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Sunday, 1 April 2012

SEROXAT - PANORAMA chose to ignore the other brands of SSRI - needed to fake FIDDAMAN litigation evidence?

4 .30 in Ed says - lets look at antidepressant story

4 45 Jofre says although problems with whole class of antidepressants we (bbc) decided to concentrate on Seroxat Why we narrowed down on Seroxat 1 because it was made by GSK 2 all the drugs in class cause suicidal thinking on dose change 3 Seroxat had a unique problem of withdrawal BECAUSE IT WAS LONGER ACTING … we decided to focus research into this drug

6.00 in - 40 min Panorama film took Shelley Jofre 8 months to make

6.10 in - It’s not something you do lightly WE WERE TAKING ON the worlds second largest drug company

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