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Friday, 6 July 2012

Cipramil citalopram murder ? - Shane Clancy "stalked" victim Seb Creane, mother claims - FIDDAMAN

Creanes angry at 'gruesome, futile' inquests

THE family of Sebastian Creane have accused his killer's family of being in denial about his motives.

In a statement read out after the inquest at Wicklow District Court yesterday into the death of their 22-year-old son, the Creanes described the inquest process as "gruesome and futile" and said they ought to have been allowed ask questions at last month's inquest into the death of Shane Clancy, who stabbed Mr Creane to death at the family home in Bray, Co Wicklow, on August 16 last year.

Clancy, who later killed himself, targeted Mr Creane because he was dating Jennifer Hannigan, whom Clancy had split from earlier last year.

"Everything that took place on August 16 was known before the day was out. Nonetheless we have had to worry about and endure the gruesome and futile ritual of two coroners' inquests, which have done nothing to advance knowledge of the facts," Mr Creane's parents, Nuala and James, and brother Dylan said in their statement.

They said they wanted to challenge the "assumption" that Shane stabbed Mr Creane, his brother and Ms Hannigan as a result of prescribed medication.

"Let us not forget what happened here. Seb was stalked by a person who, having manoeuvred his way into our home, left, armed himself and returned sometime later to complete his objective.

"By playing on Seb's better nature, he once again gained access to the house, killed Seb, attempted to kill Jen and then Dylan before withdrawing to kill himself.

"We cannot comprehend that an attempt was made to ascribe fault to prescribed medication without any corresponding attempt being made to consider all other factors.

"Healing for all parties will inevitably be difficult, but no true healing can ever be founded on denial."

Mr Creane was fatally attacked by Clancy, also 22, at his home in Cuala Grove, Bray.

Dylan Creane was repeatedly stabbed, as was Ms Hannigan. Clancy then turned the knife on himself.


An inquest into Clancy's death last month heard how he had initiated a split from Ms Hannigan, from Dalkey, Dublin, in April and, despite remaining friends, he became depressed.

He wanted them to get back together but she did not. In July, he was prescribed anti-depressant Cipramil, and, according to his mother, became agitated, and tried to take his own life.

He was found with 3.1mg of Cipramil in his blood, which is 15 times the upper therapeutic dose and a level described as between toxic and lethal.

The jury rejected an option of death by suicide and returned an open verdict, adding that Clancy had died by self-inflicted injuries.

Clancy's mother, Leonie Fennell, last night said she didn't want to make a statement as there has been enough hurt caused already.

"There's nothing I can say except that they didn't know Shane," she told the Irish Independent. "And we wouldn't have gotten an open verdict (if we were wrong). They're (Creane family) very hurt and I don't want to cause any more hurt."

- Edel Kennedy

Irish Independent

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