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Friday, 6 April 2012

FIDDAMAN drowns out Lustral Sertraline Zoloft advice given on Mark Harvey (Hugh James) Seroxat User Group

Lorraine, an active member of Derek Scotts SUG group was swapped from Seroxat to Lustral (sertraline) by her Gp so she posted to the group asking for advice; Scott's was a busy "support" group – April 2004 there were 1712 post, an average of 57 posts a day - 3 moderators and himself controlling it, all unemployed and usually on the group all day - yet the only reply she received was from another member Kevin, quoted above information and my initial response - see below

I waited to see if anyone would actually post advice or a cautionary warning …. 4 hours later concerned that Lorraine might swap thinking as no advice was forthcoming it would be safe to do so - I posted the following …

and was banned.

In the intervening three days before the following post appeared the vulnerable members were caused inordinate anxiety and distress by Jo Joseph (one of the moderators) and Cyndi White who kicked of their usual double act, whipping up a storm of fear, panic and paranoia reporting the presence of pharma troll, predators etc etc - accused me spamming them and of being Jeremy, Glitter and Catherine Creel, who they also viewed a threat – whilst Derek Scott and two other moderators Faye Elliott and Bob Fiddaman did nothing to advise Lorraine but encouraged the others – and group member and SUG co-ordinator Janice Simmonds, who's husband John was already taking Zoloft (sertraline, Lustral) and presumably unable to get off that either - ignored it all.

The following is Derek Scott and Bob Fidaman take on my posting that advice -

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