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Saturday, 11 February 2012

THE CLIQUE by Bob FIDDAMAN who said "Written whilst at work on my woman's job"

Written whilst at work on my woman's job.     june192001


If you ever feel the need
to kick someone when they're down.
Or to jump on to the bandwagon
of the posting of a clown.

Then hop aboard this newsgroup
be patient for a while.
Wait until the Pot Head
posts his venomous vile.

Join in with the rest of them
as they single out their source.
If you have a disability
you'll be victimised, of course.

No matter what you tell them
you'll find they deaf an ear.
Facts of course mean nothing
let me make that clear.

The ladies of this newsgroup
have hearts all made of gold.
Dave's apostles, on the other hand
all do as they're told.

The Eurobods are friendly
they make you feel at home.
Even though you're far away
you never feel alone.

If you've ever had to suffer
*take note* Thou shall not post.
'Cos if you do you'll be ridiculed
by the drug induced pot host.

Your Country Laws mean nothing
for Dave - Miss Bo Peep.
He's right even when he is wrong
and so are his sad sheep.

Doof will give you advice
"Stop posting to a thread."
Then continue to berate you,
no truth in what he said.

Name calling is 'childish'
say's Nate the newsgroup Whip.
A guy who has a problem,
on his shoulder grows a chip.

Tops, he knows no better,
only money is his aim.
He'll fuck you over backwards
to get financial gain.

There's other sheep of course
with no mind of there own.
Who lay in wait for Dave's response
as their brains are just on loan.

So if you're browsing through here
just lurk for a few days.
And you will see how this works
from the Pot Head's evil ways.

Don't post about your problems
Don't post about your past.
Don't post with a point of view
'cos it will be your last.

'Congratulation' posts
mean nothing come what may.
'Cos most will all withdraw them
once Dave has had his say.

If you ever post a reply
defending your good name.
Wait for direct responses
from the Pot Head Posse train.

If you've suffered with some trauma
or tried to end your life.
Don't tell Dave's Apostles
you'll get nothing back but strife.

Flame Away - Filter me

You can dish it out but you CANNOT take it.


And Remember......



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