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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

SEROXAT lawyers Hugh James - drop most clients because problems NOT caused by SEROXAT - fakes like FIDDAMAN

Mr Harvey says his 1,700 clients are of different age groups and were selected from about 4,000 people who contacted the firm with complaints about the drug. "We have screened the complainants carefully so as to include only those whose symptoms we strongly feel have been brought on by the use of the drug," he said.Mr Harvey is bringing the claim under the Consumer Protection Act 1987. The claimants allege withdrawal problems and/or aggression and/or suicidal acts. Mr Harvey thinks the case will take at least two years to get to trial. Funding comes from a mixture of public funds and from legal insurance policies.Mr Harvey says he has never called for Seroxat to be withdrawn. "It's a question of proper, informed choice. If doctors and patients are told the risks involved they can make an informed choice about whether to use the drug or not."Mr Harvey said he could not say what scale of damages he would be looking for.

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