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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Breggin - Healy described as Trojan Horse - biological psychiatrist ...behind barbaric practices in psychiatry today

Stan February 6, 2012
5:38 pm Peter Breggin commenting upon David Healy today on his radio show “a biological psychiatrist that has stands behind some of the most barbaric practices in psychiatry today” shared this interesting & critical point of view when answering questions about the big picture of creating positive solutions & change.

I would really like to see Micky, Peter, Bob Whitaker, and David have a public sit down or broadcast radio show of shared discussion/chat with us all. Just maybe the world renowned & influential Micky can do a little arm twisting and make it happen….:)

Where is the common ground of formulating a platform of effective change to what we have today?

Ginger Breggin February 8, 2012
9:23 pm

This is Ginger Breggin. Folks, I was not criticizing Stan or anyone else other than Dr. Healy. Dr. Healy is the first person that I have criticized who presents himself as a part of the psychiatric reform movement. However, when he acts like he is a trusted reformer, it is important that people understand that in his heart and in his daily actions as a psychiatrist he implements the darkest side of the profession, brain damaging ECT. Further more he has a long history of attacking other reformers. It would be nice and indeed I have tried to simply ‘get along’ but Dr. Healy is a Trojan Horse. Let him inside our walls and at night the shock docs will come sneaking out and fall upon the people. Please see my more expanded remarks, with increased links, below. And please remember there are millions of people walking this earth with brain damage from electroshock.

Dr. David Healy calls for “making sure that action is curbed until one is sure that the action does no harm, now and in the future” but he does not take his own advice concerning shock treatment. He is a shock doctor, has run a shock ward in Wales, and wrote a glowing tribute to shock (2007). Healy has also attacked the psychiatric reform movement for years. David Healy’s ultimate solution (for depression for instance) is ECT, a treatment my husband Dr. Peter Breggin has documented as being closed head injury and an electrical lobotomy.


Healy attack of psych reform movement, for example”

1. “there is no comparable protest against the use of antipsychotic drugs”

2. “seems that the critics are behaving according to the romantic illusion that if they can just abolish ECT, mental illness will disappear”

There has been a long and detailed attack by psychiatric reform figures against antipsychotics, antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs including Dr.Peter Breggin who published first medical text detailing documented damage by psychiatric drugs 1983, resulting in black box labeling of antipsychotics for Tardive Dyskinesia

Other major psychiatric reform figures documenting damage done by psychiatric drugs have included Dr. Loren Mosher, Dr. Joseph Glenmullen and more; including protracted reform work by many psychiatric survivors of ECT, insulin shock, involuntary confinement and psychiatric drug treatment. These survivor advocates have included Judi Chamberlin, Rae Unzicker, Leonard Frank, to name a few. Many professionals and reform advocates from the earlier years are documented by Dr. Breggin in his book Toxic Psychiatry: Why Empathy, Therapy and Love must Replace the Drugs, Electroshock, and Biochemical Theories of the “New Psychiatry”

Healy’s ECT book is a glowing tribute to shock within which he recommends shock for depression.

Breggin (and other published resources) documenting damage of ECT:

Video of invited presentation by Dr. Breggin on the damaging effects of ECT at the NIH Concensus Conference on ECT.

Dr. Breggin’s most recent medical text (2008) on damage of ECT as well as damage of psychiatric drugs and role of FDA documents the damaging effects of electroshock including examination of animal studies that do show damage is done by ECT.

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