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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

maybe our hearts needed to be broken, so they could expand .. re Shane Clancy murder ..FIDDAMAN

Our hearts are broken, but maybe our hearts needed to be broken, so they could expand’

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MOURNERS at the funeral Mass for Bray student Sebastian Creane were asked to give thought to the 22-year-old art and design student’s broken-hearted girlfriend, Jennifer Hannigan, who blamed herself for the boy’s death.

"Our hearts are broken, but maybe our hearts needed to be broken, so that they could expand," said Nuala Creane in a tribute to her dead son which was given a standing ovation.

"Please, bring to mind a happy moment in your lives. The happier the better.

"Now, let that happy feeling fill your whole body. Now bring your attention to Jen. She feels so responsible. She blames herself. Make her heart feel that happiness.

"Keep sending her your happiness. And then forgive yourselves."

Ms Hannigan suffered serious injuries when her ex-boyfriend ShaneClancy, believed to be jealous over her relatively new relationship with Sebastian, launched a brutal attack before turning a knife on himself.

The vicious assault was carried out at Mr Creane’s house in the Cuala Grove area of Bray in the early hours of Sunday, August 16.

Nuala Creane said her son was the light while Shane Clancy, who knifed himself in the heart after the frenzied attack, was the darkness.

"I notice that both boys who died were 22, both had the same initials, both were about to enter their final year in college and looked set, even in these recessionary times, to have fruitful careers," she said.

"So many similarities. Yet on the morning of August 16 my God of small things said to me, one boy represented the light, the other the darkness."

Among the mourners at the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer in Bray was Sebastian’sfather, James, as well as his brother, Dylan, who was also injured in the attack.

A white piano rested at the side of the altar – close family friend Phil Coulter, who offered his own public tribute to Sebastian last week, played throughout the service.

Bridge Over Troubled Water and Steal Away were performed by the Derry-born composer, accompanied by singer Tommy Fleming.

Friends and relatives offered Prayers of the Faithful, with tributes to Sebastian’s patience and his talents for photography, music and skateboarding.

Among the hundreds of mourners who packed the side aisles of the Bray chapelto pay their final respects was Europe Minister Dick Roche.

After the service Sebastian’s remains were taken to St Muredach’s Cathedral in Ballina, Co Mayo, for prayers followed by burial in nearby Leigue Cemetery.

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