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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Psychiatric drug withdrawal ...does Bobby Fiddaman really think he can advise medical professionals?

Bobby Fiddaman

Bobby is a researcher and blogger and the author of The Evidence However is Clear: The Seroxat Scandal. Bobby’s book documents his struggle to withdraw from the psychiatric drug Seroxat (Aropax in New Zealand) and the work he has done to
raise awareness of the harms of psychiatric drugs, challenge the failure of international regulators to safeguard consumers and expose the fraudulent marketing practices of the pharmaceutical companies.

Bobby has developed a withdrawal protocol to support those withdrawing from psychiatric drugs and provide advice to medical professionals, counsellors and other professionals assisting those people.

Workshop: Safe Withdrawal from Psychiatric Drugs

This workshop will provide information on the development and marketing of psychiatric drugs and processes which result in most adverse reactions being identified only after their release in the market. It will present the evidence on addiction,
withdrawal and discontinuation syndrome associated with antidepressants, outline current and best practice in safe withdrawal including information and advice on managing suicide risk during the withdrawal period.

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