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Monday, 17 October 2011

FIDDAMAN partner in Sex Abuse was ex Royal Marine Sergeant Frank Beck

Beck was still in his early thirties when he commenced working in the Leicestershire children's homes. An ex Royal Marine Sergeant, he was described as "tough, uncompromising and very, very strong", with arms ".. as thick as the thighs of the children in his care". [1]

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In addition to his physical strength and fitness, Beck also seems to have exuded extraordinary charisma and despite a limited educational background he possessed a sharp intellect, eloquence and critical ability which, combined with the outstanding success he seemed to have in bringing the most wayward and behaviourally challenging children to order, led many to believe he was gifted. Dorothy Edwards, the Director of Social Services (1973 - 80) reportedly told a friend, "I don't know quite what he's doing, but he's doing it very well."[2]

Beck was also successful as a local politician, winning a seat on the Blaby District Council as a Liberal Democrat in 1983, and which he successfully defended in 1987.

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