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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Seroxat Litigation Notice - Litigation is "stayed" as Hugh James drops the case

Seroxat Litigation Notice

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The Lawyer 9th January 2012, published inaccurate information concerning the currently ‘stayed’ Seroxat litigation which is filed in the High Court of Justice, London.
In response to information having been disclosed to The Lawyer, a number of enquiries have been received concerning the status of the litigation.

In October, 2010 the solicitors then in charge of the case, considered there was insufficient evidence to proceed and advised the litigants to discontinue their claims. Approximately two thirds of the litigants followed this advice.

In the meantime, the experts in the case together with other specialists knowledgeable of the medical problems associated with Seroxat disagreed with the view of the legal team.

On 14th December 2010, evidence from representatives of the litigants, were heard at a
specially convened Legal Services Commission funding review. The outcome of this
meeting was an increase in the likely prospects of success for the litigation, above that
estimated by the solicitors who had led the Group Action. The Legal Services Commission then confirmed it would consider the opinions of the experts before its final determination of the funding certificate bearing in mind, the Group Action now comprised a smaller number of litigants.

The Legal Services Commission is currently considering the favourable opinion of new

Counsel and statements from the experts delivered by a newly instructed legal team; its
response is awaited.

The Seroxat Users’ Group will keep litigants updated by this website or enquiries may be made by email to:

Dated 20.01.12

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