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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Shane Clancy - might have been OK on a different type of antidepressant - says mother Leonie Fennell FIDDAMAN

If he had been given a different type of antidepressant the second time he might have been OK


KNIFE killer Shane Clancy's mother has said she will never stop fighting for her son as she tries to highlight the dangers of anti-depressants.

Heartbroken Leonie Fennell said her 22-year-old son would never have murdered Sebastian Creane, also 22, if he had not have been psychologically disturbed.

Her son's inquest in Wicklow East Coroners Court returned an open verdict open verdict


a finding by a coroner's jury of death without stating the cause

open verdict open n (Law) →  and Ms Fennell is convinced the carnage was sparked by her son's reaction to the drugs.

Ms Fennell said: "We can't apologise enough. But I am not going to stop fighting for Shane. I will never stop defending my son. We cannot change what happened that night. But that was not Shane.

"I do feel a sense of closure. We are very happy with the verdict. But we will try and highlight the problems anti-depressants cause. It's not going to bring Shane or Sebastian back, but it might help other mothers' sons. I'll do whatever it takes." The inquest heard Clancy had dangerous levels of the drug Cipramil in his blood when he killed Sebastian and stabbed his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Hannigan, 22, in August last year.

He also knifed Seb's brother Dylan before turning the blade on himself last August.

Clancy was prescribed the drug after he fell into a deep depression following the break up of his three-year relationship with Jennifer.

Ms Fennell added: "If he was drinking it could have been said he did what he did because of the alcohol mixing with the anti-depressants. But that's not what happened.

"Does someone need to be the sacrificial lamb A sacrificial lamb is a lamb (or metaphorical parallel) killed or discounted in some way (as in a sacrifice) in order to further some other cause. In typical modern usage, it is a metaphorical reference for a person who has no chance of surviving the challenge ahead, but is placed to get the message out there about the dangers of anti-depressants? Is that why it happened to Shane?"

The devastated mother said she is not against people taking these drugs but at the moment they are being dispensed to people like "

Ms Fennell added: "I'm not saying they don't work for other people. Of course they do, and of course they should be prescribed and people should not stop taking them because of what happened to Shane.

"He had a reaction to the tablets. His tongue got swollen from taking them. Then he overdosed on them and the second doctor prescribed him the same thing. If he had been given a different type of antidepressant the second time he might have been OK."

Speaking at the inquest psychiatrist Professor David Healy said he was in favour of compulsory monitoring of patients taking anti-depressants.

Ms Fennell is continuing her fight for justice by emailing every TD to ask for a public awareness campaign to highlight the side effects  of the drugs.

She added her family now has some answers about the events leading up to that night of horror but Shane could never have hurt someone else deliberately.

Ms Fennell said: "We do now feel we have got some answers about what happened to Shane. I know my son could not commit suicide  And it goes without saying that he couldn't hurt someone deliberately in his right mind."

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