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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Birmingham in the House! Another Jaw-Dropping Scientology Video - FIDDAMAN

Anonymous has found another nugget of pure gold. Yesterday, a remarkable song and set of photos were leaked to the Anonymous website that were apparently from the Scientology organization in Birmingham, England. Now, Anonymous has put together the photos and the song in this quite entertaining video.

As we've reported here many times before, Scientology is currently in a period of decline and it's getting increasingly desperate to find ways to get money out of its diminishing membership -- even as it pushes to purchase new buildings for "Ideal Orgs."

The Birmingham group is apparently trying to push for their own building, and in order to whip up their members into a fundraising fervor, put together this song and tropical event.

To inspire them, they were shown a video testimonial by a man who has apparently pledged 20,000 pounds, but as we can see from some of the photos, these poor put-upon "publics" (Scientology's word for regular members who are not on staff) appear to be giving donations of only 10 to 50 pounds each.

This also appears to be the same "org" that put out a mailer urging its members to capitalize on the recent riots as a fundraising opportunity.

I can't tell from the photos whether this event happened before or after that period. But what a song. Please watch it and enjoy.

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