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Friday, 1 June 2012

GSK - Andrew Witty has only one inbound link ....yes it's FIDDAMAN

Outbound links information for

If a site has a lot of outbound links (these are links from the site to third-party sites) it is bad for the site reputation, and also it can be a signal that the site is exchanging link ads. These practices are a good argument for search engines to penalize the sites for manipulating the results.

We found 94 outbound links to, but we show only 30 of them (0 with nofollow relation).

Our opinion is that has too many outer links. Our advice to webmasters is to decrease number of this urls. Website Link Anchor A Paxil Withdrawal/Addiction Story ABC Primetime : Paxil ( Seroxat ) Addiction Advair and Serevent : GSK Drugs : Warnings for Asthma Drugs Sought Aids Activists Take Over Glaxo Investor Relations Office Banned Depression Tablets Are Still Being Prescribed To Thousands (Seroxat) Big Pharma FDA Blog Birth Defects Caused By Seroxat( Paxil) blog Consumer Protest GlaxoSmithKline Antidepressant Paxil Consumers International : GSK : Unethical Drug Promotion Coroner calls for Seroxat drug to be withdrawn (Paxil/Aropax/Paroxetine) Doctoring the Evidence: GlaxoSmithKline Pushes Depression Drug Epilepsy Sufferers – Lamictal Warning Evelyn Pringle (GSK – Avandia / Seroxat Articles) FDA Issues Safety Alert About Avandia ( Risk Of Heart Attacks) FDA tells Glaxo to pull misleading Flonase ads Furious Seasons ( Blog pushing for transparency in the psych drug industry) Ghost Writers on the Sly (GSK-Paxil-Seroxat-Scandal) Glaxo = Unethical ? Glaxo Accused Of Persistant Fraud By New York Attorney General Glaxo to pay $3.4B to settle biggest tax dispute in history (USA Today) Glaxo’s Guinea Pigs GlaxoSmithKline : False Advertising And Unethical Marketing GlaxoSmithKline CEO: “We had to absorb a number of hits” GlaxoSmithKline Fined for False Advertising of Soft Drink: Discovered by High School Students GlaxoSmithKline’s Deadly Cover Up GlaxoSmitKline ( Seroxat Secrets Articles) GSK “Myodil” – The 7 million back Pain GSK ‘ “Just Plain Murder” : Depression Dialogues : Michael Corry GSK ,In Bed With Saddam? (Pharmalot) GSK – Blog Addresses Corporate Manslaughter

Inbound links information for

More links to the site, mean better reputation of the site in search engines, and also if the links are from quality web sites, it makes the site more trustworthy.

We found 1 inbound links to Website Traffic Rank Link Anchor Date Checked 1M+ Andrew Witty GSK CEO (GlaxoSmithKline) : Pharmaceutical 29 Mar 2012

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