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Saturday, 28 January 2012

about Gary Null, host to Evil Lin Pringle - poisoned by his own quack vitamin potions

Null owns Gary Null & Associates, a company which markets dietary supplements, as well as a health-food store in New York City.[15] In 2010, Null claimed that he was sickened and nearly killed by his own dietary supplements.[1][3][2] He filed suit against a contractor involved in producing the supplement, "Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal", claiming that the supplement contained 1,000 times the labeled dose of Vitamin D and that it had led to the hospitalizations of 6 consumers poisoned by excessive doses of the vitamin.[1] Null reportedly suffered severe pain and kidney damage from "Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal", but continued consuming the supplement in the belief that it would relieve his symptoms.[1]

The New York Post noted that Null's near-death experience with his own supplement brand was "not exactly a ringing endorsement."[1] The Los Angeles Times wrote that Null's experience "should give pause to anyone lured by the extravagant claims of many supplements makers", and noted that it was common for dietary supplements to contain doses "wildly different than those indicated on their label" as a result of weak regulation.[3] Null's attorney cast the alleged vitamin poisoning as an isolated incident, saying: "We don't want anything to affect the physical well-being of anyone or the reputation of the company."[2]

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