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Sunday, 16 October 2011

FIDDAMAN sadist suicided in AMSTERDAM - Colin Fiddaman linked to Leicestershire Children's Homes Scandal

extract from - Frank Beck (sex offender)

Beck is said to have used his own brand of 'regression therapy' as a cover for sexually abusing children in his care - supposedly a method of digging down to the roots of children's emotional problems, by returning them to a state of infancy. Children were dressed in pyjamas and given bottles and dummies; some of the younger children were dressed in nappies. At meal times, staff would sometimes cut up the food on the plates of residents, as if feeding infants; children would be given toys designed for much younger children and sometimes bathed by staff members and Beck encouraged a culture of cuddling and bodily contact.[3] Beck also believed that emotions should not be 'bottled up' and it is said that children were deliberately provoked into temper tantrums, thereby creating opportunities to excercise violent physical restraint.[4] Care assistants (or 'residential social workers' as they were known) were often hand-picked by Beck and were required to support his methods and philosophy without question. Several of his staff were also paedophiles and sadists, including Colin Fiddaman, who was to commit suicide in Amsterdam, whilst 'on the run', in 1991. Beck is also said to have physically and sexually abused male members of staff, sustaining 'a regime of terror' for thirteen years.

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