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Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Death of KYLE BRENNAN - Scientology Sued for Wrongful Death - FIDDAMAN cult is dangerous

"According to a complaint filed in Florida federal court, an adult son, Kyle Brennan, visits his Scientologist father and he has with him a prescription to Lexapro for depression and social anxiety. The Scientologist father lives in a complex with other Scientologists and the father is instructed by a church chaplain to take away the sons Lexapro so he locks the medication in his truck. On February 16th with ready access to a loaded gun, the son shot himself in the head."

Here are more details:

Kyle Brennan was born in Virginia in 1986 and was baptized a Catholic.

He was buried a Catholic by his mother, Victoria, in 2007.

Kyle died whilst visiting his Scientologist father (Tom Brennan), in Clearwater, in 2007. Kyles father, being a Scientologist, and being apposed Psychological medicine, pilfered Kyles medication and hid it overnight in his truck.

When Tom Brennan returned home that evening, Kyle had shot himself in the head.

Finding his son dead, Tom Brennan called the Church of Scientology and, after a long discussion, they decided to send Jerry Gentile to Toms Apartment.

Jerry Gentile arrived 45 minutes later.

Jerry Gentile is married to Denise Miscavige (the sister of DAVID MISCAVIGE, the Head of the Church of Scientology).

David Miscavige took the decision to call 911 and request an ambulance for Kyle.

This telephone call was made roughly 90 minutes Kyle Brennan was found dead.

Kyle Brennan, like Lisa McPherson before him, was declared Dead on Arrival at hospital.

The Clearwater Police found Kyles medication hidden in Tom Brennans truck the next day.

Kyle's father was more concerned with protecting the interests of the Church of Scientology that he was of saving his son's life.

He was also guilty of negligent homicide by depriving his son of his medication.

If you want to protest about Kyles murder by Tom Brennan, Jerry Gentile, David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology,

If you are outraged by the circumstances of Kyle's death, please express your disgust to the following authorities:

Attorney Luke Lirot,

2240 Belleair Road, Suite 190,


Florida 33764.

Steven E. Ibison,

Special Agent in Charge,

FBI Tampa,

525 West Gray Street,

Tampa, Florida 33609.

Bernie McCabe,

State Attorney,

Sixth Judicial Circuit,

Pinellas & Pasco Counties,

PO Box 5028,


FLORIDA 33758.

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