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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Help for Heroes partnership with GSK - read about it on FIDDAMAN counterpoint blog

Help for Heroes partnership

Help for Heroes is a strictly non political and non critical charity that assists and works closely with the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force to provide support where it is most needed. To date, all monies raised for Help for Heroes have spent or allocated on the direct, practical support of Servicemen and women who are wounded, injured or have become sick while in the service of the UK, to include support and assistance to their families when appropriate.

Help for Heroes - 4 Years On

video -

As part of our commitment to promote health and well-being in the communities in which we operate, GSK is supporting the creation of a specialist 'Wellness Centre' at Tedworth House, a Help for Heroes Personnel Recovery and Assessment Centre located in Wiltshire. This support takes the form of a donation of £1 million towards the initial construction and ongoing running of the new centre as well as provision of pro-bono support in the form of know-how, expertise and volunteering opportunities for GSK employees.

At full capacity the Wellness Centre, due to open in mid-2012, will deliver health, sport and exercise programmes to help over 1,000 servicemen and women each year successfully transition back into civilian life.

Visit the Help for Heroes website -

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