisory boards for Lundbeck, been a speaker at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual meeting which was jointly sponsored by Lundbeck and as recent as April 2011, Cowen was a speaker at the Athens Lundbeck Symposium.



"...But Dr. Garfinkle and I get money from the pharmaceutical industry. We speak for pharmaceutical companies, run trials for them, and it does bias you. We probably all hope that the bias is going to be a small little bias and it's a risk we just have to take. It's only not going to be an option as long as people don't feel that people like me and Paul Garfinkle haven't just become drug dealers. That we're like car salesman who sell you the car regardless of the hazards. They want people, want us to be people who will weigh the benefits and the risks and will let you know about the benefits and the risks, the pros and the cons and maybe even advise in some instances that you shouldn't have the pills at all. ...."

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